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I've Got to Find My Baby

2.9 / 5

Words & Music: Joy Byers

I've got to find my baby
I wonder where can she be
Has anybody seen her
Send her back to me

She left me here all alone
And I ain't had no lovin'
Since my baby's been gone
My baby's gone

I've gotta find my baby
I gotta hold her tight and tell her I love her
Tell her everything's all right
So I'll keep searching
All night long
'Cause I ain't had no lovin'
Since my baby's been gone
My baby's gone

I've gotta find my baby
I've gotta find my baby
Gotta find my baby

Recordingdate: 1964/06/11, first released on: Girl Happy (album)


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Deano1 wrote on February 20, 2010
Another nice rocker from "Girl Happy" that features Elvis and Jordinaires doing their imitation of Danny and The Juniors on "At The Hop" and "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay". Elvis says "gone" and then a Jordinaire takes it up an octave. This song would have been good enough to be a single had Elvis re-recorded it. He sounds rushed on this one and after getting the FTD version of "Girl Happy", it is obvious that he put so much more into "Do Not Disturb" and some of the others, then he did this one. Still it works well in the movie and album.
Steve V wrote on March 01, 2011
A just ok song that tries to be a rocker. Very short and poorly produced, it probably could have been better. I dont like the Jords doing the octave raise on the word 'gone' Sort of sounded like they were trying to be The Beatles on Twist & Shout but not sounding as hip.
Gorse wrote on March 13, 2013
I agree with Steve in that this was an attempt at trying to sound like the Beatles. This failed miserably and the whole production is totally disjointed, and although I go on about adding echo to this ssoundtrack to improve the songs, it still does not rescue this one from the abyss.
sugartummy wrote on March 29, 2013
I like this one. It contains another good sax solo by Boots. For those who don't dig it, it's over before you know it.
ElvisSacramento wrote on January 14, 2014
I've always liked this Elvis movie song, but I wish that there had been an extra verse or two written for it. The song ends before you know it because it's so very short. Elvis' rendition of it was excellent though. I've always enjoyed the saxophone solo by Boots Randolph and I've also always enjoyed the parts that have a Jordanaire doing the octave raise for the word "gone".
shawnrw wrote on January 15, 2014
Decent rocker from "Girl Happy", but hardly great and way too short.
Morris wrote on July 22, 2014
Before the Beatles come along How could the production go downhill so fast
ElvisSacramento wrote on February 12, 2016
I've always liked this Elvis uptempo movie song even though it's so very short in length. The other fifteen songs that Elvis recorded that were written or co-written by Joy Byers were "Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love", "C'mon Everybody", "Goin' Home", "Hard Knocks", "Hey, Hey, Hey", "Hey Little Girl", "It Hurts Me", "Let Yourself Go", "Please Don't Stop Loving Me", "She's A Machine", "So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)", "Stop, Look And Listen", "The Meanest Girl In Town", "There Ain't Nothing Like A Song" and "There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon".
shoesuedeblues wrote on July 15, 2016
Oh Dear!Dated even then and made worse by Elvis trying to get into the Mersey sound which made it even more dreadful.A nothing song, a total embarrassment and waste of a massive talent.And it got worse before it got better.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 15, 2016
A very "forced" soundtrack recording from the movie "Girl Happy"; I'm not impressed at all with this fluff. He would have been better off not recording this garbage. What a fall from grace aka the 1950's.
Jim Davidson wrote on July 15, 2016
Girl Happy was a fun movie, and the songs fit the movie. We would not be talking about Elvis 39 years after his death if: 1) the '50s Elvis continued into the 1960s, 2) the '68 Comeback had never happened, 3) the American Sound Sessions had never happened and 4) the '69 return to live performances had never happened.
JerryNodak wrote on December 21, 2018
I've never cared for this song. Although I've always enjoyed the soundtrack as a whole. Song: 2 stars. Soundtrack: 3 and a half stars.
marty wrote on November 09, 2020
The "Girl Happy" soundtrack is not great. The worst songs were those that Elvis overdubbed his vocals which is probably not a coincidence. It worked much better when he was recording live in the studio with the musicians. One of those songs is "I've Got To Find My Baby" and it shows. 2 1/2 stars.
bajo wrote on November 09, 2020
There's something rushed over this song. I have never really got hold to it! Poorly recorded too. I can accept the other so called rocker on the album The Meanest Girl In Town. But, only slightly! I wish this soundtrack could be restored and remixed with corrected speed et al.
Adams wrote on November 09, 2020
I've always liked this catchy movie tune. I hope someday FTD will find and release the original master with full intro and now missing second verse in at least as good quality as I'm a roustabout. The missing verse is as follows: I’ve got to find my baby There ain’t much time She gonna drive me crazy Run out of my mind Gotta get her back Where she belongs 'Cause I ain't had no lovin' Since my baby's been gone My baby's gone
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