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Elvis 2nd To None "Silver Edition"


Elvis 2nd To None "Silver Edition"
Released: 2003/10/07 by BMG
The Canadian and U.K. edition of "Elvis 2nd To None" with a different cover. This CD includes the new track "I'm A Roustabout" and Paul Oakenfold remix of "Rubberneckin'".


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JimmyCool wrote on April 13, 2007
I like this silver cover better than the American. For the 3rd CD ("3 Times A Charm") they could use a cupper cover. About the songs, I like the new sound, but I think some '60s songs sounded better before (f.e. "Bossa Nova, Baby" here and "Wooden Heart" and "Return To Sender" in 31#1 Hits, just to name a few)
Rating: 5 / 5