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Mystery Train

4.5 / 5

Words & Music: Junior Parker Sam Philips

Train I ride, sixteen coaches long
Train I ride, sixteen coaches long
Well that long black train got my baby and gone

Train train, comin' 'round, 'round the bend
Train train, comin' 'round the bend
Well it took my baby, but it never will again (no, not again)

Train train, comin' down, down the line
Train train, comin' down the line
Well it's bringin' my baby, 'cause she's mine all, all mine
(She's mine, all, all mine)

Recordingdate: 1955/07/11, first released on: single (album)


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Lex wrote on August 06, 2008
Topperthetoptoptoptop. Sorry, but I have no other way to describe this marvelous, howling, fantastic, fabulous, gigantic, mysterious, superb Sun recording. Only seldom Elvis reached this level again.
My boy, my boy wrote on November 22, 2008
Classic one....I really like both James' and Scotty's guitar versions !
Natha wrote on November 22, 2008
Fabulous song, whether you listen to the early versions or the later ones. It also shows one does not need special lyrics to produce a superb song. Elvis shows once again how great he is. All is in the voice and the band following him in that respect. He is indeed second to none!
JerryNodak wrote on November 22, 2008
In general I don't wet my pants over the SUN sessions. Yes I realize it was groundbreaking/historic, but it just isn't something I've ever listen to very often. I definitely have to be "in the mood." However, I do love "Mystery Train." It's my favorite SUN track. 5 stars.
sitdown68 wrote on November 22, 2008
Well, this was the fusion of two songs from teh same songwriter. Don't know the details anymore. But from one song he took the words and the melody from the other. What he did with this one within a genre he lived with music in its entirety. Best song of the early days...
Volker Stockel wrote on November 22, 2008
It combines blues-, rockabilly- and country music. What a fantastic song from Elvis. I know someone else did write it and others did record it too, but it became an Elvis song, because Elvis formed it and did sing it in a way no one can top this.
Steve V wrote on November 22, 2008
Best of the SUN tracks and considered one of Elvis' best recordings ever by many. Totally gorundbreaking. Its in my top 5.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 22, 2008
I also am not big on the sun tracks,i do however understand these songs were important,and mystery train is one that i do play when i want to hear some early Elvis,love the ending!
theoldscudder wrote on November 22, 2008
The bomb! This cut & Baby Let's Play House are the essence of rockabilly. No other came close.
Marty_TCE wrote on December 27, 2008
Absolute classic - a legendary recording and probably the best of the Sun recordings. 5 stars
Rob Wanders wrote on December 27, 2008
this is one of the songs that drags you into that fantastic mystery world of Elvis.
Dan wrote on December 28, 2008
Gosh, I remember the first time I ever heard any Sun Session song. At the library, in the late 70's, putting on theat album. Man, I thought Elvis sounded so funny, yet something was strangely compelling about these songs. Maybe it was the echo or the simplistic instruments. Maybe it was the raw, untamed power in Elvis' voice that drew me in...good stuff, anyway!
Ruthie wrote on December 28, 2008
OMG! Elvis, Scotty & Bill at their best. When I hear this, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I laugh because its so great, so early r&r, and so downright entertaining. Gives complete joy. I cry because it only happened this one time with this great song.
old shep wrote on April 08, 2009
A great great recording perhaps one of the all time best Rock N Roll /Rock a Billy tracks ever. A few years ago I was fortunate to see Scotty and DJ in a show. Scotty started to play the opening chords of this Elvis Classic and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. It was just as the old Sun recording sounded and the audience got up from their seats and crowded around the stage to witness this unforgettable experience.
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on April 08, 2009
I usually skip it. I hope they don't discover too many outtakes. Sorry if some think this is not a reaction. It's more the way I feel.
dgirl wrote on April 08, 2009
Maybe, quite possibly, the best record ever made by anyone. Certainly one of Elvis' best.
derekd wrote on April 08, 2009
Great recording from Elvis, during those early Sun days. How can anyone object to MT. But were dones the song title come from? It's nowhere in the words of the song. If it had to be re-titled what could it have been called? Train, Train. Does'nt have that ring to it.
King Rootin Tootin wrote on April 08, 2009
Mystery train is a real Sun Classic. But most people have never heard SUN 192 By Jr Parker Mystery Train/Love my Baby when you put those two songs together you get how they were able to come up with Sun 223 Elvis' version of mystry train. It is a must hear. But the idea must have been Sam Phillips because his name is added as the co author of the Presley Version. Try it youll like it.
JLpResLey wrote on September 14, 2009
Certainly one of Elvis´ greatest performances. I remember when I first heard it, it was on the record Elvis´ golden records. I thought this one, as well as Baby let´s play house, was so much better than his earliest RCA stuff. I still think so
Ton Bruins wrote on September 14, 2009
Fantastic ! Together with "Baby, Let's Play House" the best SUN song, no doubt. Great, haunting song. Elvis classic. Listen to it often.
Marty_TCE wrote on September 14, 2009
In my opinion, one of the best if not the best Sun recording. Elvis was about to change the world when he recorded this!
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on September 15, 2009
I'm not all that keen on the early Sun stuff,the later record's,now that's different."I Forgot To Remember" & so on."Train" is ok though.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on September 15, 2009
I have just looked at the lyric's,"train I ride" I alway's thought it was "train arrive" lol.
Gorse wrote on December 19, 2012
Trying To Get To You was the best Sun track of all but this one runs it close. The flip side I Forgot To Remember To Forget was the big hit at the time but this one has grown in prestige through the years. A unique recording slightly reminiscent of a skiffle sound it is a true Sun classic.
sugartummy wrote on April 13, 2013
The lyrics off the song are based on an old Carter Family track called Worried man and Blind Lemon Jefferson's Right of way blues. This is Bruce Springsteen's favourite Elvis song. It's one off my favourites for sure.
ElvisSacramento wrote on December 07, 2015
This is such a stellar, exciting, fun and unique song and Elvis' 1955 studio master version of this song is definitely the best rendition of this song. This could possibly be Elvis' very best Sun Records track. 5 Stars.
Miknik7077 wrote on November 12, 2020
Basic lyrics but a stellar performance by Elvis and the boys. Very raw yet such a fun rocking song.
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