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Elvis As Recorded At Boston Garden '71


Elvis As Recorded At Boston Garden '71
Released: 2010/09 by FTD

Features the highly regarded concert that Elvis performed on November 10, 1971.


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WadeElvisMan wrote on September 17, 2010
Hello Folks, This was a good show, Elvis was in a good mood and seamed"Un-Drugged" for lack of a better word. He did not talk much though. I am glad that the Official release is finally coming out, I am sure it will sound better than what I have. This show was so "straight laced" like reading a manuscript. I dis like those shows, but it was a great show none the less. This is almost the first time he sang Live "I'am leaving", and if you listen with pro-head phones, you can hear a deep sadness in his heart...I knew what he was thinking, as will all of you when or if , you get this great show. I would give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5. TC all:-)
Rating: 3 / 5