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The Complete Masters Collection 36 CD Set


The Complete Masters Collection 36 CD Set
Released: 2009/12 by Franklin Mint

The "Elvis: The Complete Masters Collection" 36 CD set is released through Franklin Mind. This brand new collection features the 711 Elvis recordings released during his lifetime.

Each song has been digitally remastered for optimal quality and arranged into 36 unique volumes. You’ll get everything from Elvis’ first record "That’s All Right," to his first #1 hit, "Heartbreak Hotel," his biggest hit, "Don’t Be Cruel," and even the last Elvis recording before he went off to serve his country in the Army, "I Got Stung." It’s all here in the Complete Masters Collection.

As a very special bonus, you receive a Collector's Keepsake - a 45 RPM pressed-vinyl record. This is an authentic re-creation of Elvis' first single, "That's All Right," originally released by Sun Records. On the flip side is Elvis' recording of "Blue Moon of Kentucky." And you can show off your new collection in the custom-designed display case. This set includes:

  • 711 recordings all digitally remastered for optimal sound quality and meticulously arranged into 36 unique volumes;
  • Custom-designed display case to house and exhibit your complete collection;
  • Authentic re-creation of Elvis' first single, "That's All Right," originally released by Sun Records.

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LonElvis wrote on December 19, 2009
I just ordered the complete set at the lower rate - $399.00! And I used an online coupon (code: XM25) that saved me 25% of my order. So I got every Elvis master for only $299.25 + $29.95 shipping. So the total was $329.20. That's a steal! I'm sure any future BMG set will be atleast twice as expensive. Christmas came early!!! The coupon expires 12/31/09. Merry Christmas to my fellow Elvis fans!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 28, 2009
The offer listed below by LonElvis only applies to orders inside the States!
Rating: 3 / 5
Antjie wrote on January 14, 2010
If I understand correctly, Ernst is working on the dsd upgrading of all Elvis' masters. Is this collection it?
Rating: 3 / 5
LonElvis wrote on January 15, 2010
Has anyone received this box set yet? I've had to order it 3 different times (orders keep getting messed up) and I still haven't received it.
LonElvis wrote on January 28, 2010
My set came in and it's great. Note that these are actual RCA CDs. The Franklin Mint simply distributed this set.