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September 18, 2012 | Music

On October 15, FTD will be releasing 2 new 7” 2-CD Classic Albums and one new vinyl album:

Released in 1976, FROM ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD contained 10 tracks recorded at Elvis’ home Graceland. Now issued as part of Follow That Dream’s ‘classic album’ series, this 7” 2-CD version contains many outtakes and a 12-page booklet with historic info and memorabilia.

Originally released in the UK in 1974, this newly expanded edition of “HITS OF THE 70s”offers a superb overview of Elvis’ greatest songs in the ‘70s. While the album doesn’t feature any outtakes, it does have a substantially expanded track-listing that now features 24 A & B sides and bonus track “My Way.” The 12-page booklet features both UK and US sleeves, release/chart information and historic overview. This is its first official release on CD.

Following on from “That’s The Way It Is (special edition)”, FTD vinyl is pleased to announce the follow-up “ELVIS COUNTRY (special edition)”.


From Elvis Presley Boulevard



01 Hurt
Jimmie Crane/Al Jacobs
02 Never Again
Billy Edd Wheeler/Jerry Chesnut
03 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Fred Rose
04 Danny Boy
Frederic Weatherly
05 The Last Farewell
Roger Whittaker/Ron Webster

06 For The Heart
Dennis Linde
07 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
Larry Gatlin
08 Solitaire
Neil Sedaka/Phil Cody
09 Love Coming Down
Jerry Chesnut
10 I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Lonnie Donegan/Jimmy Curr

11) Hurt – takes 1,2
12) Never Again – take 11
13) Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – take 4
14) Danny Boy – take 9
15) The Last Farewell – take 3 + ending of take 2
16 For The Heart – take 1
17) Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall – take 6
18) Solitaire – take 3
19) Love Coming Down – take 3
20) I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – takes 4,5


21) For The Heart – takes 3B, 4B, 5B
22) Hurt- composite of takes 4 & 3



1) For The Heart – takes 2,3A
2) Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall – take 1
3) I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – takes 1,3
4) Hurt – take 3
5) The Last Farewell – take 1
6) The Last Farewell – take 2
7) Never Again – takes 2,3 & 9 )
8) For The Heart – take 4A
9) Danny Boy – takes 6,7
10) Danny Boy – take 8
11) Love Coming Down – take 4
12) Blue Eyes In The Rain – takes 1,2
13) Solitaire – takes 5,7
14) Hurt – takes 6,5
15) Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall – takes 3-5
16) For The Heart – take 5A
17) The Last Farewell – take 4, master rough mix
18) I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – master rough mix
19) Never Again –master remix
20) Danny Boy – master rough remix

Recorded February 2-7, 1976 at Elvis’ home Graceland, Memphis
Guitar: James Burton, Bill Sanford (“Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”), John Wilkinson, Charlie Hodge; Bass: Jerry Scheff, Norbert Putnam (“Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”); Drums: Ronnie Tutt; Piano: Glen D. Hardin; Piano & Electric Piano: David Briggs, Bobby Emmons (“Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”); Vocals: Kathy Westmoreland, Myrna Smith, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps
Overdubs: Guitar: Chip Young; Bass: Dennis Linde; Congas & Timpani: Farrell Morris; Moog Synthesizer: Shane Keister; Vocals: Wendellyn Suits, Dolores Edgin, Hurshel Wiginton

A & R/Producer: Felton Jarvis
Executive producer: Elvis Presley
Director of engineering: Larry Schnapf
Recording engineers: Brian Christian, Tom Brown, Ron Olson, Al Pachucki and Tom Pick
Recording technician: Roy Shockley
Compilation produced and art directed by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen and Roger Semon
Mastered by Vic Anesini
Compiled by Jean-Marc Juilland


Hits Of The 70's

Disc 1


1) The Wonder Of You (2.42)
(Baker Knight)
2) I’m Leavin’ (3.53)
(Michael Jarrett/Sonny Charles)
3) Burning Love (2.51)
(Dennis Linde)
4) Always On My Mind (3.41)
(Wayne Carson/Johnny Christopher/Mark James)
5) I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (4.41)
(Cynthia Weil/Barry Mann)
6) You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me 2.32)


7) There Goes My Everything (3.00)
(Dallas Frazier)
8) Rags To Riches (1.57)
(Richard Adler)
9) Until It’s Time For You To Go (4.00)
(Buffy Sainte-Marie)
10) Kentucky Rain* (3.17)
(E. Rabbitt/D. Heard)
11) I’ve Lost You (3.32)
12) An American Trilogy (4.29)
(Mickey Newbury)


13) Don’t Cry Daddy (2.49)
(Mac Davis)
14) Polk Salad Annie 4.51)
(Tony Joe White)
15) Fool (2.44)
(Carl Sigman/James Last)
16) Take Good Care Of Her 2.54)
(Ed Warren/Arthur Kent)
17) If You Talk In Your Sleep (2.30)
(Red West/Johnny Christopher)
18) My Boy (3.21)
(C. Francois/J.P. Boutayre/B. Martin/P. Coulter)
19) Promised Land 2.55)
(Chuck Berry)
20) T-R-O-U-B-L-E (3.04)
(Jerry Chesnut)
21) Green, Green Grass Of Home (3.37)
(Claude Putnam, Jr.)
22) Hurt 2.09)
(J. Crane/A. Jacobs)
23) Moody Blue (2.51)
(Mark James)
24) Way Down (2.38)
(Layng Martine, Jr.)

Disc 2


1) Mama Liked The Roses* (2.49)
(John Christopher)
2) Heart Of Rome (2.57)
3) It’s A Matter Of Time (3.05)
(Clive Westlake)
4) Separate Ways (2.37)
(Red West/Richard Mainegra)
5) How The Web Was Woven (3.27)
(C. Westlake/M. Most)
6) Patch It Up (4.03)
(E. Rabbitt/R. Bourke)


7) I Really Don’t Want To Know (2.46)
8) Where Did They Go, Lord 2.30)
(Dallas Fazier/A. L. Owens)
9) We Can Make The Morning (3.58)
(Jay Ramsey)
10) My Little Friend* (2.52)
(Shirl Milete)
11) The Next Step Is Love (3.35)
12) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (3.45)
(Ewan McColl)


13) Rubberneckin’ (2.15)
(Dory Jones/Bunny Warren)
14) See See Rider (2.36)
(Traditional, arranged by Elvis Presley
15) Steamroller Blues (3.05)
(James Taylor)
16) I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby (2.23)
(Tony Joe White)
17) Help Me (2.30)
(Larry Gatlin)
18) Loving Arms (2.52)
(Tom Jans)
19) It’s Midnight (3.25)
(Billy Edd Wheeler/Jerry Chesnut
20) Mr. Songman (3.25)
(Donnie Sumner)
21) Thinking About You (3.

