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Paul Lichter Has Died

January 05, 2023 | People

Paul Lichter has been a major name in the Elvis World for decades. In 1970 he started his 'Elvis Unique Record Club' and by 1975 had published his first book 'Elvis In Hollywood'. His book 'The Boy Who Dared To Rock' was a massive seller and a fan favourite. Lichter became one of the world's biggest selling authors of Elvis books and as one of the world's biggest Elvis collectors he amassed a staggering inventory of Elvis items. He also became a good friend of Col Parker and other Elvis acquaintances. Very sadly Paul Lichter died on New Year's Eve.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Ton Bruins wrote on January 07, 2023
Paul (op) Lichter
benny scott wrote on January 07, 2023
Ton Bruins : why ?
theoldscudder wrote on January 09, 2023
Paul Luther was a controversial figure in the Elvis world. I personally had one dealing with him many years ago. It did not go well & I felt I got ripped off. Even so May he Rest In Peace.
benny scott wrote on January 09, 2023
theoldscudder : hats off to your beautiful human response !
Rick-PQ wrote on January 30, 2023
Back in the day, I had several dealings with Paul. He was always upfront and fair. Yes, some of his products were ridiculously priced, but he no-one forced us to bu them! I met his wife and kids once. My condolences to them.