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Love Me Tender

3.9 / 5

Words & Music: Elvis Presley Vera Matson

Love me tender,
love me sweet,
never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
and I love you so.

Love me tender,
love me true,
all my dreams fulfill
For my darlin' I love you,
and I always will.

Love me tender,
love me long,
take me to your heart.
For it's there that I belong,
and we'll never part.

Love me tender,
love me dear,
tell me you are mine.
I'll be yours through all the years,
till the end of time.

(When at last my dreams come true
Darling this I know
Happiness will follow you
Everywhere you go).

Recordingdate: 1956/08/24, first released on: single (album)


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SNAgy wrote on April 12, 2010
I almost always skip the original recording but love covers of the song. First time i heard it on a "Tribute to Elvis Presley" cassette (with no credits on the performer at all). It was very close to the original though a really smooth version (Strange: the melody of the verses and refrains were swapped). After that Elvis' original recording sounded very simple and annoying. Later Elvis sang it nicely but disturbed the song with kissing the ladies.
luciano77 wrote on May 20, 2010
What should I say LMT I hated it and I love it in someway. I can't stand the Live version exept the one from the 68TVshow. The 56 version when they play it on Radio it's okay and I enjoy it. At home I always skeep it. My Band Member he even choose LMT of one of his favorit to play and I told him there are 700 other song which are much better!!
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 27, 2012
This is such a beautiful ballad and Elvis easily has the very best renditions of it. It rightfully was a #1 smash hit for Elvis here in the United States back in 1956 and it's one of the very finest ballads that's ever been written.
Gorse wrote on November 16, 2012
This captured a moment in time that will be eternal in the Elvis world. He didn't have the vocal range in those early days but he created an atmospheric rendition adapted from Aura Lee and added his personal indefinable charm. The 1968 Special version was equally impressive and so was the performance on the second Ed Sullivan Show in 1956.
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 16, 2012
I LOVE IT! A Timeless master piece. The original from 1956 it has such an innocent and true feeling that it makes you a believer, that someone may love like that. The 1968 version is more powerful and brilliant than a napalm bomb. It's the superlative of Elvis as a Showman, the way he opens his arms as if he was to be crucified. Just unique. After that, he only made bad jokes with it...
kink56 wrote on November 16, 2012
Don't care for the original version, but the version on the 68 TV Special is fantastic.
Great Dane wrote on November 16, 2012
I don't care for the 56 version,but love the 68 version and the one on "Viva Elvis". 2 stars for the 56 and 4 stars for the 68 version.
john804 wrote on November 16, 2012
Deano1 wrote on November 16, 2012
Elvis was not yet a great ballad singer when he recorded this song, but he is so sincere and sings the lyrics with such tenderness that I have to give the original song five stars. I do wish he had re-recorded this song for his LP "Love Letters". He did some nice live versions, but a good updated studio version would have been welcome on this LP.
sugartummy wrote on April 03, 2013
Defenitely 5 stars material. I love the original & the 1968 version. Later on he had to kiss every female in the audience while trying to sing the song at the same time.
jwedwards835 wrote on November 21, 2014
A instant classic! I give it the same amount of stars that are in the heavens.
shoesuedeblues wrote on November 28, 2014
Read in a magazine in the 50s that Elvis liked The song but was aware that in retrospect that his recording or take sounded flat-which it does.Having said that the popularity of the song far outstripped any reservations about the recording session
Cruiser621 wrote on March 06, 2016
What can one say? It's synonymous with Elvis Presley, period and the 1950's. The original movie title was changed to reflect the actual song and it has it's place in time, but to be blunt, not on my top list of Elvis songs to listen to.
JerryNodak wrote on November 16, 2020
One of those "a moment in time" songs. Every time I hear it I'm transported back to a simpler time. I don't have a problem listening to it, but it's not on my Elvis top ten songs list. I prefer the '68 Special version.
marty wrote on November 17, 2020
A true classic forever associated with Elvis and covered by many but not a personal favourite. His 50's ballads, with the exception of "Don't", do not make it in my favourites lists. I prefer the 1968 version to the original.
Steve V wrote on November 17, 2020
Just Elvis and guitar, and his beautiful best ballad voice, the controlled unforced young 50's voice. Nothing ever beat it.
Milky White Way wrote on November 17, 2020
Despite being a classic, I don’t like the song except the 68 comeback version. It became a kiss the fans time in the 70s live versions. 2 stars
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