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I'm Not the Marrying Kind

3.6 / 5

Words & Music: Mack David Sherman Edwards

Show me a girl with a dimple on her cheek
Butter melts in her mouth
When she opens it to speak
Show me a girl who is acting so refined
And I'll show you a girl with one thing on her mind

So I say "You know what?" She says "What?"
I say "What? Oh I'm not the marrying kind
For you've got what it takes
And it takes what you've got
But I'm not the marrying kind
Don't kiss me, don't claw me
Don't pet me, don't paw me
And I won't leave my freedom behind"

So I say "You know what?" She says "What?"
I say "What? Oh I'm not the marrying kind.
You know what?" She says "What?"
"Thanks a lot, but I'm not the marrying kind
Don't kiss me, don't claw me
Don't pet me, don't paw me
And I won't leave my freedom behind"

So I say "You know what?" She says "What?"
I say "What? Oh I'm not the marrying kind
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not
Now you've got what I'm not
I'm not the marrying kind
Oh I'm not the marrying kind
Oh I'm not the marrying kind

Recordingdate: 1961/07/02, first released on: Follow That Dream (EP)


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dgirl wrote on November 24, 2009
Simple song with insane lyrics but a great delivery by Elvis actually makes this listenable.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on May 23, 2011
This film had Elvis lying down and singing to a lady re FTD & this song,good film though. FTD is a good song & has anyone heard Cliff Richard's version of Angel..very good.
old shep wrote on May 23, 2011
A good and amusing song from an enjoyable film, at a time when Elvis was well and truly a bachelor. The movie songs could only fit on an EP but they were well worth the 12/6d I paid for it. Cliff did a version of Angel which if I remember was a little faster.
Deano1 wrote on May 23, 2011
A fun song from the movie "Follow That Dream" that Elvis performs admirably. The lyrics do leave something to be desired, but the performance is top notch. Elvis could take silly songs like this one, "I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell and "Rock-A-Hula, Baby" and make them so much better than they should have been. Unfortunately by the time "Kissin Cousins" rolled around you could hear the contempt for some of the songs in his voice. I truly think "Barefoot Ballad" from that movie was a tipping point in his career. Yes, there were still some good movie songs after KC, but for the most part the energy in Elvis' voice disappeared until the September of '67 sessions.
rai wrote on August 31, 2011
Love the melody. One of the best guitar strumming songs ever. My favorite.
derekd wrote on August 31, 2011
This is the type of career films Elvis should have stuck to. Just a few good songs. But there should also have been at least one good album and a couple of singles plus either a short tour or a tv show. The song, yes, i like it, along with the other 3 on the ep.
Lpool kid wrote on August 31, 2011
good movie song very well sung with elvis in good voice.
Steve V wrote on August 31, 2011
The EP movie soundtracks were always better than the LP ones. As silly as this was, it is miles ahead of most anything from Kissin Cousins onward.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on September 01, 2011
The song flows with ease and fun. Love it !
sugartummy wrote on March 25, 2013
All those "whats" freak me out. Of course Elvis sings it well, but the song just isn't very good. The movie was better.
Gorse wrote on March 21, 2015
Listening to it now, as it never finds its way on any of my playlists, I find it joyful and energetic but way behind the 3 big numbers from this film. Songs of its type and equal in later films mainly suffered from poor flat productions and this would have gone the same way.
trudygillenwater wrote on March 21, 2015
Great number!
ElvisSacramento wrote on March 22, 2015
I've always liked this unique, fantastic, fun and underrated Elvis movie song and it's always such a joy to listen to whenever I play it.
atomic powered poste wrote on November 12, 2018
This was recorded in a period where elvis was still giving his best even on crappie songs, and yes, he is performing this very well. Unfortunately, this song is, compared to the excellent titel track of this movie, on the opposite of the quality scale. Even elvis in his prime couldn't rescue this naiv, unoriginal, boring song. That alone tells us how bad this thing really is.
JerryNodak wrote on November 12, 2018
It's listenable. But not a fave of mine. 2 stars.
Cruiser621 wrote on November 13, 2018
Out of the 4 songs on the 45 EP (Extended Play) "Follow That Dream" soundtrack from 1962, this is the weakest song but is still a very listenable tune compared to the crap that was to follow as to released soundtracks. RCA probably could have released an LP of this soundtrack if they had included "Sound Advice", which personally I think is a better song than "I'm Not The Marrying Kind". The fact of the matter is the actual song "Follow That Dream" could have been released as a 45 RPM single and I really believe it would have hit the charts in the upper tiers.
DerekH wrote on June 04, 2020
Follow that Dream EP. This was the first EP by Elvis that I bought back in 1962. I played it over & over. It's still my favourite EP. Love all four tracks.
bajo wrote on June 05, 2020
Thane Follow That Dream EP and the Kid Galahad EP are simply two easy listening pleasures!
DerekH wrote on September 26, 2022
All the songs from Follow that Dream were top drawer, this one included. 1960-62 was a great time for Elvis following his release from the army.
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