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4.2 / 5

Words & Music: Sid Tepper Roy C. Bennett

Angel, with those angel eyes
Come and take this earth boy
Up to paradise

Angel, may I hold you tight?
Never kissed an angel
Let me kiss one tonight

If I said "I love you"
Would I be speaking out of turn?
I'm only human, but I'm willing to learn

Angel, make my wish come true
Let me be in heaven here on earth with you

Angel, never kissed an angel
Let me kiss one tonight

If I said "I love you"
Would I be speaking out of turn?
I'm only human, but I'm willing to learn

Angel, make my wish come true
Let me be in heaven here on earth with you

Angel, Angel

Recordingdate: 1961/07/02, first released on: Follow That Dream (EP)


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old shep wrote on May 01, 2008
I think this is a good song and Elvis sang it well.I have the Cliff Richard version which is faster in tempo but Elvis' recording beats it by a mile.
My boy, my boy wrote on October 02, 2008
Nice melody...Elvis sings it very well...Millie Kirkham's high voice fits perfectly !
Pedro Nuno wrote on October 02, 2008
A soft-pop catchy tune. Not one of my favourites, but very popular, not only among Elvis fans but also among the general public. Here in Portugal there was even a Portuguese version "Anjo" in 1965 from a Portuguese rocker Daniel Bacelar with Portuguese lyrics!
JerryNodak wrote on October 02, 2008
One of my favorite movie love songs. Beautifully sing by Elvis.
hillbillycatlover wrote on October 03, 2008
I go to sleep every night playing this song on repeat. Try it...works like a charm.
Natha wrote on March 07, 2009
Lovely song. The right tempo and the sweet voice of Elvis guarantees a beautifully transmitted sentiment. When we were young we could easily identify with it. Now-a-days I appreciate just as much, though from another angle. A regularly passing by song on my list!
ta2k wrote on March 07, 2009
Only one word can sum this up...Beautiful. TCB
Elvis Rimes wrote on March 07, 2009
This is lovely, been a favourite of mine for years.
theoldscudder wrote on March 07, 2009
A decent song nothing special. It does however show that they could have showcased decent songs (like Angel) instead of the crap that was the majority of the movie songs.
Steve V wrote on March 07, 2009
Decent, nice ballad, nothing spectacular. Very well sung.
Elvis Rimes wrote on October 09, 2009
Beautiful song, tenderly delivered by Elvis. Very underated.
Reconsider Baby wrote on October 09, 2009
In response to Pedro Nuno's reaction, I wanted to add that there was also a French version sung in French as "Angele" by Eddy Mitchell as soon as 1962. For my part, "Angel" is not one of my favourite songs but I used to like it a lot a few years ago.
derekd wrote on October 09, 2009
The early 60's Elvis, my fav time, Every single, every Lp, and every EP hitting the charts. Indeed, Angel was on the 'Follow that Dream' EP that got into the Uk top 40 Singles charts. The song 'Angel'? Yes, i do like, in fact we called my daughter 'Angela'.
Jim Hoff wrote on February 16, 2011
Made in Heaven!
Monster wrote on February 16, 2011
This is one of those type of ballads from the sixties that I find a bit too bland. The singing is of course faultless. What a voice. He doesn't use falsetto here just that lovely smooth high voice he employed at its best around this time. O think my issue is with the song being quite ordinary and the arrangement being along the same lines. I love, love, love Elvis' ballads but this tends to get skipped quite a lot.
Deano1 wrote on February 16, 2011
Well-written ballad sung angelically by Elvis. Not one of the very best movie ballads; but darn good. 4 stars.
dgirl wrote on February 16, 2011
One of the better songs penned by this team and it is sung very very well, but its not all that special as a song I can see Elvis gaining a lot of female fans with this one but no rock fans can really dig this one.
TBG wrote on February 16, 2011
Pedro Nuno, this is what I love about Elvisnews, input from around the world about different Elvis songs and versions. Didn't know there where a Portugeese version of this song, but its great! I love this song and I think it's really nice. Elvis is in perfect voice, and proves that he could sing absolutely anything from soft ballads to rock, pop, blues, gospel and even close to opera (Surrender..). This is why Elvis is the king, diversity!
Great Dane wrote on August 16, 2011
Very good, what a voice. I know a lot non-Elvis fans who love this one, so in that case 5 stars.
TCB1974 wrote on August 16, 2011
Charming song and it would fit well in any Elvis movie. It is neither though a song that I can talk excited about how good it is, though Elvis sings it beautifully, like always in the early 60s. Three stars from me.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 26, 2012
This is such a beautiful ballad and it should be way better known than it actually is. I rate this song 5 Stars.
Gorse wrote on January 01, 2013
A fabulous ballad from one of his best movies. The tenderness, soul and feeling in this song with the beautiful vocal backing makes this a classic for me. I love his rock performances but they don't contain the inherent emotion of performances such as this - 5 stars
sugartummy wrote on February 23, 2013
Lovely ballad, sung amazingly.
bajo wrote on February 10, 2015
I think that if this one had been released as a single, it would have done as well as Can't Help Falling In Love. To me it's one of those hidden classic ballads from his movies. Doin' The Best I Can among them. Angel is such a beautiful sung ballad by Elvis. I can't praise this song high enough!
trudygillenwater wrote on February 10, 2015
This is another of his songs that gives me chills up and down my spine when I hear it.
Cruiser621 wrote on May 31, 2016
A pretty decent song from a pretty decent soundtrack although only released as a 45RPM Extended Play originally.
atomic powered poste wrote on May 18, 2018
I know that a lot of fans love this song, honestly, i never knew why. In my opinion it's a nice ballad, but there are many ballads from this period that i prefer. Still good though. 3 stars.
Milky White Way wrote on June 05, 2021
Love the song, love the movie. He sang it like an angel. Prefer the stereo version. 5 stars.
GBK42 wrote on August 22, 2022
One of the King's best film ballads. Five stars it is. Again, Roy Bennett and Sid Tepper's songs often get a bad rap here, but they did author "Stay Away," "The Lady Loves Me," "Wheels on My Heels," "Western Union," "Mine," and "Just for Old Time Sake," to name a few. When Elvis had the right material by these two, he could make any song Sid and Roy wrote into his own, and "Angel" proves it.
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