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mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 18, 2012
Hits of 70's is a stupid release,how about a multitrack show?
Pieter wrote on September 18, 2012
I have to agree, Hits of the 70's on a FTD release is a stupid one!
schemies wrote on September 18, 2012
I also agree, this is not worth a collectors label! Better they'd added the Moody Blue Classic Album at the same time, would have made more sense.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 18, 2012
Sorry, I don't agree at all with the criticism of "Hits of the 70s" The track listing seems to be extremely well thought out, & it's going to be good to have all these songs with A & B sides complete on one package. (Unlike the 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes" 70s box!!) The 'Boulevard' CD will also be welcome, really can't see anything to moan about there. And another Double Vinyl is also welcome. FTD seems to be really getting it together recently, I gather the "Boy from Tupelo" box has sold out in 6 weeks, which is well deserved for all the work put into it. Anyone out there know how many were actually made?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 18, 2012
No one moaned,lot and lots of fans dont think the hits of the 70's is a worthwhile release. This is a collectors label,not a reissue aka regular sony label. Ep boulevard is fine,i dont like the classic series because it rereleases what you have,i also dont like the packaging that gets damaged so easy. I like the way it was,nice outtake cd's,but i know that the classic album format will be the only way any new outtakes will be releases. We all have our views and the label doesnt just belong to those who think everything ftd is awesome. If you will enjoy hitts of 70's then cool,i will save my money.
Rob Wanders wrote on September 18, 2012
great news. The Boulevard cd is very very welcome! And also the hits of the 70's. I remember i loved the album when i bought it, in the early 80's. so both doublecd's will be mine :-)
Steve V wrote on September 18, 2012
FTD is really mikling the cow now, wow!
Tony C wrote on September 18, 2012
I am pleased that "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" will soon be made available, if only to shut up our marketing expert! Many people dislike this album, but it is something I have always loved. True, it isn't rock'n'roll, but does everything have to be? "Hits of The 70s" has more of a niche market appeal, to fans not born when the original LP was released or fans from countries that did not have it, this FTD version will be meaningless. I can understand why they would have no interest, but they should understand why it does hold an interest to some of us. Each to their own. The December releases have also been announced, among which we will get a Classic Album treatment of "Back In Memphis". While perhaps not as earth shattering as "From Elvis In Memphis", is not far behind it in terms of classy material. We will also get a package from August 1972 containing a concert and a rehearsal as well as a deluxe vinyl edition of "G.I. Blues". Another good year of releases from Sony/FTD in my humble opinion.
Pastorjoe wrote on September 18, 2012
I think Ernst is trying to out Colonel the Colonel, Greatest Hits of the '70's shouldn't be released here. I guess they are getting hard up for new material... Prince From Another Planet... with the same two shows released. Please, even it the last unreleased two shows are horrible in quality, they would still be better than just another reissue. Where is Moody Blue, Elvis In Concert and anything else that hasn't been redone.. my gosh, it took 35 years to get some of Elvis best things released and they back pedal with things that were reissued when they originally came out. Do I smell Camden Pickwick lp's next? The Boy From Tupelo was the first time in a long while where you actually feel like you got your moneys worth from FTD/RCA/Sony and then they fall back into rewriting history and issuing things that have been issued 20 times already.. FTD should be original albums only, period.. not compilations, extended version or any other rehas of the same old same old. Business as usual for BMG/RCA/FTD disapointments served up daily.
John4126 wrote on September 18, 2012
I'm looking forward to a Christmas compilation. I think we are overdue one!
Herman wrote on September 18, 2012
Hits of the 70's is not a good choice, better chose for a legendary performer from 1974.
ttwiise wrote on September 18, 2012
Boulevard is a welcome addition as is the Country Vinyl, hell that's what the ftd label is all about. However Hits of the 70's? all takes previously issued!! this has no place in the ftd catalogue and is just a money spinner, there is just no point to it, at least in 1974 the trcks on this album for a large part were only on 45 but now all the albums ftd are releasing include these tracks so it is redundant I will boycott it out of principle
JerryNodak wrote on September 18, 2012
Steve V: I grew up a "farm kid" so I milked a few cows in my time. I can hear the milk squirting into the FTD/SONY pail. Don't know about this release until I know how many original mono mixes are used (if any.) There were some on the original vinyl LP.
Cruiser621 wrote on September 18, 2012
The bottom of the barrel has now been reached for FTD. The only thing which might have been of interest to me, would possibly have been the Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, but considering I've got the majority of these songs on various FTD & Regular Commercial CD Releases, I'll pass. I don't do vinyl and as to the "Hits of the 70's", please get serious FTD. That is the most ridiculous release I've seen to date; what are we going to release next? Every British configuration of original U.S.A. albums like Rock 'N Roll and Rock 'N Roll #2? Give us a break. You've served your purpose but at age 67, I've got better things to spend my money on and it won't be FTD.
LonElvis wrote on September 18, 2012
Why not release HITS OF THE 70’s with the original songs and then outtakes of those songs (similar to how the classic series is treated)? In its current form it's a great CD in terms of songs but might would have made a better general release / Legacy type issue instead of a FTD. FROM ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD is one of my favorite albums. This is a worthy addition, although I wish it had a few more outakes on it. The best FTD of the year in my opinion is From Hawaii to Vegas. That's still the best example of what a FTD release really should be.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
Yes,they should release every compilation,why stop with this one,yes the label is for collectors,and for releases not aimed at the casual buyer,but they have now started releasing things that arent even for the fan who needs outtakes and concerts but also to the fan that must have anything,no matter what it is. After the 2 ttwii shows and the on tour shows,ftd can close for good and i wont feel bad. Enough is enough,how about having a poll and asking the fans what they wont. I dont hate everything ftd, but i am very critical,anyone remember when booklets did not come the regualr ftd releases? Why do you think they changed that? I really do believe some are all for anything for ft because they either sell them or are behind the label. And i dont care whats on this releases and undubbed etc songs could have been put on the classic releases. This releases is stupid,and i feel a way to make money off a fans who have to have it all.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
