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Funny How Time Slips Away

4.5 / 5

Words & Music: Willie Nelson

Well hello there,
my it's been a long long time
How am I doin',
oh well I guess I’m doin' fine
It's been so long now and it seems that
It was only yesterday
Mmm, ain't it funny how time slips away

How's your new love,
I hope that he's doin' fine
Heard you told him, yes baby
That you'd love him till the end of time
Well you know, that's the same thing
that you told me
Well it seems like just the other day
Mmm, ain't it funny how time slips away

Gotta go now,
guess I’ll see you hanging round
Don't know when though, oh
Never know when I’ll be back in town
But I remember what I told you
That in time your gonna pay

Well ain't it surprisin' how time slips away
Yeah, ain't it surprisin' how time slips away

Recordingdate: 1970/06/07, first released on: Elvis Country (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of Funny How Time Slips Away:



(french horn)

*Orchestra, overdubs


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sitdown68 wrote on May 17, 2008
I once visited Jackson, MS back in 91. Down there by the live stock area I got aware of the coliseum where the man used to perform several times in 75. I sneaked in and closed my eyes and what I "heard" was this song. It was a very moving moment to stand at the very place where that song was sung back then. It's a for the rest of life songs, and I guess in 75 it was just perfectly arranged. "Gimme the very last line"...he said in Dallas...and then listen to the finale...
JerryNodak wrote on July 27, 2008
Over the years many singers have recorded this song. Elvis' version first heard on his "Elvis Country" LP is excellent. Certainly one of the highlights in an album full of highlights.
Elvisonmymind wrote on July 27, 2008
This song proves that the arrangement of Glen D. Hardin and Elvis' voice is just a perfect combination. Compared to the original of Willie Nelson, Elvis' version is a far outstanding performance (especially the 72 one).
Rob Wanders wrote on July 27, 2008
the best version of this song is Elvis studio version of 1970; even better than Willie Nelson's original. It's a pity that Elvis didn't treat this song right during live shows; he sung it as a throw-away (except in 1969). Nevertheless the studiotrack is a masterpiece.
Steve V wrote on July 27, 2008
The studio version is perfection. Pure country classic. Elvis and the band were really clicking. The live versions are good but dont come close.
old shep wrote on August 12, 2008
I have never liked the song no matter who sings it
OtisBlue22 wrote on August 12, 2008
I loved this in Elvis On Tour when he would have the house lights brought up so he could see the audience, since he usually only sees the first two rows. No matter what anyone says, I prefer that film to Elvis: That's The Way It Is, both editions. The performances are so strong and, in all fairness, this was Elvis in his element (the airport-hotel-venue-hotel-airport, on the road lifestyle). The performance of this song brought Elvis so much closer to his audiences, and you can really hear the anguish in their cries when he announces "Gotta go now".
Rob Wanders wrote on August 12, 2008
I always wondered why Elvis changed the lyrics in the last line of the song when he sung it live. Instead of: "But I remember what I told you that in time you gonna pay" he sung "But I remember what I told you that in time it's al gonna be o.k." Didn't he like the more mean load of "you gonna pay" and switched to a more friendly "it's all gonna be o.k."? Or didn't he know the words exactly and thought this was right? I go for the first one.
Colonel wrote on August 12, 2008
One of Elvis' best performances ever (the studio one that is). George Jones' version from a few years back comes close, though. No matter who sings it, it's one of the best country songs imo
Natha wrote on August 12, 2008
Like most of the songs the studio version is perfect and beyond compare. The live versions were regularly used to reach out to the audience and get thereby a different flavour. He loves to fool around with the lyrics to befit his views and moods. So within the context of "one's meeting with the King" these latter ones are very moving for a man who had only glimpses of contact with the ones he cared about so much: his fans.
JLpResLey wrote on January 19, 2009
I love it, especially the live versions, cause they are so relaxed. Certainly not throw away versions. Whatever he sang live he wanted to please his audience, which he did. Just because it´s not as good as the studio version does not make it a throw away. The studio version is perfect, the live versions are relaxed and in the moment. I like both of them
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 19, 2009
The studio version is one of my all time favourite Elvis songs. Its production is immaculate. The instrumental part, or near one minute is outstanding and, in the last verse the "duet" that Elvis does with the piano is a piece of paradise. When Presley says "Don't know when though, oh" ... you can hear his soul! From “Elvis Country”, an Album that deserves much more recognition than it has: One of The Best Albums of Music History.
dgirl wrote on January 19, 2009
From Elvis' really really last great LP, when he seemed to care about the product and enjoy himself in the process. Everything clicked on this LP and this is one of the best of the lot.
ger wrote on April 23, 2009
so sad this is from his last great album it was all down hill after this apart for the Graceland live in Memphis album
derekd wrote on April 23, 2009
An average song on a great Lp back in 1970. Listen to Snowbird, Little cabin, Muddy water & best of all 'The Fool'. These recording made the Lp what it was. Second only to the Memphis recordings.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on November 07, 2011
I'll listen to it if Elvis is singing it,but not a song that I like anyway.
Great Dane wrote on November 07, 2011
My favourite song of the "country" album.Love the guitar. Not his last great album,i can enjoy "good times" "promised land" "today" as much as this album. 5 stars.
Lpool kid wrote on November 07, 2011
love the album and this is my favourite track from this,but that said it's also one of my favourite elvis song's of all time. you can hear the pain and anguish that he injects into the lyrics of this failed relationship.superb 5 stars
TCB1974 wrote on November 07, 2011
Don't care too much for the live versions, but the studio recording is absolutely fantastic, just like the whole Elvis country album. Four stars from me.
freedom101 wrote on November 08, 2011
It was Elvis that made me love this song. Every other version is boring.
sugartummy wrote on March 06, 2013
The sudden start of the song always bothers me. But the song is definitely 5 star material.
Gorse wrote on July 09, 2013
Just like satin silk of the highest quality, our man is so in control, smooth and commanding from start to finish - fabulous.
ElvisSacramento wrote on January 25, 2014
This is such a marvelous song and Elvis' studio version of it from the brilliant "Elvis Country" album is 100% better than any of Elvis' concert versions of it. I don't like any of Elvis' concert versions of this classic song.
bajo wrote on January 25, 2014
A standout performance by Elvis on this song. I can't recall I paid much attention to this song hearing it by other artists. But, when I first heard it on the Elvis Country album I was hooked! I agree with those who find the live versions miles apart from the studio recording!
Deano1 wrote on January 26, 2014
As I have stated before, Elvis could make country music sound like a totally genre when he sang it. Somehow, it never sounded like the other country songs being played on the radio and this is a perfect example; and I do mean PERFECT! Country, but filled with soul, passion and a voice that exceeds any other popular voice of his generation or any generation. A five star track on a five star LP. The live versions that I have heard are good, but of course have more of a breezy, Vegasy feel than the studio track. It seemed to be used to tease the audience as the line "gotta go know" would always bring a yell of displeasure from the audience. The thought of their evening with the King coming to an end was not one they wanted to contemplate.
kink56 wrote on January 26, 2014
Great song from his LAST great album, it was all downhill from here.
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