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You Gotta Stop

3.8 / 5

Words & Music: Bill Giant Bernie Baum Florence Kaye

Baby you've been lying to me now I'm onto you
It's the same old song but it doesn't ring true

That's right you're wrong again
Time to change and put you on your own again
You've had your way too long
Time for me to be moving on

You gotta stop, you're wrong again
Stop ... that song again

You've been steppin' out wild and fancy free
Now you've had your fun and you're running back to me
It just can't be if there's no harmony
Then stop!
That's all let's break it up
You've had me fooled now I'm wakin' up
I see right through your lies
You made me open my eyes

You gotta stop, you're wrong again
Stop ... that song again

It's too late now I've made up my mind
Being here with you is just a waste of time

Nothing to say so I'll be on my way

You gotta stop, you're wrong again
Stop ... that song again

It's too late now I've made up my mind
Being here with you is just a waste of time

It just can't be if there's no harmony
Then stop! Stop! you're wrong again
Stop that song again
Stop! you're wrong again
You gotta stop that song again

Recordingdate: 1966/09/29, first released on: Easy Come, Easy Go (album)


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MJB63 wrote on July 24, 2009
Mediorce song...good guitar thou.
TBG wrote on November 06, 2009
I think this is by far the best song from the movie (which doesn't say much, but...) This song would have sounded much better if the a**ho*e Parker didn't insist on saving money all the time and use the sound stage as recording studio. The sound is not very good at all. There's a lot of moviesongs that are pretty good (not great but good) that would've been much better if they'd been recorded properly. Imagine Girl Happy (return to sender) or Blue Hawaii (Can't help falling in love etc etc) been recorded on a sound stage! Terrible..terrible.. There's a few good songs especially from Double Trouble and Frankie and Johnny that would've been much better with proper arrangements recorded profesionally in studio. Oh well, it's history now..
dgirl wrote on November 06, 2009
Yes, the best song from the movie and a pretty decent rocker that had a modern sounding guitar for once. production value howver is one of the worst Ive ever heard.
Steve V wrote on November 06, 2009
Its ok. At least it tried to sound hip & modern unlike songs from Clambake, F&J and others. Production agree was awful.
Deano1 wrote on November 06, 2009
A solid effort from in my opinion Elvis' worst movie, "Easy Come, Easy Go". A nice piece of rock n' roll that does suffer from poor production qualities. We must remember however that no one would have ever thought that 42 years later we would be listening to these songs on the equipment we use today. The seven songs recorded for this movie (six were used), were meant to be in the movie, released on a mono extended play record and forgotten. I have the original 45 on my jukebox and it is amazing how this song sounds better on it, as opposed to the CD releases.
Great Dane wrote on November 06, 2009
Nice song.It sounds better on mine original vinyl than CD.
NONE000000 wrote on November 06, 2009
I really enjoy this song. Way back when I first started really liking Elvis, I was about 9 or 10 years old and the first records I had were those Camden/Pickwick collections. This one was on the album "I Got Lucky". It'd be years later that I would see the movie it was from. I hate the movie, and God knows that "yoga" song is a serious low point for Elvis, but I like this song a lot.
derekd wrote on November 06, 2009
Elvis, You gotta Stop recording this rubbish, is what I was thinking in 1966. Love Machine c/w You gotta Stop was the first Elvis single not to enter the Uk top 30. Poor releases were to follow until the 68 comeback & memphis recordings etc. Not a great time in Elvis's career. 1967 had Elvis thinking more about getting better songs,,,, thankfully.
elvis9865 wrote on April 05, 2010
I personally think many of his movie songs were outstanding. I mean, yes it was damaging to Elvis' career and it was ruining Elvis' chance of being a serious actor and it was depressing Elvis because these songs were not hits (far from it), but they are all very entertaining. This song in particular is a nice rocker and fit in well with the movie. I also enjoyed the movie very much. Also, the album wasn't that bad. I liked "i'll take love" and "easy come, easy go".
Gorse wrote on October 02, 2012
Best song in the film followed by I'll Take Love. If he had been making personal appearances like other potentail chart artists at the time, then this would have been a sizeable hit. It is a good rocker with a driving backing which when you add echo is even more convincing. 4 stars from me.
cookingfat wrote on April 18, 2013
The backside of The Love Machine when issued in the UK. Perhaps the worst period of Elvis' entire career.The songs were old, dated ,repetitive, and in most cases very badly produced. What the hell Elvis was thinking when turning out this stuff has been well documented.The issue is why he allowed his career to be taken out of his hands in this way?
GEORGE (GK) wrote on April 18, 2013
A real fun song from one of Elvis Presley's weaker movies. However, the film, had some fun moments, and some real nice songs, such as "Sing you Children, sing" & "Easy Come, Easy Go" and "I'll take Love" besides this one. ("You gotta stop").
ElvisSacramento wrote on April 18, 2013
This is such a marvelous, fun and underrated song and I've never skipped it. In my opinion, the only bad song from the "Easy Come, Easy Go" recording sessions is "Yoga Is As Yoga Does".
shawnrw wrote on May 09, 2015
A pretty good rocker from one of Elvis's worst films and soundtracks, but this was an exception. Lots of fire, the song pops right along and Elvis seems into it.
JerryNodak wrote on July 26, 2019
I liked it back in '67 when I bought the "Easy Come, Easy Go" EP. Still enjoy song, EP and movie today. "You Gotta Stop" 4 stars.
Steve V wrote on July 26, 2019
Recently I played the movies songs of 65-69 because it had been so long since I heard them. I am changing my original opinion on this being the best from this dreadful movie(The first one I didnt go see in the cinema). Elvis doesnt sound into it at all. Just imagine this being the early 60's and what he could have done with it. The band rocks, but Elvis goes thru the vocal motions. I'll Take Love is IMO the best song in the film. In 1966, Lennon wrote and sang Nowhere Man. I think that title applies more to Elvis and his career in 66.
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