The dec releases include a soundboard and from the way i understand a rehearsal,a 2 cd,well at least ftd has decided to give some value for your money. Any soundboard release should be 2cd's. Back to the hits of 70's,if you enjoy these kind of releases then more power to you. Ftd just isnt for me anymore it seems,i think it has flooded the market with too many substanderd releases.
Lefty wrote on September 19, 2012
I love Boulevard, but I have it twice on CD already....add to it the Jungle Room Sessions CD, and I've got enough to make me happy. Hits from the 70's....I can put together my own copy from the other official releases I have for about 75 cents, if I want to burn a couple of CD's. I'll save the 30 bucks. Elvis Country....I really like the new photo on the cover, but again, been there-done that! I'm looking forward to Prince from Another Planet. Yes, I have both those shows already too, but at least the mix is totally new and the DVD footage is something I have yet to see. There is VERY LITTLE in the way of new Elvis material. But what should anyone reasonably expect at this point? Still holding out hope for the official On Tour shows (audio CD's) on the FTD label, but I'm not holding my breath.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
Yes the on tour shows,cant release just one? I know were waiting on mgm bla bla bla,then if thats the case we will keep waiting. On tour is overdue and its a insult to fans to overlook it becasue you want to tie in a release with a dvd release.
LonElvis wrote on September 19, 2012
I miss the days when you could buy a set like Platinum or the two subsequent mini sets called Touch of Platinum. Platinum gave us 77 unreleased cuts on 4 CDs for about $50. And you could go to Walmart and buy it. Platinum is still one of my favorite releases.
Rejane wrote on September 19, 2012
I have bought all FTD releases up through this year, when they started releasing all the $100.00 plus books/cds, OUCH! Would love to have a complete FTD collection at some point but I don't think that's going to happen if they make a habit of releases like the 70's, I am only interested in the classic albums w/outtakes. I have the original vinyl releases, various greatest hits, ect. I have more than 300 albums to my collection and I don't have the money to re-buy what I already own. It's very hard for me to part with cash for all those concert albums with very nearly the exact same track listing as well because although these albums are great to listen to, listening to several at a time would be mind numbing since there is little to distinguish them from each other. I recently added up what I stll needed to buy from FTD and that totalled over $700.00 and that was withouth tax or shipping. EPE are spreading the fans incomes thin!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
The reason you see more and more people selling there ftd collection is because they are burned out. The label runs like its on speed(hyper drug)it has no communication with its fans but its not to shy to ask for crazy prices. My ftd want list is not a very long one,and no i dont want the rest of the 50's albums on the classic series when there is no outtakes. More and more fans are taking off the ftd blinders,i will only buy a quality product. I have so many people ask me when is there going to be a ftd release of a april on tour show,but if u ask ernst you get a run around. Were is the opening and closing night from jan.feb 1970? And please no more 76 shows,do you really think he wanted people to hear him like that?
Gorse wrote on September 19, 2012
Most subscribers here are at different points in their 'Elvis' careers. Me a newie here, but a fan for nearly 50 years was fortunate enough able to afford the Sony Masters 30 cd release so I can make many or a good part of these compilations. What would appeal to me big time apart from the missing DVD material, and other rarities would be a best of outtake 2 cd release covering all periods Only the obvious real different outtakes like Stay Away, Too Much Monkey Business, Frankfort Special, A Fool Such As I, and Shake Rattle and Roll, for starters but I don't pretend to know all the outtakes that fit into this category.
Mr Cool wrote on September 19, 2012
Looking forward to EP Boulevard but, and i say this as a strong supporter of FTD, i believe Hits of the 70's is a mistake. Sadly this will be the first FTD cd i just can't bring myself to buy. It should be a regular Sony release. Far better than the recent 'I Am an Elvis Fan'
alanfalk wrote on September 19, 2012
I just bought 12 FTDs that I have been saving money up for for 2 month, now there is about 50 more left that I would like, among them is From E P Boulevard. That means that there is a few I probably wont buy, but I can tell that other people like those and that is great and I would never complain about that. I think its a real shame when some people on this site accuse FTD for being greedy, milking the cow,scraping the bottom of the barrel etc. everytime there is a release they dont agree with.It is often the same people that are upset because Elvis released music not in their taste. In my point of view those people are very selfish ( and not very mature ). And the argument that FTD should only release CDs in a rate that everyone can afford is weird, because you can always buy them when you have the money. If by any chance anyone from FTD are reading this site ( in a way I hope not because that would probably be demotivating for them ) then they should know that I and a couple of my Danish freinds think that FTD is the most wonderful thing that has happend in the Elvisworld in many years, keep up the good work guys.
MJ1972 wrote on September 19, 2012
I also agree that the FTD label is the best thing to happen to Elvis fans since Elvis was actually releasing new albums. I'm sure there will be some releases that don't appeal to everyone , so the simple solution would be to not buy those ones. There are many FTD's I still don't have have but hot damn , I will get around to it ....and it's gonna be great !
dgirl wrote on September 19, 2012
This is really interesting. The best upcoming release by far is the Prince From Another Planet deluxe edition and it is not even an FTD! It will cost about the same (or less) as a standard FTD. What does that say? A better package , value for your money, and a more interesting release on the regular label. Tells me how much I dont want to spend for FTDs these days. Blvd LP ? - isn't the Jungle Room sessions enough for outtakes?. So again FTD reissues material. Elvis Country vinyl? No interest in records anymore. Hits of the 70's? No comment.
jb4elvis wrote on September 19, 2012
From EP Blvd, is a nice selection and I look forward to that one. The hits from the 70's makes no sense to me at all. Maybe it's just me, but I would think there are other releases which could forth instead of a hits from the 70's. FTD is supposed to be for collectors, it isn't like there is a general public to try to influence with this release. There are certainly some updated soundtracks which have not be put forth by FTD yet. Please, how about Kissin Cousins or Speedway before hits from the 70's. I guess I just don't get it..........
Dazman wrote on September 19, 2012
