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Almost In Elvis 20

December 30, 2022 | Book

The 20th issue of this Dutch magazine arrived just before Christmas, a special present: My book of bepopalula stories (Mijn boek met bebopalulaverhalen in Dutch). As usual the magazine has a special theme, in this case it is based upon the children’s bible the editor, Dennis van Tiel, used to have in his childhood. By the way, it is a magazine but you can easily call this one a book, its hardcover and 170 pages.

Eleven authors, poets, artists and so called fans wrote for this issue, presented in three parts: about ancestors arriving in the Promised Land until the parents meet up (Old testament), from birth to death of ‘the messenger’ and part three includes verses. It sounds over the top and actually it is. The result is very entertaining, sometimes touching and other parts are funny. All together it is certainly worth the time reading, if you read and understand Dutch of course.

To celebrate this 20th anniversary and issue of Almost in Elvis there is a special ‘Elvis Fest’ next weekend in Utrecht.


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