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Little Sister

4.6 / 5

Words & Music: Doc Pomus Mort Shuman

Well, I dated your big sister
And took her to a show
I went for some candy
Along came Jim Dandy
And they snuck right out of the door

Ev'ry time I see your sister
Well she's got somebody new
She's mean and she's evil
Like that old Boll Weevil
Guess I'll try my luck with you

Well, I used to pull your pigtails
And pinch your turned-up nose
But you been a growin'
And baby, it's been showin'
From your head down to your toes

Little sister, don't you
Little sister, don't you
Little sister, don't you kiss me once or twice
Then say it's very nice
And then you run

Little sister, don't you
Do what your big sister done

Recordingdate: 1961/06/25, first released on: single (album)


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Steve V wrote on April 07, 2009
The most rocking song of the early 60's, the old Elvis returns with a great Pomus/Shuman tune. Why this isnt as famous as some of the 50's rockers I dont know. Its as good as it gets!
JLpResLey wrote on July 31, 2009
The studio version is amazing and belongs to his best work. It contains some tremendous guitar and bass work, as well as a very good vocal performance. The live versions is not even close to match that performance. The one that comes closest is the rehearsal/jam version on That´s the way it is, I love that version. But not as much as the studio version.
Jim Hoff wrote on July 31, 2009
Brilliant craftmnaship added with the famous curly lips and the spunk of an amazing Presley voice. Doesn't get any better!
bajo wrote on July 31, 2009
One of Elvis' all time greatest imo! Paired with another classic His Latest Flame it's one of my all time favourite single records ever. I rank it up there with Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel, Jailhouse Rock/Treat Me Nice, I Got Stung/One Night a.o. When playing CD's I always program Little Sister and His Latest Flame to play in order! Great recording!
Deano1 wrote on March 03, 2010
A five star song without doubt that shows Elvis could still rock and roll like no one else. Elvis delivers the fine lyrics with a slight growl in his voice and really makes this a song a classic. Equal to his 50's work (so was "I Feel So Bad" and "Such A Night") and songs like "Burning Love" and "Promised Land" from the 70's, but in the softer era of the early 60's, it was over-shadowed (still a big hit by anyone else's standards) by it's flipside "His Latest Flame" and was a much lesser hit than "It's Now Or Never", "Surrender", "Can't Help Falling In Love", "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and "Good Luck Charm". Why did Elvis greatly reduce his rock and roll recordings in the 60's? Fans pushed him that way. It is the same thing with studio recordings vs soundtracks. Fans bought "Blue Hawaii" 10 to one (and overtime 20 to 1) over the LP "Pot Luck". Elvis did not abandon rock and roll, his fans did.
Great Dane wrote on June 04, 2010
A 5* song all the way. Rock&Roll doesn't get any better than this.
dgirl wrote on June 04, 2010
His best 2 sided single of the 60's. I could never pick either side as my favorite. I think this was Elvis' last truly double A-side where one side was as good as the other, much like most of his 50's singles. Should be ranked among the greatest singles in rock history.
Pedro Nuno wrote on June 04, 2010
This is a milestone in Rock History. One of the best singles in music. Elvis and Hank Garland guitar riff/work made this music nothing short than Rock Perfection, in the 60’s. Just wonder why Elvis didn’t follow this path? If he had done that things would be very different. In fact Elvis was not knocked off because of the British Invasion. In my opinion the British invasion only happened, with that magnitude, because Elvis abandoned and neglected the Rock/Pop scene living plenty of room for others to come. And Little Sister was one of his latest (rock) flames.
tornado wrote on June 04, 2010
It was actually my first struck of love with Elvis. The double sides Little Sister/His Latest Flame really got my attention at a time where The Beatles were emerging. I discovered Elvis in fact in 1965, and a new immigrant boy my age had a selections of Elvis' rpms. When I listen to LS/HLF I think put it on my record player 30 times both sides, I couldn't get enough. I didn't know at the time that he had recorded them a couple of years back in 1961. Who's that guy? Even if everybody was turning their attention to the Beatles, I decided I had to know more about this "mythical" artist. And so, I began to collect. I was hoping to discover other gens like that and so I did, with I Feel So Bad and the Elvis Is Back LP and the other two early 60's Nashville album (Something for Everybody and Pot Luck) even if movie soundtracks seem to overwhelm the Elvis section in the record stores. That was the turning point to me. What a voice, what a sound! And it's still there today: fresh, raw,pure, solid. A true classic, it can never get old. Boy I wish I was in the studio to watch these recordings.
1 BILLION SOLD wrote on June 05, 2010
In my bar, whenever I play this, it get the same reaction as Suspicious Minds...Everyone is in total agreement in lovin it!! Ive also noticed that most all local bands in my area have a version of it. Ive always had it in my faves, and it is such a versatile song, w so many people that have covered it, including the very respectible country version by Dwight Yokum. NONE can compare to the raw, powerful, perfect version by Mr. Presley though!! An EASY 6 STARS!!! (I know 5 is the limit, buuut...)
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on June 05, 2010
Isn't "I Feel So Bad" on the "b" side much underrated song that's hardly ever played & far superior to "LIttle Sister" & LS is great lol.So we have a brilliant "A" & "B" side record herer folkes.
Natha wrote on April 13, 2012
A fantastic rocker and one of my favorites. The seventies version would have been even better, if he had not poluted this fantastic song with that horrible Get Back.
Gorse wrote on January 10, 2013
More grittier and hard hitting than the magnificent flip His Latest Flame, this is one of the true rocking highlights of his recording career. Sang this song right to the end in 1977 and always made a good fist of it.
sugartummy wrote on April 01, 2013
Mort Shuman recalled:"When I wrote Little sister I played it in a totally different way. It had a different rhythmn.Elvis cut the tempo in half and slowed it down." Guitarist Harold Bradley recalled:"Hank had to borrow my Fender Jazz Master. He was contracted to Gibson, but he needed a different sound for this record. " Floyd Cramer plays organ on this one. QOTSA were inspired by this to produce their own Little Sister. Ry Cooder's version is disappointing.
trudygillenwater wrote on March 23, 2015
Elvis rocked his ass off on this one and the guitar rocks as well. Classic tune!
ElvisSacramento wrote on March 24, 2015
This is by far one of the very best Rock 'N' Roll songs that's ever been written and it rightfully was a major hit for Elvis here in the United States. The best rendition of this song will definitely always be Elvis' hit 1961 studio recording. 5 Stars.
DerekH wrote on May 25, 2015
Remember buying this in the early 60's. A great double 'A' side and #1 in the Uk. It was a monster hit. Best time of his Career chart wise in the Uk.
Cruiser621 wrote on November 15, 2016
A definite 5-star song; actually a 5-star record with "His Latest Flame" on the flip side. With the exception of "Good Luck Charm", this double sided hit 45RPM single was his last decent release. A lot of pablum came later. After 1962, I believe his output on record was a complete waste. This double sided record was the last gasp.
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 25, 2017
Even the outtakes are fantastic!
JerryNodak wrote on January 20, 2019
To this day I can't decide which side of this single I prefer. Little Sister/His Latest Flame. Depends on my mood. Both 5 stars.
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