From the sublime to the ridiculous!! (excluding the "Country" vinyl). The content of HOT70's is in stark contrast to FTD's philosophy. Going by the announcement in the "Elvis - Man...Music" mag this a set for Roger Semon than for fans/collectors in general. Agree with Pastorjoe re going down the Camden line. Should be a fan club only release for the UK. Thankfully however the "Boulevard"-7" is a no-brainer. It should give the same feel as "Jungle Room" and enjoy the same success as the Stax '73 7"s. The only change I would make is to scrap that misleading "Recorded Live" motifon it's front cover. The December releases have a bit more flavor, but their choice of the Aug 12 DS at the expense of the Aug 11 MS really disappoints me. So much is said of FTD running out of material with theor SB releases. I don't think so, they just haven't chosen the best shows form their respective tours or engagements, eg. "Unchained Melody", "Thrill", "Minnesota" etc. But hoorah for the recent deleting of the trashed "Closing Night" show.
theoldscudder wrote on September 19, 2012
No reason to buy as there is nothing new here (with exception of some outtakes).
EJF wrote on September 19, 2012
I will not go into the merit of whether these releases are worth buying or not, especially the "Hits Of The 70s" album, which seems to be the one that's getting the most negative comments. That's up to the individual to decide if it's worth buying or not. What I fail to understand is a few comments by some who are clamouring for the mono versions as originally released in 1974. Who in the hell wants mono in 2012, especially on songs that were originally recorded in stereo? The only difference I can hear in mono is that they sound unatural, and do not capture the original studio ambience as recorded. This applies to every recording Elvis mad from 1960 onwards and not his 50's stuff which was not meant to be heard in stereo. If one wants to hear them in mono all you have to do is combine the two channels together, either with a simple switch on your amp or via a simple cable adapter. Someone else said he doesn't like the digipaks because they get damaged quite easily? What? I have 40-50 year-old vinyl LPs that are still in pristine condition, both the actual discs and the packaging. Why? Cos I always handled them with care. I hate jewel-cases more as they scratch and break more easily! Finally, I do have a small suggestion to FTD with regards to the HOT70s release. Can they just print the cover and booklet only, sold at a fraction of the price? I will just make copies of the tracks, as listed, and house them in the package myself!!
NorwayElvis wrote on September 19, 2012
HITS OF THE 70’s is a big yawn and a pointless release.....will be getting the classic album despite not much new due to VENUS releases, better sound though :)
EJF wrote on September 19, 2012
By the time I wrote my previous comment another member asked why "Kissin' Cousins" and "Speedway" have not yet been released in the FTD classic series. Sorry to disappoint you buddy but these two soundtracks, together with "Roustabout" will never see the light of day on FTD, unless they are grouped together in one package. At least I hope they won't as it won't be value for money. This is for the simple reason that no alternate takes for these three soundtracks exist, due to them being lost! In fact i'm surprised these two soundtracks (KC and Speedway) were not released in the budget series by Sony in 2010 like "Roustabout" and several others were, with the new 2007 Sony remasters and which, I must add, sound amazing.
Orion wrote on September 19, 2012
I must admit that being an Elvis fan has gotten to be a bit expensive lately... Not that that I'm complaining (especially after receiving the "Tupelo" set - Simply spectacular !!!), but the next few months are going to give us some nice additions to our collections. I have the complete set of Jungle Room material from Venus, but I'm still getting the "Boulevard" set for the sound improvements that I know Vic Anesini will provide us. Also, if I'm not mistaken there's a few outtakes on the set (For The Heart – takes 3B, 4B, 5B) that Venus did not have access too. The "Prince" set is also going to be a nice addition with the re-mastering of the shows and the DVD. Looking ahead to December, I agree that the August '72 show will be very, very similar to a previous FTD or Madison release from this engagement. This must be why they are tagging it with a rehearsal disc to make it a two-fer. Then comes the first "real" release of the American Sound sessions on FTD. I can't wait to see the track listing for "Back in Memphis" as well as hearing what Vic did with the sound on these. It'll also be interesting to see what Chips thinks of the mastering on this one. Good days ahead. Oh, "Hits of the '70's" - WHY ?
Pastorjoe wrote on September 19, 2012
We can debate the FTD issue all day and still get no where, but the exchange of ideas and opinions is what it's all about. Let's remember if you will, FTD's original mission statement. It was a collectors label designed to combat the bootleggers by issuing recordings that while were not up to today’s aural standard, were of interest to collectors, at a fair price. They were also supposed to be small press runs and "Very Limited Editions"... any one remember all that? OK, 1. After getting off to a good start, they started doing soundtrack & album reissues. Including alts. and outs. Was a great touch, but already these were not sonically sub standard, so their first part of the mission statement was disregarded. Then there's the "limited press runs" and "limited editions” well that's far from true, unless you can count they haven't pressed one unit for each person in the world. The runs are far from limited. The first two issues are still available and still in print, so what is their limit? 50 years? Some have been deleted, but more than likely because they weren't big sellers, and not because of a limited press run. Thirdly, RCA/Sony/FTD can knock these things off at around a buck a piece.. and that's being generous, so how are they battling bootleggers and selling their discs at almost 30 bucks a pop? There is plenty of margin built in... you can get a real bootleg, from a good source for 33 bucks a piece, so FTD is price gouging to say the least. 75% is already done and paid for art work (studio & soundtrack albums) and the masters have been in the can for years. Even if they could find actual session tapes and not mixed-masters and then remastered and mixed everything all over again, it wouldn't add much to the production cost like a 2012 session would. A good portion of the people involved with the original production of the piece are dead and gone.. Lots of cost saving there. I think Roger and Ernst need to get back in touch with what it means to be an Elvis fan, look at the product they are putting out and ask them selves, in this day and age, where a dollar/pound/Euro/etc is not as easy to come by as it was 10 years ago, would I pay for that issue, and if they answer honestly, the tacky, milk the golden cow issues would soon go away. They need to get back to the basics where they issued things that were not issued before (live shows) reissued things only when they have a better copy/mix/generation of a tape or show and keep looking for new and better ideas to bring product to the fans who are supporting them financially. I think if FTD would issue things completely with out edits or someone else thinking they know what we want/need, they would be better off. Look at the “Jungle Room Sessions” the bootleggers put everything they had out there.. start to finish. And then we, the consumer choose what we want from it. The same sessions have been piece mewled out from FTD for 20 years a bit here a bit there.. never a straight forward start to finish complete issue. American Sound material, has anyone seen the free “Purple Chick” release that circulated via torrent sites over the years? Thoughtful, nearly 100% complete and well done.. 10 discs worth.. What has FTD given us of that.. drips and drabs.. little here little there nothing resembling being complete.. ok I’ll shut up now.. but let’s beg Roger & Ernst to re-examine their releases and try and get back to doing it from the fans perspective and not waste this wonderful opportunity they and we have.
