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Elvis Forever - Limited Edition


Elvis Forever - Limited Edition
Released: 2004/11/22 by BMG
A limited edition release of "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" and "2nd To None" in a cardboard slipcase. This set contains Elvis' 61 greatest hits is remastered quality.


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Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on December 06, 2007
Another BMG (Buy my Garbage) exclusive. they should sell these repeats at medicine shows off the back of a covered wagon, while Ernst goes around picking the fans pockets to make a fast dollar/euro for oh i hate the word BMG.
Rating: 1 / 5
marco31768 wrote on January 23, 2008
LOL! You're totally right!!! Now I know what's mean "BMG"...
Rating: 1 / 5