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After all the complaints from fans and accusations that BMG "rigged" the chart with its limited edition release strategy they now posted the text below on the Special Singles website: To commemorate the anniversary of Elvis’ 70th birthday, SONY BMG embarked on a groundbreaking plan to release all his UK #1 singles over consecutive weeks, starting Jan 3rd 2004. To make them appealing to Elvis’ loyal fans, the company decided to package each single with original artwork and make them limited and numbered. Using previous sales of Elvis singles as a guide it was decided to manufacture 30,000 singles – 20,000 CD’s and 10,000 10”’s. Due to the unique nature and timing of this campaign, the UK’s enduring love of The King and his music, in addition to the huge media interest the release of these singles has caused, demand for these classic chart-toppers quickly outweighed the stock in the shops. The decision to increase the pressing runs of both formats was quickly implemented and this additional stock continues to be delivered into record stores this week (January 26). However the company, as well as the retail trade and the media, continue to be inundated by fans who are desperate to find copies of the releases to complete their box sets. In reaction to the fans comments and stock availability, the company has now decided to make ALL singles, from the first release, ‘Jailhouse Rock’, to the current ‘It’s Now Or Never’, and all future singles, available in non-limited, non-numbered editions. This means that every record store in the UK is able to order unlimited quantities of each single though this additional stock will not be numbered as previous singles have been. The company will also manufacture more of the CD and 10” boxes which house this single collection. These will be available from April 25th 2005. As Elvis sang… ‘A little less conversation a little more action’ and we hope these actions will give the huge number of UK fans what they want: Elvis back in the charts through national availability of these historic singles that will complete this unique, amazing collection. Elvis For Everybody.
Source: 18 # UK Hits / Updated: Jan 27, 2005 
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Elvisdom13 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 30, 2005report abuse
It is good to know that they will eventually press more of the no1's collection. However if you have been collecting these from the start will you really want to purchase an item that isn't numbered as part of the 'limited' edition?
dailyone (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 30, 2005report abuse
dont talk the talk just buy it. one of elvis gem of all gems comparable to jailhouse, love me tender, sus minds , edge of reality etc. good stuff, smashed the hearts and minds of the non believers. smashed the hearts and minds and brought tears to the rockers. sniff
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 29, 2005report abuse
I spoke to HMV mail order today, I was able to order One Night on CD, although they didn't know for sure when it would be in, but they have been tole by BMG that they can order unlimited quantities. They said that they won't be taking pre-orders for future releases (either on-line or over the phone) until they're sure that BMG will fulfil their orders.
Elvis girl (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 29, 2005report abuse
I have just been into my local Virgin Megastore in Cambridge...they have about 15 copies of It's now or never on the shelf. A man in there buying the same as me came and spoke to me about it and told me that at HMV over the other side of Town they had some vinyl, so over i went and managed to get One Night on vinyl which i was missing...all in all i am quite pleased today
TCBforever (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 29, 2005
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
Does anybody know when these so called extra singles are available ? My son went into some music shops today and there was not any in sight.
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
i know i said i'm past caring but amazon have just emailed me back and said they have no information of any 'extra' copies or their release date (surprise surprise). I'm dangling my singles box infront of my dog in the hope he'll chew it up but he won't.
phantom3428 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
I have posted this on a previous article, but really need to know if I'm going to expect trouble. If anyone ordered their number ones set from Amazon, could they let me know if they have had any trouble receiving their goods. I pre-ordered my set on the 10th Dec, and I am yet to receive the All shook up single and box, and also this weeks 'It's now or never'. All others released so far have eventually turned up. I am concerned now as to wether the box will be available for me, and if I'm going to miss any more due to delays.
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
judy presley, my vinyl INON, bought yesterday, is numbered above the original limit of 7,500. Haven't yet seen the CD of INON, and I'm still not convinced that these releases aren't going to be staggered over 1-2 weeks in order to avoid any possibility of them appearing on TOTP (ie getting to No.1). If I still haven't got the CD by this time next week, I'm going to try and fold the 10 inch vinyl into the CD Box. Has anyone managed it yet with any degree of success?
emjel (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
I'm hoping that BMG will have run out of those bloody labels. You couldn't see Elvis' face on INON with that big black label right across his face. Coupled with 2 that HMV had put on, one of which was a replacement label, which meant when it was removed, the lamination had gone, when I tried taking it off using the accpeted method of lighter fluid. Just put the labels on the back if they have to go somewhere. I want to see the artwork and not so that it's hidden by stickers.
hillbillycat (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
still could not find It's now or never anywhere in Glasgow today,so don't know when these extra copies are gonna show up, personally dont give a flying f**k if they are numbered or not, as long as i can fill my box. By the way what is the obsession with having numbered copies, as i would never sell my collection numbered or not they are worthless, it's only worth something if you are planning on selling them.
pacer1965 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
The reason I have gone quiet is because I am still waiting to see if Sony/Bmg are telling the truth.My son has gone into Ipswich today to see if they have got Its now or never
volvo (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
This should make people happy, it's good that BMG have listened to the fans and hopefully everyone can now fill their boxes without paying the ridiculous prices on e-bay.
