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Blue Moon

4.4 / 5

Words & Music: Richard Rodgers Lorenz Hart

Blue moon,
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own.

Blue moon,
You knew just what I was there for.
You heard me saying a pray for
Someone I really could care for.

Blue moon,
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own.

Blue moon...
Without a love of my own.

Recordingdate: 1954/08/14, first released on: Elvis Presley (album)


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bluesboy wrote on July 20, 2008
This kid sounds so forlorn, so pure, so vulnerable... This far surpasses the pathos and drama of his seventies work. Elvis version of this much covered song is generally considered the best ever. I totally agree.
Lex wrote on August 06, 2008
As haunting as haunting can get! Superb!
burninglove92 wrote on May 06, 2010
There is so many renditions of this classic song but E just blows anyone else out of the water. Using simpleness, no fancy guitar, no fancy drums, stripped down with the kings voice. Pure gold. and perfection
Steve Morse wrote on November 10, 2010
There are many questions I would have liked to have asked Elvis. One of them would have been, where did he get the idea for his 'unearthly' treatment of Blue Moon and whether they worked on achieving that effect during the session. When I first heard the recording, on a weekly Elvis feature on Radio Luxembourg in 1963, I thought it was a female singer doing the high bits. The word 'classic' is way over-used, but this recording definitely qualifies.
old shep wrote on November 10, 2010
I don't like Elvis' version one bit, perhaps if he had rerecorded the number later on in his career it may have ben different.
dgirl wrote on November 10, 2010
This is one of the gems and showed just how Elvis loved to experient in the studio early in his career. This is one reason why the 50's are regarded as his greatest period. He had guts that post Army Hollywood seemed to stifle. I know a few people who rank this as their favorite Elvis recording. I think Bob Dylan also loved this one a lot.
derekd wrote on November 10, 2010
This was Elvis the rebel. A great song but given the early Elvis treatment. Many have copied Elvis but can't remember anyone trying this style. Just as well as only Elvis could have done it this way and hot away with it.
Deano1 wrote on November 10, 2010
A very unusual, yet magnificent rendering of a song that the Marcels would take to #1 in the early 60's with their doo-wop version. This song reminds me of some of Ray Peterson's work. Haunting, yet lovely and truly one of the gems from Elvis in the 50's.
Rob Wanders wrote on November 10, 2010
my favourite sun-record. this is so unbelievable beautiful. simple and so straight to the heart. What a jewel...
TBG wrote on November 10, 2010
A wonderful performance by our man, and fortunately it has turned into a classic. Beautiful!
Steve V wrote on November 10, 2010
A classic. Why Elvis made the impact he did is because of songs like this. A far cry from anyone else in the 50's. Unfort also a far cry from the Sundial King he would turn into 20 some odd years later.
potluck62 wrote on November 11, 2010
One of my fave Sun tracks.I've always loved el's version.Classic rockabilly.
Pedro Nuno wrote on March 28, 2011
This was probably the first moment of complete Genius that Presley had. This version has a feeling and a emotion that is as equal as the Requiem of Mozart, The Trout from Schubert, or the Adagio from Albinoni. It’s a MOMENT in Music. OUTSTANDING.
Natha wrote on March 28, 2011
This gem one finds amidst all the pure Rock 'n' Roll of the King himself. Beyond a shred of doubt nobody expected this! Here one hears an early evidence of the versatile singer he was about to become. Of all the different styles this well known song has been recorded, this is the most remarkable one as it is completely out of the trend one suspects to hear from an artist. For me this is the best version I ever heard. Incomparable, considering the combination of the voice, the sentiment and the performance.
Michael.W. wrote on June 22, 2011
Pure magic! The atmosphere of the song is incredible. A masterpiece, a jewel, pure Elvis!
Gorse wrote on November 21, 2012
So atmospheric, so bewitching, and from a mere 19 year old learning the business. Just brilliant.
sugartummy wrote on February 27, 2013
His best slow tune from Sun, but I prefer his uptempo ones. Elvis left out all hope in his version. I think all other versions has the happy ending. This is as chilling as Come on in my kitchen by Robert Johnson.
shawnrw wrote on January 04, 2014
This has got to be one of the most covered songs in history, and while there has been several good versions, I think Elvis's is the most memorable. His rendition is haunting, positively chilling. Used to great affect in the film "Joe Versus The Volcano". Elvis was simply otherworldly with this one and no one can truly say that they have heard Elvis sing until they have heard this one.
ElvisSacramento wrote on January 22, 2014
This is such a spectacular and iconic song and Elvis' rendition of it is my favorite rendition of it. Elvis' version of it is pure magic and totally unique. 5 Stars for sure.
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 11, 2015
This song and I love you because are two I skip.Never liked the song so I suppose that's the issue
rai wrote on January 12, 2015
Very raw and original with simple rhythm. I just love this sentimental version. A good music for the soul especially at night when we are in sentimental mood. If only Sony could remaster this and release it in 45rpm vinyl, it would be a perfect collection! Lets keep hoping.
JerryNodak wrote on July 27, 2015
Hauntingly beautiful. A classic.
Great Dane wrote on January 20, 2017
Love it. Pure perfection.
Cruiser621 wrote on January 23, 2019
5-stars for sure. I first heard this on a 78RPM record I received for Christmas in 1956; "Just Because" was the flip side. To say this song was out there is an understatement. The next time I heard it was on the 45RPM Extended Play Album I purchased called "Elvis Presley" (my first 45RPM EP) with the red cover showing Bill Black and Scotty Moore shown on the cover. I don't know how the Colonel let that cover slip thru and further, Bill Black sang along with Elvis during "Shake, Rattle and Roll" during the chorus. Wow! The Colonel was asleep at the wheel on this one, heaven forbid.
Milky White Way wrote on January 15, 2023
By far his best slow recording of the Sun period and one of his best Sun recordings. Pure class. Would love to know the story behind it. 5 stars
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