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Up Above My Head

3.9 / 5

Words & Music: Walter Earl Brown

Up above my head there is music in the air
Up above my head there is music in the air
Up above my head there is music in the air, oh yeah!
And I really do believe, I really do believe
I really do believe there's a heaven somewhere
There's a heaven somewhere

Recordingdate: 1968/06/22, first released on: Elvis NBC TV Special (album)


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dgirl wrote on April 03, 2009
I love this song although it is short. A true gospel sound. Would have loved to hear a formal studio recording of this.
derekd wrote on August 08, 2009
Record as a 'fill the gap' song for '68 tv special. And to this end it did a good job. Not a recording you'd request say on a radio request program, but better by far than the fill in songs on some soundtracks.
Steve V wrote on August 08, 2009
I dig this. Perfect song for Elvis. Wish there was more to it.
sitdown68 wrote on August 08, 2009
beautiful excerpt and the medley as a whole is outstanding, I also like the Motherless child part, as sung by a highly talented lady, may favourite from the medley is Saved.
Pacerburton1960 wrote on January 20, 2011
I loved the entire gospel medley segment in the '68 tv special being a gospel-music fan but I am pretty sure that this song was originally written (and recorded) by the gospel legend Sister Rosetta Tharpe and not W.Earl Brown.
sugartummy wrote on May 26, 2013
The original by Sister Rosetta Tharpe is just wonderful. Easy a great track for one of Elvis' sixties gospel albums. As part of the medley it's great.
shawnrw wrote on January 15, 2014
Great, spirited gospel cut from the 68 special. If Elvis had only cut a full length version live or in a studio. Would have been another classic.
Natha wrote on July 31, 2015
As much as I love(d) the 68 NBC TV Special at the time of watching the show back then I immediately thought this was a waste of precious time in the show (including the dancing group, horrible). And I still feel that way. Now-a-days it is a quick skip while watching the show and definite cut out on my playlist.
Gorse wrote on August 01, 2015
As previously stated a fill in song that is interesting for the minute or so it lasts but not a song to pull from the medley and put on a playlist in it's own right.
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