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Easy Come, Easy Go


Easy Come, Easy Go
2.0 / 5
Released: 2007/07/09 by FTD
Classic Albums reissue of the "Easy Come Easy Go" soundtrack featuring the newly discovered original stereo mixes.

ElvisNews review

Upon receiving the three new FTDs (finally) today I decided to begin with the one I expected least of. I can directly say that I was not disappointed in my expectations.


The original EP had a not too original design, like most of the (soundtrack) albums, singles and EPs it’s just a posed shot of Elvis at one half and the title(s) and advertisement for the movie at the other half. In this particular case it was even done in very poor quality.
The booklet is very thin, which is no surprise since there isn’t much to tell about one of Elvis’ weakest movies (that is an accomplishment in itself). It only has a few songs for an Elvis movie, but all the usual information can be found in it. A few nice candid shots are the highlight of this release.


The inspiring storyboard of the movie can be heard in Elvis’ voice. He sounds completely lack less on all of the tracks. It is a kind of a pity, since the songs aren’t too bad; disregarding the immortal “Yoga Is As Yoga Does”.

The title track isn’t by far the worst in my ears, but somehow it misses a singer who believes in it. The fact that we have it in stereo now can not cover that. I have to admit that there was a time, when I just had the Camden album with the same title it used to be one of my favourite Elvis tunes, but hey, I had only two or three albums back then. Or was it my – not even teenager – age?

“The Love Machine” and “You Gotta Stop” are the usual up tempo movie tunes, again lacking any inspiration. The same goes for the gospel like “Sing You Children”, which I always felt to be out of place on the Camden LP “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (yes, one of the other albums I had back then). “I’ll Take Love” is a catchy tune, but not more than that. “She’s A Machine” is a song I always liked, but as with the title track it just misses something.

The outtakes don’t add anything to these performances. I love outtakes of good material, but in this case it is almost a punishment to sit them out. I managed to do that once, but won’t go for it again.

The last track, the instrumental “Leave My Woman Alone”, doesn’t make me wish that Elvis did the lyrics…


Well, FTD started this series, and thus releases like this belong in it. Looking at the comments on this and other sites, there are people happy with it. Good for them, but for me it is nothing more than another cabinet filler.


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JerryNodak wrote on July 11, 2007
Not great music, but looking forward to hearing it nonetheless. Always fun to hear outtakes of movie music sessions. Will be great to have this in the 7 inch deluxe packaging. Keep those soundtracks coming, FTD.
Rating: 3 / 5
luckyjackson85 wrote on July 25, 2007
It is definitely not his best movie, or soundtrack for that matter. Yet, if you plan on collecting every soundtrack EP ever made, you will in fact buy "Easy Come,Easy Go". The fact Elvis isn't smiling at all on the cover or on the back of the original cover. The back cover photo makes it look as though if you bring this movie up to Elvis is going to do some karate on you. This isn't however his worst. As I have said before "The Trouble With Girls" is by far just horrible and easily the worst EP movie and soundtrack ever created. Good songs from Easy Come, Easy Go are: The Title tune, You Gotta Stop and I'll Take Love. The only two good songs from The Trouble With Girls(and how to get into it.) are: Clean Up Your Own Backyard and Swing Down, Sweet Chariot". The movies kind of reflect the amount of good songs in every film. There are the handful that are exceptions to the rule example: "Flaming Star". Anyone who decides to buy all the soundtracks please buy it while you can before FTD takes it off the market. If you decide to buy it later after it is off the market you will have to buy it for three times the price on Ebay. So just complete your collection, and if you have to skip one, skip "The Trouble With Girls" soundtrack.
Rating: 3 / 5
pasa-ryu wrote on August 30, 2007
i did not have any delusion that this ftd deluxe version would be much better than the previous "double features" cd album relased in the 1990's!-with 'speedway' added as a double feature..but as a collector of the entire ftd cd collection i just had to get the new ftd cd.;i was NOT very impressed with the track listing as it was almost the same as the "double features" cd except for the 13 extra studio outtakes(which what was the redeemingfeaure of the entire album)all in all,a cd that will collect dust in my cd shelfs and why rca/ftd call it a "classic" album re-release i do not know?-it's actualy an E.P. and not a whole album and the original soundtrack was not an album and most certainly not a classic elvis release..Finaly,i feel that rca released a rubbish album yet again for no logical reason??(it does'n't make sense why they decided to release such mediocre albums)_
Rating: 1 / 5
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on December 06, 2007
This should sell for 1.98 at the local discount store, another exclusive from BMG(buy My Garbage)
Rating: 1 / 5