Frank Carlson

This musician contributed to the first recording of the following Elvis Presley songs:

A World of Our Own (drums) All that I Am (drums) Almost (drums) Beyond the Bend (drums) Clean up Your Own Backyard (drums) Cotton Candy Land (drums) Cross My Heart and Hope to Die (drums) Do Not Disturb (drums) Do the Clam (drums) Do the Vega (drums) Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce (drums) Girl Happy (drums) Happy Ending (drums) How Would You Like to Be? (drums) I Need Somebody to Lean On (drums) I'm Falling in Love Tonight (drums) I've Got to Find My Baby (drums) One Broken Heart for Sale (drums) Puppet on a String (drums) Relax (drums) Santa Lucia (drums) Signs of the Zodiac (drums) Spring Fever (drums) Startin' Tonight (drums) Take Me to the Fair (drums)