kink56 wrote on September 19, 2012
Any and ALL Classic Albums are welcome to me. We have a few more to go and I can't wait until they are all available. (Moody Blue, Speedway, Kissin Cousins, From Elvis in Memphis, Back in Memphis, Elvis 2nd, Elvis Golden Records, Vol3, Vol4, For LP Fans Only, A Date With Elvis, Flaming Star, King Creole, The Trouble With Girls-Charro-Change of Habit-Stay Away Joe, Roustabout, Elvis in Concert----did I forget any?) With 16 minimum to go, I doubt I will live long enough to see them all. As for the Hits of the 70s, why not? If someone likes it and wants it, there it is. If someone does not like it, don't buy it.
TCB1974 wrote on September 19, 2012
Happy with the EP Boulevard release! Hits of the 70's seems a pointless release but may have nostalgic value for UK fans.
Orion wrote on September 19, 2012
Kink - I think you need to re-examine your list and make some adjustments. Ernst has nothing from "Cousins" , "Speedway", "King Creole", or ""Roustabout" to put out a release. As far as "Gold Records Vol. ?, all of that material has been issued on the original classic album it came from with the added outtakes as was the material on "A Date" and "LP Fans". I was told that "Flaming Star" would be released as a single disc like "Wild in the Country," and I assume that will still happen at some point. So, really we are getting very close to the end of the "Classic" album issues that Ernst can really expand upon.
Ahmet wrote on September 19, 2012
I heard a news about Shelia Ryan is dead... Is that true ?
kink56 wrote on September 19, 2012
Orion. Yes, I know that the Golden Record series and For LP Fans and A Date have already been covered on other releases. But I would want the entire original LPs released on the Classic Album series anyway, but that is just me . I forgot "Elvis For Everyone" Anyway, it would be nice if AT LEAST the regular Sony releases would complete what they started in the last couple of years, and release the C'Mon Everybody, Speedway, Kissin' Cousins, World's Fair etc. Mastered by Vic, for those of us who do not have the Complete Masters box.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
I give my view,as someones who has bought most ftd's i will continue to do that. I however dont call people names and all that nonsence,why would any other fan be so upset at my views? Either your ernst or someone behind the label,or you think any bad mouthing of ftd will make them close up shop. No i dont have all the info,because the label doesnt give proper information,they tell someone who tells someone who tells everyone. I find that a odd way to run a label thats suppose to be for fans. Im glad people like the hits of the 70;s for memory sake, thats nice,but why not listen to so many other fans who would like a on tour show? The truth is many many fans have seen the light that ftd isnt what it we as meant to be. As dgirl mentioned why couldnt jungle room sessions been the only release needed for the 76 material. It could have been 2 cd's,the classic albums gives you what you already have a big no no for a collectors label,the label should have been a way to continue your collection not rebuy it.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
One more thing,i am not buying classic albums of golden records etc, with that thinking ftd would be releasing every compilation ever made. I cant believe people take there collecting habits this far,you would really pay 35 bucks for a shiny cover? I guess ftd is becoming more of that kind of collectors label,enough. aPRIL ,9,10 OR 14, 1972 Ernst Ernst?
Jamie wrote on September 19, 2012
Hello to all my friends at ElvisNews, it was a matter of time before 'EP Boulevard' was released and I don't think there's too much to say about it - the material was patchy and Elvis was in a bad way, but he delivered some good moments along the way. The data about 'Hits of the 70s' is sparse - how worthy it is depends on how many of the mixes are rare and/or new to CD. The 1969 recordings are all available in their mono single mixes on the Legacy release of 'From Elvis in Memphis', the single mix of 'Fool' is on the silver box set and 'Steamroller Blues' is on the 'Fool' FTD release. To the best of my knowledge the mono singles of 'The Wonder of You', 'I'm Leavin'' etc have never been put out CD so we'll have to see.
TCB1974 wrote on September 19, 2012
Ahmet, Her passing was reported on her Facebook page tonight and confirmed by Kathy Westmoreland. She would have died from cancer at the age of 59. There are lots of postings on the internet about this already. "Step up here, Sheila. Let me sing to you baby."
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
Sure i moan, i want value for my money and dont think ernst is the second coming. Its no wonder the catalog is a mess, i will take whatever you throw at me ernst, thank you so much for taking my money for what i already had. Sorry the gig is up, and yes something from april 72, you have 3 shows pick one and release it, and if they do i promise i will praise it for a good week or 2!
Jamie wrote on September 19, 2012
Hi again, I see that 'My Way' is included as a so-called bonus track. Assuming they're sticking to the 45 RPM singles remit, I think we can expect the 'Elvis In Concert' version - that would make sense because the single was marginally different to the LP version by way of having a spliced intro. Meandering slightly, I'm wondering if FTD's 'Hits of the 70s' isn't a forerunner of a Legacy release in which it is used in partnership with TTWII - I can't think what else they can twin with the latter, and there have been similar duplicate Legacy/FTD releases such as 'In Person', 'On Stage' and 'Elvis Country'.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
Take a look at elvis message boards and you will see that many fans have no interest in the release hits of the 70's. Yes if you buy this in my view you will buy whatever they put out,all i will say on this matter,the collectors label is no longer needed by this collector.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 19, 2012
Sure why not close up shop instead of making things better,your probally right ernst and crew will take the easy way out. Why not have a way for fans to pick whats released,i love that us fans are to blame,and doesnt the fact that sales are getting lower tell you something. My comments are not to stop anyone from buying anything,die hards who buy everything,so indeed uy everything then later on you see it on ebay. The elvis label is a mess and thats one thing that wont change. Bring out a mutitrack on tour show and i will praise ftd for a solid 2 weeks!
kink56 wrote on September 20, 2012
Back when I was buying these albums new in the 70s, after many great LPs from 1969-early 71, I finally stopped buying any new Elvis material, with the last being the terrible "Elvis Now" It was not until EP Boulevard that I started up again, mostly on the strength of Hurt and Danny Boy. I eventually went back and picked up the missing LPs in my collection after Elvis Now. I wonder if all the crying and swearing will be included on the "Hurt" takes?
LonElvis wrote on September 20, 2012
King56 - Elvis Now isn't a perfect album, but it has one of my all-time favorite Elvis songs on it - "We Can Make The Morning." I'm not sure he ever sang better. It also has some solid tracks including "Early Mornin' Rain," "Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)," "Help Me Make It Through the Night," and "Until It's Time for You to Go." Sylvia isn't a song writing masterpiece but is also a good performance.
