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Humo Selecteert Meer Dan Het Beste Van Elvis Presley


Humo Selecteert Meer Dan Het Beste Van Elvis Presley
Released: 2000 by BMG
This release from Belgium is a 2CD-set claiming to hold "more than the best of Elvis".

ElvisNews review

Design The design of this release is very simple, yet very strong. A classic shot of of Elvis from the 1968 special. Perhaps not original, but it's nice to see that just the image and a name are enough. The booklet has a good design and the author has a strong personal opinion about the tracks he selected for this compilation. The text is written in a talking style. The problem is the story which is told, it is the version of this author and contains a lot of errors and stupid stories. Like sixteen year old girls jumping out of their windows every time rumours of a new "engagement" of Elvis go around.  There are some great images of Elvis in the booklet, mainly fifties of course. An especially fitting image is that of Elvis holding a Dutch magazine (one of the two languages of Belgium), too bad it's an article about the Beatles ... Content Only three tracks from the seventies and and two from 1961 - 1969, yes indeed, that last one is "Suspicious Minds". The rest of the sixty tracks span the era 1953 - 1960. We couldn't detect a special order in the tracks, looks like somebody was able to release his own favourite tracks. It's not for nothing that the title is "Humo selects ...".  Conclusion So it contains "more than the best of Elvis" if your favourite era is the fifties.