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The Girl of My Best Friend

4.5 / 5

Words & Music: Beverly Ross Sam Bobrick

The way she walks,
The way she talks
How long can I pretend
Oh I can't help I'm in love
With the girl of my best friend

Her lovely hair,
Her skin so fair
I could go on and never end
Oh, I can't help I'm in love
With the girl of my best friend

I want to tell her
How I love her so
And hold her in my arms, but then
What if she got real mad and told him so
I could never face either one again

The way they kiss
Their happiness
Will my ache-in' ever end
Or will I always be in love
With the girl of my best friend?

Never end,
Will it ever end?
Please let it end

Recordingdate: 1960/04/03, first released on: Elvis Is Back (album)


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OtisBlue22 wrote on May 06, 2008
Elvis' introduction to the 60's: perfect pop, melodic richness and rhythmic subtleties. 2-3 mintues of pure listening pleasure. Put Elvis one step up in my book. He could change with the times. Jordanaires in full swing and as good as any stong he had recorded up till then. He certainly captured the feel of the song: pathos tempered with adoration. Not only that, Presley and his band produced a technically perfect performance.
Ton Bruins wrote on July 05, 2008
I've always liked that song..don't know why though..would never skip this song when it's in my CD player ! Beautiful melodie and lyrics to sing along with..
R.R.Police wrote on July 05, 2008
The newfound Nashville sound did well for Elvis in the early 60s. This song is nice, well arranged and performed. Still, I wonder how the flat note during "..what if she got real mad.." passed the cencorship of the producer.
old shep wrote on July 05, 2008
This was a big hit in the UK in the sixties and again in the mid seventies.An excellent choice as a single and always a popular track in its time.
My boy, my boy wrote on July 06, 2008
Very nice melody. It's one of my favorite Elvis song to play on my acoustic guitar !
JLpResLey wrote on October 18, 2009
Good song from a great album. I never thought it was that special though, and I wouldn´t say it´s one of the highlights of the session. I much prefer Like a baby, Now or never, Make me know it over this one. But then again it was a great album without lesser songs. Well sung, and it´s always nice to listen to it.
Marty_TCE wrote on October 18, 2009
It was probably this song above any other that made me an Elvis fan at an early age in the 70s. A great pop song with Elvis in fabulous voice. Absolutely charming.
bajo wrote on October 18, 2009
Simply wonderful!
Steve V wrote on October 18, 2009
Good pop song that would have been a huge hit single in 1960, but with so many good songs recorded for this session its not even close to being the best. It's lightweight compared to the great blues and rock recorded at this session.
derekd wrote on October 18, 2009
Great recording from a wonderful time in Elvis's career. When 'Its now or Never' was put on 'hold' in the Uk Rca quickly filled the gap by releasing 'Girl of my best Friend c/w A mess of Blues'. In most charts it was a double sided hit with most of the charts showing it to reach #2. I could be wrong but Melody Maker may have had it reaching #1. Anyway, it was a top song for me.
Pedro Nuno wrote on June 29, 2010
This is nothing but pure Pop perfection. Elvis The King...of Pop!
Deano1 wrote on June 29, 2010
Very good pop/rock song from Elvis' first post-Army LP "Elvis Is Back". This song and "Girl Next Door Went-a-Walking", were the pop songs on a LP which proved that Elvis could sing rock, pop, ballads and the blues with equal excellence. Lyric correction" In the 3rd verse, the third line should read "Will by achin' heart ever mend".
GeoElvis wrote on June 29, 2010
Good song, catch myself humming the melody often. The King at his best!!
Jay wrote on June 30, 2010
Amazing song! One of my all time favs. How it never really works its way into the many 'Hit' compilations over the past few years is beyond me.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 26, 2012
This is such a spectacular song and it's always been my favorite track from the brilliant "Elvis Is Back" album. This should've been a hit song for Elvis.
sugartummy wrote on May 18, 2013
Jorgensen's book Complete Recording Sessions says:After a quick break for his Krystal burgers, he settled down next to work on "The girl of my best friend." So he truly was the Burger King. I'm kidding, those Krystal burgers produced a wonderful pop song.
Gorse wrote on December 05, 2013
One of his greatest recordings that was a huge hit in the UK in 1960 and a top tenner in 1976 - timeless and magnificent.
kink56 wrote on December 05, 2013
A song more for the likes of Fabian, Bobby Rydel, Bobby Vee or Gene Pitney if you ask me. But, as usual Elvis elevates the song merely by his excellent interpretation and performance. Had they broken down Elvis Is Back into 3 45EP albums, they could have made 3 basic themes, pop, blues and rock, one for each of the 3 EP albums they could have and should have made.
Great Dane wrote on December 05, 2013
This one and "Reconsider Baby" are the highlights for me. I've just played the original vinyl and it still sounds as it was recorded yesterday. 5 stars both the album and song.
atomic powered poste wrote on May 03, 2018
Not a perfect recording (elvis sets in after the intro was repeated three times, not two or four, and he sings a few wrong notes also), but i don't care. It's a wonderful pop tune, and its delivered with tons of charme. Bill porter recorded elvis technical perfect. Great tune from a fantastic album. 5 stars.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 04, 2018
5-stars from me. Pretty decent, catchy tune which stood out on the album "Elvis Is Back!". The only dog on the entire album was the leftover from King Creole, "Dirty. Dirty Feeling" by Leiber & Stoller.
JerryNodak wrote on September 11, 2019
One of my faves from the Elvis Is Back LP. 4 stars.
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