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Elvis NBC TV Special - The Vinyl Classics Edition


Elvis NBC TV Special - The Vinyl Classics Edition
3.8 / 5
Released: 2005/08/16 by BMG
Vinyl Classics reissue of the 1968 album comes as a vinyl look-a-like CD that's packaged in a die-cut see-through Slipcase.

ElvisNews review

Released in Germany in a series called “The vinyl Classics” was Elvis 1968 album “The NBC Special” in the “Spiegel Edition” (a German magazine).


This re-release comes in a silver slipcase with the booklet hidden behind the CD so you can see the “vinyl grooves" on the disk. Next to it a small version of the original cover art of the album. And we must say CDs that look as the old fashioned vinyl do have something special. But on this small size part of the effect is lost. If you make a vinyl edition, why not work more in the line of the soundtrack releases the Follow That Dream label offers (pay attention Ernst, perhaps the black vinyl look is an idea for the FTD label) or make a real album sized cover to present the CD in.

The booklet is as we know it, so nothing new here.


Sadly the same goes for the content. We get the original album in the original quality. Would have been good to get some re-mastered material. No complaining on the quality, reviewing this CD was a good reason to play this album once again.


This Special Vinyl Classic Edition CD adds nothing other than a different looking CD to you collection, get this edition if you don’t have the original one, otherwise, you can skip it easily. The classic original cover is worth getting CD size, not stampsize as on this slipcase.


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pasa-ryu wrote on July 24, 2005
look foward to this cd!own the orignal album and cd and will have to own this too..elvis made history doing this 1968 special and anything new concering this album is a must for us elvis collectors everywhere(pity theire not including more tracks on thte cd though)
gareth wrote on August 02, 2005
I bought this .I have to say it looks great.Well worth getting hold of even if you already own the L.P. and other cd version.
Rating: 5 / 5
GJDesign wrote on August 23, 2005
I like these releases very much, the only thing with those black cd's (at least for the Elvis 18 UK #1s single series)is that my cd/dvd player (JVC) sometimes has trouble reading those cd's. For the rest it looks great and I think it will really give an other dimension to the famous '68 comeback special recordings. Hope to purchase it soon.
Rating: 4 / 5
pasa-ryu wrote on August 26, 2005
finaly managed to get my copy!-but it wa so hard to get a copy..it was not available in ANY record shop at all.(only managed to order it on-line)..why wan't it availble to buy in shops??