Las Vegas, Nevada, January 26, 1970

The "Rox Vox"-label will release the LP "International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada 26th January 1970: Elvis Presley Live" on 180gr vinyl.Side A:All Shook Up - That's All Right - Proud Mary...
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Elvis -The Alternate 1969 Recordings

A great collection of alternate recordings from Elvis’ legendary Memphis recording sessions at the American Sound Studio in 1969 + an alternate version of ‘Let Us Pray’ with unique backing vocals...
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Don't Cry Daddy

Elvis live at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This cd contains 29 tracks - great audience recordings from February 1970, including the February 21, midnight show. Other recordings are...
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Polk Salad Annie

ELVIS sings POLK SALAD ANNIE contains 18 recordings from February and August 1970, all recorded at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.Including rehearsals and live recordings, like a...
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The Man And His Music

The 131st issue of TMAHM/EMM has all the regulars like news, letters and reviews. There's an article on the Colonel and his Boxcar Records label and a very entertaining interview with Jimmy Mulidore,...
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Flaming Star

Flaming Star 105 brings an article on the Potomac, the ‘March of Dimes’ girl, the photo session for the Motion Pictures Relief Fund and the records of 1966-1967. The Cashbox series continues with 1963...
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Summer Festival 1970 - The Rehearsals

MRS jumped on the anniversary band wagon of That’s The Way It Is and released a 3 CD set containing a part of the rehearsals.DesignNothing wrong with the packaging of this set. Many great pictures, an...
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Return To The Queen City Of The South

Audionics will release a 3CD set containing 3 shows in the Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC.Here is the press release:As recorded in Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC, March 20th, 1976 8:30pm &...
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The OEPFC Magazine

The February/March 2021 issue fell in the mailbox yesterday. In de editorial Todd Slaughter reveals that there will be a screening in Luxemburg of the upcoming biopic with Tom Hanks (Elvis & The...
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Elvis UK3

The Ultimate Guide to Elvis Presley’s British CD Releases 1983-2005John Townson & Gordon MintoCo-authors John Townson and Gordon Minto are pleased to announce the publication of Elvis UK3....
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Record Store Day 2021

On Record Store Day 2021, June 11th 2021, the French LMLP record label will release the picture disc LP 'Sings The Mad Professor' - Elvis' nickname for Ben Weisman who (co-)wrote 57 songs for Elvis...
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Memphis Mansion 1990-2020

Memphis Mansion will release a Gold vinyl LP om a gatefold cover to celebrate their 30th anniversary.Side A:Ready Teddy - Dont Be Cruel - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - One Night...
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Elvis Week 2021

The full program for Elvis Week 2021 is announced (if the events are possible at all by then). Besides the impersonator clowns there are some possible interesting events like the Nashville Marathon...
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Summer Festival 1970 - The Rehearsals

Memphis Recording Service (MRS) will release a 3-CD/ book Summer Festival 1970 - The Rehearsals on March 12, 2021.From the press release: MRS will release a 3CD Deluxe titled ‘Summer Festival...
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Oh, Happy Day

Paradise Road Records presents Oh, Happy Day - Elvis live at the International hotel in Las Vegas. This cd contains a great audience recording from the August 14, 1970 Midnight Show PLUS camera sound...
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A Valentine's Gift For You

Two limited edition CD releases with some of Elvis best love songs will be released for Valentine's Day 2021! Including the original masters, alternate takes and homerecordings. All tracks on these 2...
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Houston Astrodome 1974

To be released soon (Early February) from the "VV" label for the first time on vinyl, the show in Houston on March 3, 1974. The unreleased ambiance recording of the Oral Roberts University, Tulsa OK...
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Flaming Star

A special edition release from the Elvis One label with 38 tracks from the movie FLAMING STAR.Including 'Flaming Star' and 'Summer Kisses, Winter Tears' (mono and stereo masters), the unedited master...
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Elvis Files Magazine 33

The new issue of The Elvis Files Magazine (#33) arrived! Obviously there were some last minute changes, since the online announcement had ‘Huntsville 1975’ on the cover, the one in the mail said ‘Los...
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The His Hand In Mine Sessions

FTD announced  The His Hand In Mine Sessions, a 3CD set to be released next March. This 8” deluxe 3-CD package features a 28-page booklet with an insightful essay, recording data, memorabilia and...
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On Stage

Music On Vinyl will release the original On Stage album on red 180gr vinyl on March 12. The limited edition (2500 copies) will have a poster with it.TracklistingSide ASee See Rider - Release Me...
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Easy Come, Easy Go

Last week the newest FTD vinyl arrived: Easy Come, Easy Go.DesignThe design is like the most vinyl releases by FTD: okay. I really love the ‘old’ labels and it is always good to feel that heavy...
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Elvis To Play Windsor Safari Park For “On Tour Two”

If you have read my little book you will know that I had many meetings with Carlin Music bossFreddy Bienstock. Freddy had been asked by Colonel to get new songs from UK songwriters for afollow up to...
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Talking Reality Television Blues

Elvis is included in the video of the new Tom Jones single, Talking Realitiy Television Blues.Tom Jones' new album will be released in April.
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The Story Of Elvis

Last week I received a nice surprise from a Dutch artist/ illustrator/ designer, who appeared on these pages a couple of years ago because of his posters. This time it was a book. The Story Of Elvis...
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