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That's The Way It Is


That's The Way It Is
4.5 / 5
Released: 2008/04 by FTD
A 2 CD re-issue on the BMG's Follow That Dream Collector's label in their "Classic Album" series. It contains the original LP plus outtakes, packaged in a deluxe, fold-out format (7" EP size) with a booklet featuring photos and memorabilia.

ElvisNews review

That’s The Way It Is has something magical. It was upon its announcement for the FTD series already in my personal top 5, a friend of mine who skipped the last 10 or 15 FTDs pre-ordered it immediately. Is it hype or is it just? 


As we are used to by now the “FTD classics” come in a nice package: the original cover art, CDs representing the two album labels and a nice booklet. The photos in the booklet are mainly from the movie rehearsals, but there are some live shots too. Of course the memorabilia are present too: single covers, newspaper clips and material from the (RCA) archives. In opposition to the “normal” FTD releases the information is really in depth and complete.


That's The Way It Is SE (2000)The first part will be very familiar to most of you, since it is (of course) the original album. The bonus tracks are not the same as on the 2000 “Special edition” 3CD box. Understandably FTD chose for songs that were on the original album, but from that point of view it is strange that the Little Sister/ Get Back medley and Something pop up. The first “new” thing on the disc is take 8 of Twenty Days and Twenty Nights; a good rendition, but as most of the outtakes it is very close to the master.

More interesting are the takes of Patch It Up. You hear something of “searching” for the right thing: eight minutes of “new listening pleasure”.
Nashville MarathonThe second CD also starts with a song that doesn’t really belong on the set: the Tiger Man jam that was already on Nashville Marathon. On the early takes of Twenty Days And Twenty Nights you clearly hear that Elvis and the band knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. Even the rehearsal is already very close to the master. To prevent myself from repeating over and over again I’ll leave it with this regarding the songs. It is the known pure listening pleasure, completed with some banter and messing up. Only every now and then Elvis was looking for the right phrasing (e.g. The Next Step Is Love).


The fact that I was heavily in doubt if I should put it on one or on two in my personal top 5 says it all. For now it is a good second behind Nashville Marathon, but I can imagine it’ll grow to #1 in the coming month. Vocally Elvis was sitting on top of the world and the songs are delivered in a way only Elvis could achieve. All this is brought in the best quality I ever heard it in. Thanks Ernst, for bringing so much joy in such a small package!.
I need to apologize to all my other CDs: there will be no room in my player for them during the next months!


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JimmyCool wrote on February 17, 2008
A little more info than that?
Rating: 4 / 5
JerryNodak wrote on March 11, 2008
Now this release I'm REALLY looking forward to. This will become my newest favorite FTD release.
Mofoca22 wrote on March 17, 2008
anyone get this yet? if so how is it?
Rating: 3 / 5
JerryNodak wrote on March 22, 2008
It's my understanding that the release date is sometime in April.
CharlieRogers wrote on April 29, 2008
Well it's 29th April and I've just received the new FTD version of That's The Way It Is so it wasn't too late! Firstly I wasn't expecting that much of this set as the 2000 re-issue wasn't that long ago and there isn't that much really new stuff on it, however the sound is really fantastic; really clean and crisp and for my money was well worth the price and the wait! The packaging is lovely and the twenty page booklet has got some great pictures and informative text. Personally I was very pleasantly surprised with the new outtakes and the way the whole set flows. Listening to it is similar to the wonderful The American Way series in that you get lots of different takes and some very colourful language from Elvis; I am almost surprised there isn't a "Parental Warning about explicit language" sticker on the front! For me it is great that Ernst had the guts to leave it all in and I for one congratulate him and the gang on a job very well done!
Rating: 5 / 5
TCB1974 wrote on January 16, 2011
One of Elvis' very best albums packaged with live and studio recordings from 1970. Elvis voice had matured like a good wine and sounded more warm as ever while it still had the ability to really rock too. Elvis looks were beyond belief, he could have been on a Roman coin. His stage performance fantastic as can be witnessed in the movie with the same name. This is Elvis at his best. 5 stars beyond any doubt.
Rating: 5 / 5
Rob Wanders wrote on April 22, 2017
One of his best albums, maybe the best (for me at least)
Rating: 5 / 5