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Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis


Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis
4.8 / 5
Released: 2004/04/05 by FTD
The complete concert in 7” format cover, original back and front cover, 3 panel Gatefold sleeve and 8 page booklet with photos and memorabilia.

ElvisNews review

In the series of re-releases of (extended) albums that were withdrawn from BMG’s main catalogue, FTD released the first non soundtrack album, "Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis".


The sleeve is great, as with the previous soundtrack releases. Unfortunately the pictures are not all too great regarding quality, but they fit the show and together with a newsmagazine article from 1974 in the booklet they form a welcome addition to this release. We wouldn’t mind if Ernst and Co decide to release every original release in this format.


Most fans are familiar with most of the show, since it is a re-release of an original album. More lucky fans also know the almost complete outing on “Steamroller Blues”, Fort Baxter’s release of the complete show. We have a very enthusiastic review in our import database, that we fully agree with, so for a review of the content we point you in that direction.

Here is a fragment from the "Steamroller" review:
"The title says it all, "I'm a steamroller baby, I'm gonna roll all over you!". March of 1974 saw Elvis on the road from the 1st to the 20th, giving 110% at each show. This is one of a handfull of shows that standout from Elvis' live performance period of 1969 to 1977. It is a damn shame that no one at BMG has given this recording it's proper credit." Well until now that is, with the release of this collectors label edition.

We saw quite some complaints about the sound quality on several forums. Those fans might be right, and maybe it could have been better, but we do certainly not agree with the tone as if it is rubbish what FTD released. In our simple ears the quality is pretty good and it is a joy to actually hear the different voices during e.g. “Steamroller”, instead of a wall of voices.

We do agree on the other hand with those complaining about the show not being completely complete, like the omission of the false start of “Help Me”. It might have been done for listening pleasure, but FTD is a collector’s label, and fans want Elvis like he was. Restarts are a main portion (okay, at least a part) of Elvis shows, and only a few might be distracted by it, we guess.


A very good show in a more than just audible quality is a worthy addition to our collection. A pity it is not really complete, but the beautiful package makes partly up for that.


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ger wrote on September 24, 2005
this was elvis 's last great album
Rating: 5 / 5
Greg Nolan wrote on January 06, 2006
I wouldn't call it his last great album, particularly as it's hard to rank live albums versus studio efforts, especially given the sheer number actually released in the '70s. Still, it's a keeper and the FTD is welcome. Having our guy pour it on for the hometown crowd is a delight. I share the main reviewers sense that the handful of audiophiles who don't like the sound are going overboard in their complaints. Likewise, I hardly miss the missing false take, but I do wonder why FTD felt the need to edit it out, given the "hard-core collector" ethos of the label, which has released low-fidelity home recordings and numerous alternates of varying quality. I also am a bit saddened to think that this disc won't be seeing mainstream release anymore. In the odd store, I still see the old '94 RCA CD, but that's pretty rare. Buy with confidence.
Rating: 5 / 5
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on August 22, 2007
I agree with Ger, from this point on i hate to say it but the down hill slide was on and beginning to spin out of control.
Rating: 5 / 5
OtisBlue22 wrote on December 03, 2007
An intriguing cover, perhaps more of a departure from the norm than Elvis Country. An enticing setlist, favouring Elvis' early 50's output. The oldies really benefit from the medley idea, since they seamlessly blend & bleed into each other, becoming more and more frenetic. It's much easier to reconcile Elvis' disinclination towards his early material when they last more than 1 minute. Tryin' to Get to You, My Baby Left Me, a rare Blueberry Hill and Lawdy Miss Clawdy: what more could you ask for? The combined effect is one of sheer nostalgia, a yearning for the rockabilly adolescent of yore. Disappointing is the brevity of the liner notes in the otherwise deluxe packaging. Great pics and vintage gatefold sleeve layout. Sound quality is crisp. A "rock 'n' roll exorcism" (complete with dashes of pop, country, blues, doo-wop, gospel undertones and ballads) not unlike Springsteen's Live in NYC record. When compared with the meager offering of the 1974 original release, it does make you appreciate the work being done at FTD.
Rating: 4 / 5
TCB1974 wrote on January 16, 2011
This is a fantastic concert with great rendition of How great thou art. Who would not have loved to be in the crowd for this concert?!? Unfortunately though I have to agree that 1974 was the last year that Elvis gave really good concert tours, in the period 1975-1977 there are a number of good concerts in my opinion but no good tours anymore.
Rating: 5 / 5