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Greatest Live Hits Of The 50s


Greatest Live Hits Of The 50s
Released: 2012/10/22 by MRS

The best live performances, the ultimate live set list of the 1950s.



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Cruiser621 wrote on October 29, 2012
Just received my copy today, Monday, October 29th, 2012, day of Hurricane Sandy here in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA; Tracks 9 & 13 are my absolute favorites. That would be "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" & Of course, "I Forgot To Remember To Forgot" of which you can actually hear Bill Black's bass. The quaiity is what it is when you consider most of these tracks were recorded in the mid 1950's when recording wasn't at it's optimum best. This CD, although I've a bunch of them already on different compilations is worth it's weight in gold just for Track 13 - "I Forgot To Remember To Forget". The hell with FTD. The Memphis Recording Service just made a friend for life with this CD. Buy it and save the money you would have wasted with FTD.
Rating: 4 / 5