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Blue Christmas (Ringle)


Blue Christmas (Ringle)
Released: 2007/11/20 by BMG France
A ringle is a CD with 2-3 tracks that also includes a ringtone of a hit track delivered directly to your cell phone. A Ringle may also include additional bonus content such as mobile wallpaper and alternate downloadable content for your computer if you have a phone which is not compatible with Ringles.


I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 10, 2007
These ringles, where the ringtone of a hit track may be delivered directly to your cell phone, only work in the USA. They do NOT work in England for example. As an alternative you are offered the consolation of downloading the song from the single to your computer, which is a bit pointless as you can just copy it off the CD anyway! Bit of a pity, as Blue Christmas would probably make a nice ringtone!
Rating: 3 / 5