memphis_flash (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
I think it's great news of the extra singles. We can ALL complete our collections now. So its thanks to Sony/BMG and the Elvis fans who spoke out. There doesn't seem to be much appreciation coming out from the fans tho? Why is everyone so quick to compalin but now we've got what we wanted its gone a bit quiet. If everyone buys on the first day of release then E will still get to the top. And if they're not numbered who cares? I don't want to sell my box anyway. Its a great collection and an great accollade to the King. I'm glad to be able to complete without having to go to ebay.
judy presley (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
I think I may be missing something! It says here that the new issues of already released singles will not be numbered, yet on the Elvis #18 No. 1 site it says they will be numbered - which information is correct?
davyc (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
Hi, I am new to the site and have read your views with great interest! Have to agree its been on big balls up the promotion. However will the numbered edition cds still be made available alongside the non limited edition ones? I have ordered my cds off 101cddotcom and they sent me a confirmation email today that non numbered cds are avaiable from them, however any orders already placed will have the ltd edt numbers and their suppliers confirmed this. Also a limited supply of Numbered editon cds including the singles released so far are also available at the mo to buy but hury as stock is limited!! they are £9.99 for singles released so far and £7.99 for those cd's not yet released afaik. Ive them all ordered to guarantee getting my cd's and its cheaper than ebay! hope this helps you all
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
Elvis fans are never happy it seems.
cockney_bill (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
I tend to agree with ttw11se. What is the incentive now to get your copy on the week of release? Instead of sales of 25-30,000 in one week, therefore ensuring a top 5 placing at least, sales may be spread out over a few weeks making a top 20 not even a safe bet.
Perhaps I'm being a little selfish as I ordered my copies well in advance and have been able to pick up mine no problem. I even managed to get a few spares along the line - not to sell at ahuge profit, but to have as back-up should I need to get swapping later in the campaign. I have no need to pick up spares now and nor has anyone else - thus affecting sales.
Saying that, if I had a half empty box I'd probably be calling someone else who said this a greedy selfish git!
It is the ebayers who have caused this problem.
There were enough singles to go round for all of us who wanted them, but the ebayers knew how desperate we were to have them so those with the opportunity cashed in and bought bulk. Ho hum
ttwiise (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
Always the same! They are thinking heck if we press more for the UK and they don`t sell, which they now probably won`t, we`ll sling them out to the rest of the planet. Good business! These extra pressings will now take away the desire for punters to obtain them as soon as they are released added to this the independant record stores, hmv sales assistants and the horders will now not get copies to sell on ebay as they won`t get top dollar. therefore the chances of a number 1 have diminished as sales will be spread. To be honest I think BMG were right in their initial decision to press 30,000 as really this is all they will sell, it was the ebayers that made them scarce. Now they won`t want them we`ll have the extra pressings and loads will go unsold. hence the worldwide roll-out.
On a positive note I`ll now be able to fill my box.
This has all been a right cock up but it is greed on the ebayers part and not BMG, though maybe they could have distributed the singles more evenly and stopped ebayers getting hold of them. Alls well that ends well!
ranger (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
Well after all the negative backlash I'm going to, at least for the time being, take the statement at face value; and I trust that the singles will be easier to come by now. Thank you BMG/Sony, or is it Sony/BMG? In London yesterday (27th) my girlfriend got me the 10 inch of INON, really just to keep me quiet, but again the CDs had gone. As this copy was numbered 09986, it looks like they've been true to their word in pressing up extra copies.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
They'll probably be in cassette and 12" vinyl format.
RobIreland (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
i dont believe them. sure what took them so long. why did they release the singles without video footage. bmg r not going to make more singles if it means spending more money, they are just in it for the profit not to make elvis look good. i hope im wrong because i love these singles.
Viva (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 28, 2005report abuse
Well it does remain to be seen what the reality of this statement will mean, but on the face of it a big well done and thank you go out to BMG for doing the unthinkable and taking criticism on the chin and doing something about it. You couldn't have a word with EPE could you? Actually, I bet they didn't think of that did they? EPE will be spitting bullets if they found out someone actually did something "in reaction to the fans comments" and, heaven forbid, did the right thing. So it seems I might not get all the numbered copies, but at least I'll have what is a rather nice little collection in it's own right.
I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 27, 2005report abuse
Let us hope RCA actually bother to tell the record shops they can now oder more stock. Despite RCA's claim that they have already pressed more records, absolutely none of the shops seem to have been aware of this – up to today thet still insist there are no extra copies; they say they cannot obtain more stock from Sony/BMG. OK let's give RCA etc the benefit of the doubt. So Monday will give us all a decent supply of the new single (R U Lonesome..?) to buy in the shops. Any body want to place any bets? (I don't)
job (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 27, 2005report abuse
thank you goes to the Sun
PaulFromFrance (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 27, 2005report abuse
See people: BMG can make some good decisions. Everything can happen, is'nt ? Thanks to Elvis fans from U.K. They did a very good job.
stu (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 27, 2005report abuse
People power... Democracy in action! Though it means that we will now have to collect the un-numbered set too!!

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