benny scott wrote on September 20, 2012
All the reactions here show clearly one thing : the famous (old) French saying "Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas" still stands like a rock. Meaning : " Everyone is different and should NOT JUDGE other's tastes". Expressing an opinion is just fine , but pls don't judge others. Always El.
circleG wrote on September 20, 2012
Hits of the 70s really should have been released instead of Elvis greatest hits vol.5 (back in the 90s wasn't it?) with the extra tracks. Its out of place in FTD but I think I understand Ernts desire to create a full library of released and unreleased albums. Maybe he should have saved it until the very end. As it is I hope we get the full outtakes of hurt - looking forward to the Boulevard album!
LonElvis wrote on September 20, 2012
Canary - It's not so much that it's "out of place" to me as it is the approach is different from the other classic album series. EP Blvd has 10 songs and the FTD has 10 additional outtakes of those songs plus 2 bonus outtakes for the single. That is the format of the other classic albums. I question why not handle Hits of the 70s the same way as the others and have the original songs and then outakes of those songs, along with perhaps some bonus material. This is being handled more with the approach of the Legacy series and not FTD.
japio wrote on September 20, 2012
FTD was a collector label. But why an album with mono versions. You can make them if you burn your own compilation.from the master tapes. What a lie. They only convert it ( you can also do it with free software) to mono. Instead of that one they can come with the legendary performer serie. On that serei you'll find some mixes doen especially for this releases.And not on cd released yet. That are classics. What released FTD next. Rocka and roll. with the yellow cover, king of the 50's and 60's db cd. if you like it buy it, spend your money on what you already have in your collection. A classic no not at all. o and many thanks for my way nice bonus .
japio wrote on September 20, 2012
i don't agree. The mono master was made from the same tapes as from the same stereo masters.Only mastered into mono for single release. But there's always a( little) loss between the high and low. If you have the european first pressing of the Love letters cd. use one channel and..... yes indeed the single version. A very different is the quadrophonic albums. Promised land was very different. But when you'll play it on a stereo player . It sounds as the standard version. quudrophonic could be also a good idea for FTD releases). HOT70's is a bad choice.More for a regular release. About the FEPB: nice piece of work.
japio wrote on September 20, 2012
Audio is my day-job.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 20, 2012
Everyone i know who buys ftd are not buying the hits of the 70's,thats a first for a ftd. I dont collect differt mixes,because its the same material just mixed differtly. If they wanted to add differt mixes then they should have been on the classic albums releases were the songs originally came from. Oh yes that cover is alful,i hate any pics from aloha,one of the most overused pics of elvis ever. Hopefully ftd gets the message when this release has slow sales. I see hits of the 70's as another release that will be all over ebay after people figure out what a waste of money it is. On tour april 1972,april 9,10,14, pick one ernst and dont screw up the audio.
Tony C wrote on September 20, 2012
The mono single mixes were made from the multi track masters, not the stereo masters. If "Hits of The 70s" were to contain some out-takes, people would be outraged that they were being forced to buy it to get a few unreleased tracks. Now we know that it contains no out-takes, those same people are outraged that it only contains already released masters. They can't win! People talk in terms of boycotting this release on principle, where in effect,they are merely choosing not to buy it, something I do all of the time. I choose what interests me and skip those that don't, but of course talk of boycotting sounds more dramatic. The internet gives people a mouthpiece, but also a very grand feeling of self importance.
Jamie wrote on September 20, 2012
Hi ladies and gentlemen, firstly let me say what a terrific thread this is - and all because of the re-release of a 1974 compilation that scores of ElvisNews members plan to avoid like the plague! The mono masters are not merely the stereo mixes folded down - the mono outro of Kentucky Rain is shorn of the string section, and the backing singers on In The Ghetto are much, much lower in the mix compared with the stereo release. Not every FTD or Sony CD is going to be in the same class as King Creole or Elvis Is Back. FTD has found a way here to meet what demand there is for the mono singles framed within a classic old compilation to which many Elvis fans have a strong association. I think that's more imaginative than simply putting out a prosaic 'Elvis - the Mono Singles' CD.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 20, 2012
I for one dont give my views to get attention,i dont get into differt mixes because in my view there is no end to that kind of stuff. Many fans ask why no on tour show,but no answer is given,not one that makes any sence. Anyhow,since i do know what i want and dont want,i will leave this subject alone now,but please remember comments such as moaner are insults,and are not needed to get your view across. We all have our views,and again i will praise the next ftd release that i find worth of praise. Oh yes heres a postative ,the wonder of you has excellent sound,but it should have had a booklet. Enjoy the music folks.
Steve V wrote on September 20, 2012
I just cant believe so many people are talking about mono mixes on songs that were recorded in stereo 40 years ago! It's actually quite amuisng to me and shows how Elvis fans may find a way or any excuse to plunk down money for basically the same product. a trend that has been in fashion in the Elvis world since the day he died. The Col is looking down & smiling on what a great foundation he built.
John4126 wrote on September 20, 2012
Not really sure what the fuss is about really. HOT70's is being released on FTD. Like many in the last few years it's not one im going to buy but its available to those who want to. For the mono versions of the songs or just to have a new glossy booklet to look at. Does it matter? Let's face it there isnt much left. There is a lack of communication between the label and the fans but we've had that for years. I've given up caring about release strategy. If something comes out i like the look of - i'll buy it. Audio is not my day job.
Tony C wrote on September 20, 2012
Without trying to be picky, these songs were not recorded in stereo. They were recorded on multi track tape and mixed to either mono, stereo and in a few cases, quad. The differences in the various mixes are minimal, Elvis' performance is generally the same one on each version, so I understand why some people have no interest in hearing them. Having said that, others out there do want to hear them, so there will be a demand in some quarters. We then get onto the usual subject of how we are being fleeced and that Sony are milking the fans. If they release a product that we want and know what it contains, surely that is a fair deal, where is the scam? As for the constant mentioning of the release of an "Elvis On Tour" show, I fail to see what that has to do with the subject in hand. Surely it is only children who keep on saying the same thing over and over, not supposedly mature people.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 20, 2012
