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Burning Love


Burning Love
3.7 / 5
Released: 1999/07 by BMG

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In 1999 there was a CD release called "Burning Love". This CD was released as the album that should have been released in the seventies containing the great songs from that period which weren't collected on a regular release (back then).

Not long ago I was standing in a music store, looking for some Elvis’ music and a little girl asked me to help her choose a CD for her mother’s birthday. So I started wondering which to choose. Burning Love catches my eye and the decision was made.

Cover Art

This CD has a far better design than the "original" Burning Love (and hits from his movies) release, an album that has nothing to do with this CD anyway. A modern look for a "seventies album". The booklet is simple and contains information on most of the songs on this album and some single covers and liner notes by Colin Escott.


Of course the title song, "Burning Love" is as heavy as can be. The drums of Ronnie Tutt make you really want to move. And even though we know all about Elvis personal feelings about love at that time, the song is striking me with great intensity. "Never Been To Spain", a song as easy as a warm summer night starts real slow but with great power towards the end. Mind the guitar playing its own lyrics in the middle of the song. Especially for fans who don’t know too much of Elvis (reminding the little girl in the music store).

"You Give Me A Mountain" is a real must to get to now, Elvis is meaning every word of this beautiful song and I can’t listen to it without a tear or two in my eyes. So much sorrow and believe in one song is the strength of Elvis’ voice.

"I’m Leavin’" starts, … with a warmth that makes you wonder why this wasn’t a greater hit. Maybe the sadness of the words, I don’t know, but the melody is beautiful and the song should be played more often. There is a rhythm underneath the words, which is great. A good song to follow is "It’s Only Love". Nice beat, with of course a strong voice of Elvis. Sometimes you almost can imagine the tears in his eyes too. It is sung in a desperate way. You can feel his sadness through the words, which leads us to "Always On My Mind". A very biographic song in my opinion. With these lyrics it is almost impossible to believe Elvis didn’t sung this with Priscilla in his mind. His voice is warm and tender with regret sounding through.It’s Impossible starts with a full orchestra at the beginning and then, just Elvis voice … A real love song with such easy melody that is really impossible not to like it.

The piano and drums make a start with a personal favorite of mine: "It’s Over", sung with deep intensity, honest ness and warmth with a great impressive end. It must make us understand the feeling inside our man at that time. The only logical song to follow is of course "Separate Ways". Elvis voice is deep and warm and you know he means every word of it.

Ah…again one of my personal favorites, "Fool". Starting only with a piano, but then slowly building towards a climax at the end. Every note a little stronger then the one before. Every reprise more powerful then the last one. A must have for everyone …not only for the die-hard fans, but even for people who like to get to know Elvis’ music.

"Hound Dog" starts, and not in a way we all know so well. This is really a bluesy way of starting a song so well known that is could have turn out the be a thrown-out version. Luckily it is not, just like "Little Sister". Great power in it and finished strongly with the Beatles' "Get Back". Even the musicians from nowadays should be impressed by these versions. Great pure rock and roll breaks loose in "A Big Hunk O Love". I really really love this rhythm and it proofs again what a great musicians Elvis had in his band. The piano, the drums wow….I am impressed.

The easy to listen song "Where Do I Go From Here" follows and brings back the sphere of the seventies. Good tempo and sung with dedication. Almost real easy listening comes out your installation with the next song, "For The Good Times". I must say a bit too country for me but it is a beautiful song no matter what. "It’s A Matter Of Time" goes on in the same style, but personally I always loved Elvis’ voice in this song. The impressive and honest song: "An American Trilogy" starts only with some distant drums. From all the concerts I saw, I know how much Elvis loved this song himself. And this version is really beautifully built up. With so much tenderness and power in it, it must give you a warm feeling whether you like it or not. Elvis gave us all he had in this one.

In my opinion there is only one song able to follow now: "The Impossible Dream". The lyrics, the music are so right put together in this song; Elvis’ voice is so powerful in this version it makes me even cry a little more. At the end a small “thank you” from Elvis himself, makes me know again why I love this CD so much.


The little girl’s mother will be happy with this CD, because this one is really nice to listen to, even for starting fans. Great songs, good quality, the finest entertainer and singer, what else should we give our love ones on their birthday.
Playing time: 51'16/ Sound quality: 9/ Cover art: 8


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tigerpawl wrote on February 24, 2007
The album that should had been. Its Impossible and The Impossible Dream very hard to find songs that Elvis rarely sung. Very Highly Recommended is this CD I have in my collection to keep.
Rating: 5 / 5
OtisBlue22 wrote on May 09, 2008
The 1972 studio recordings, with the exception of 'Always on My Mind' (and maybe 'Separate Ways'), are Elvis at his most boring. I was going to say dull and uninspired, but his recent separation from his wife seems to have inspired his selection of bleak, depressing, tragic songs which hold none of the magic of 'Heartbreak Hotel' or even his final 1976 sessions. The live 1972 cuts continue the decline begun as early as 1970. The songs are far too short and I'm not surprised the proposed 'Standing Room Only' live album was abandoned. This album's only saving grace is the decision to include 1971 recordings 'I'm Leavin'' and 'It's Only Love' -- two uppers in a record full of downers.
Rating: 2 / 5