The mention of on tour is because many many many fans want one of those shows,but no one at ftd cares. Yet the hits of the 70's something i have never heard as being a needed release from fans is what they come up with. So which is it,do they care or do they not,fans wouldnt rpeat there request for a show from on tour if the hard headed folks at ftd would give fans what they want. And again the name calling is just so low class and is not needed. I love the fact that the same people who say there nothing really on this release can not see how its a waste and insult. This is a collectors label people!!!!!!
Jamie wrote on September 20, 2012
Hello, Elvis preferred mono to stereo because he thought the sound more tightly focused and immediate. Wasn't there a small drama when he received test pressings of the 68 Special soundtrack because he was unhappy with the stereo mixes? Incidentally, the mono mixes on the original HOT70s LP were 'The Wonder of You', 'I'm Leavin'', 'You Don't Have to Say You Love Me', 'There Goes My Everything', 'Rags to Riches', 'Kentucky Rain' and 'I've Lost You'.
Deano1 wrote on September 20, 2012
While I don't care about the original mono releases compared to the stereo versions (I have the 45's with the mono version and I happy with those and the LP's and CD's with the stereo version), I also can appreciate FTD releasing a CD version of the HO70's LP. If 55 fans buy it and they all love it, then great (they might just be buying it because it brings back memories of buying the LP when it was released). The rest of us can just choose not to buy it. I don't really feel it is FTD milking the cow, because they are supposed to release products that fill a niche for each Elvis fan. They release Elvis concerts from 76 and 77 for fans that love that Elvis, original "classic" LP's for those who love those and even vinyl for us vinyl junkies.
Jamie wrote on September 21, 2012
Well said, Deano.
benny scott wrote on September 21, 2012
I second Jamie, well said indeed Deano ! Always El.
circleG wrote on September 21, 2012
Hi Capt yes when you see that FTD has succesfully produced Gold records vol.2 it does make sense to release it. I just can't work out why it was passed over years ago, even during the highs of the 90s releases I was confused at it not being released.
kink56 wrote on September 21, 2012
In my opinion, a "Classic" album is any first line, regular USA LP or EP that was released in Elvis' lifetime, and also including "Elvis In Concert" Any cof the compilations released AFTER "Elvis In Concert" would not qualify to be a Classic album, nor would the Camden LPs.
TCB1974 wrote on September 21, 2012
It would have made more sense for me to release Golden Records with some outtakes of those great 50's hits, if there are any unreleased takes left. I would also look forward to Volume 3 and 4 after that.
VivaLasDavies wrote on September 21, 2012
I think HOTS is O.K. as an FTD. However it would have been a much better idea in this instance to completely revamp the track lineup and make it chronological from Don't Cry Daddy through to My Way. Then do the same with the B sides on disc 2. Also room should have been found for the non U.K. singles especially It's Only Love (inexplicably not released in the U.K. at the time).
Tony C wrote on September 21, 2012
With regard to the prospect of an FTD classic album version of "Elvis' Golden Records", there is very little unreleased material that could be added to the original album. "Hound Dog", "All Shook Up", "Love Me", "Too Much", "Don't Be Cruel" and "Anyway You Want Me (That's How I'll Be)" have no available out-takes, all of these session tapes are missing, presumed destroyed. Out-takes of the remaining tracks have already been used on the FTD versions of "Elvis Presley", "Loving You" and "Jailhouse Rock". The only track with a considerable amount of still legally unreleased takes is "That's When Your Heartaches Begin", although all of these are false starts except for one which is an incomplete take. We were lucky that a lot of the session tapes existed to enable a FTD "Elvis' Gold Records Volume 2" to be released. Sad as this situation is, we should be grateful that so much tape does still exist.
Jamie wrote on September 21, 2012
Hello, I agree with Tony - I think we're very lucky that so many out-takes and live recordings survived. Why get down in the mouth about the 'Speedway' , 'Roustabout and 'Kissin Cousins' soundtrack session studio reels being lost? Quite honestly, they can get lost as far as I'm concerned. Four FTD CD's of the 'Jailhouse Rock' sessions, 2 of 'Elvis Is Back', 2 of 'Loving You' etc etc. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.
claunath82 wrote on September 22, 2012
the EP blvrd ftd release are very good news for me. nice that the hits sticker is on the cover, i hope that the sound is as good as the stax trilogy. the HOT 70s is not interesting for me but i can understand the uk fans who this album evokes memories for me as example the camden flaming star would be perfect in the collection that is was my first elvis lp and the 2 camden "almost in love" and "let's be friends" would be fine in the classic serie, of course the the following camden are not valid because these are compilations that have no meaning. Congratulations to the FTD team, as always something for everybody.
kink56 wrote on September 22, 2012
I wonder why no It's Only Love/Sound Of Your Cry on HOT 70s?
Andy_2 wrote on September 22, 2012
It's simple Kink56, Ernst will be planning a Hits of the 80's album and then a few years later a revised edition and then a few years later a special one in mono/stereo with unreleased outtakes. No, i'm not joking.
japio wrote on September 22, 2012
it's only love became a hit thanks to the long version. The sound of your cry became a hit thanks to the album with the same name. ( aka as greatest hits volume 1). Why not included these long versions ( and the two extended versions of Fool and im leavin and only ont the silver mc box) as bonus instead of my way.
Andy_2 wrote on September 22, 2012
Japio, because these were hits in the 80's and not the 70's as in the title of the album.
kink56 wrote on September 22, 2012
Ah, thanks. And re: EP Boulevard, "recorded live" does not necessarily mean that it is recorded on stage with an audience. It means recorded with all musicians playing together in the same time and space. Once there are overdubs introduced, it is no longer a "live" recording. So, some of his concert recordings (such as The Wonder of You) are not really live either, as it has overdubs after the fact. Most of Elvis' recordings were recorded live. A few times he sang to a pre-recorded backing track, when there were some budget or time constraints through the years. Of course most of the 70's recordings had strings, horns or backing vocals dubbed in after Elvis' basic band made a live in the studio recordings--thanks Felton :-( Few, very few of the 69 Memphis sessions were live recordings, they were quite "produced" and studio crafted.
kink56 wrote on September 23, 2012
Capt_Canary. My post had to do with Dazzman's comment: "The only change I would make is to scrap that misleading "Recorded Live" motif on it's front cover." Ad for mono singles, I would like to see a release that has ALL the 45 RPM single Gold Award records in one collection. No Extended Play sides, just the A and B sides of singles that have officially gotten a Gold Record award from the RIAA.
Martin DJ wrote on September 23, 2012
Back when the album was released I read in Billboard that RCA was asked or ordered (I forget by whom) to remove the sticker because it was deemed misleading.
AmyD wrote on September 23, 2012
Capt_Canary, just joined the site after visiting for some time. Just wanted to say, your knowledge is incredible. but a question on From Elvis Presley Boulevard, my version does have the recorded live tag line, any ideas why?
AmyD wrote on September 23, 2012
Sorry, mean to say doesn't have! Could do with an edit button!
AmyD wrote on September 23, 2012
WOW! If only there was a 'like" button! I inherited all of my Elvis albums from my dad when he decided he only wanted cds. I asked him and he thinks he bought "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" August in 1977 as he was in the Navy and away at sea throughout most of 1976 so couldn't buy anything then. So that explains that! Thank you so much!
kink56 wrote on September 23, 2012
Capt Canary, I will make sure I get your permission or approval before I post next time.
Martin DJ wrote on September 24, 2012
It is not an apocryphal story, it was reported in Billboard magazine. Look it up.
Dazman wrote on September 24, 2012
Back again ! Guy's I still think that the 'RL' motif (which is vitually etched in stone as part of the title and not a sticker) is still misleading in principle - maybe not on the FTD re-issue 'cause we collectors know it's history and content. But before I did my first impressions were that it was a concert album with it's accompanying live shot of Elvis although doubts crept in after looking at the 10 track set list. Let's face facts, I know of no other studio album of Elvis let alone any other artist that sports such a motif. All of the albums material contains overdubbs like most of his studio stuff in the latter period so why the misleading promo?? So IMHO I see no harm in FTD taking a small liberty in making the appropriate change. Ok It's not a federal case, just an issue of appearances.
AmyD wrote on September 24, 2012
I have been searching for ages on the internet, going through the archives of every music publication I could find, and can find no mention of any such news story ordering RCA to change anything. Capt Canary, please could you tell me what is unreleased on the new version of "From Elvis Presley Boulevard"? Many thanks.
Deano1 wrote on September 24, 2012
Capt_Canary is right as far as I know concerning the words "Recorded Live" being a part of the LP's actual cover design and not a sticker on almost every issue worldwide. I have the Canadian pressing and it has both the "Recorded Live" and "Includes the Hits" stamped on the cover (not stickers)....Also, I don't think RCA was trying to be misleading by including these words. RCA was trying to put a very positive spin on the fact that Elvis would not go to a recording studio. By naming the LP "From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis Tennessee" and including the words recorded live, they were conveying that the LP was special because it was recorded at his home. Memphis had changed the name of the section of bellevue road to EP Boulevard in '72 and most Elvis fans would have gotten the idea in '76 that this meant recorded "live" at Graceland. Confusing, a little, but I don't think it was meant to be misleading by RCA or even the Colonel.
Steve V wrote on September 24, 2012
There was no sticker on this album except for the one touting the 'Hurt' single. 'Recorded live' was printed on the cover and I can see how misleading this was at the time becuase of the concert photo (what else?) that was used for the cover. In either case, I thought the album was dreadful, one of the worst of his career, but at least it contained new music. Speaking of new music, looking forward to the new Van Morrison album. Thats where my money is going! None of this interests me.
AmyD wrote on September 24, 2012
C_C, thank you! I don't buy all the FTD releases, but will definitely be buying "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" and "Hit Of the 70s"!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 24, 2012
Im glad we got all that sorted out. His albums were always thrown together,no designs,no effort. Steve dont you be kidding us, you go preorder ep blvd. A 2 cd set would have been awesome,but jungle room will have to do.
Steve V wrote on September 24, 2012
Mature -its just too depressing an album for me. It was in 1976 and it still is today, for me, a hard listen. I like the single though.
Dazman wrote on September 25, 2012
Steve: one would agree with you re the finished product, but since FTD released 'Jungle Room' it just breathed a new lease of life into the songs. It's amazing how the removal of Felton's depressing overdubbs gives it's material that breath of fresh air. I think that come this 7 incher you might appreciate alternate extra's the same way.
alanfalk wrote on September 25, 2012
I just helped a guy move yesterday, and we started talking about music. He wasn´t an Elvis fan, but liked his music. He said that he didn´t care much for the early SUN stuff but loved most of the post 69-music, and his very favourite song was My Boy. Just an eksampel to show that the Elvis legacy isn´t build on the early Elvis alone. And Steve, sometimes depressing is good, just like the song "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro.
kink56 wrote on September 25, 2012
Dazzman I TOTALLY agree. All the alternate takes on the FTDs from the 70s which do not have the Felton overdubs are far more enjoyable and sound so much better than the masters. I like to make "alternate" albums from these cuts to create truly a "live" album from these outtakes. It is strange that when Felton first starting producing Elvis he wanted more rock n roll out of Elvis, but when he became is personal producer, he was so intent on "sweetening" the basic band recordings with strings, horns and additional backing voices. A lowdown dirty shame.
Steve V wrote on September 25, 2012
Dazman - that is true. The Jungle Room sessions give the songs a little bit of life, but the material is still not great IMO so I will be skipping EP Blvd. I have enough of it. The Back In Memphis could be an interesting release though. Will have to wait & see.
Jerome wrote on September 25, 2012
For anyone who heared or owns the Venus Jungle series, i do not think EP Boulevard contains anything new...
AmyD wrote on September 25, 2012
Jerome, according the amazing Capt_Canary it does - although not much, see his earlier post. Plus a Venus was working with stolen material and therefore not the master tapes, I would expect FTD to sound better on all recordings,
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 26, 2012
Amazing captain lol,oh my,yes you will get a few new outtakes for your $30 plus dollars,yay!
Andy_2 wrote on September 26, 2012
Amazing Capt_Canary - isn't he a character in the new Avengers film?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 26, 2012
I wasnt talking about bootlegs,i hate the style of the classic albums,masters i already have and outtakes i already have. A nice 2 or 3 cd set would be good enough for the jungle room material. You can buy 3 new releases of music that is actually new or buy one overpriced ftd. Oh yea i have been saying they should release the opening & closing inght shows from jan/feb 1970 and that was on bootleg,id buy that release. I also never said bootlegs were not overpriced because many are.
jean michel wrote on September 27, 2012
the hits of the 70's would have done much better in the UK (at least better than the "I am an Elvis fan") as a regular release and , of course , a little bit of promotion.
genedin wrote on October 08, 2012
IMO why would anyone put money out for hits of the 70s? It's a totally ridiculous release.Not one stich of a outtake or anything different. a wasted cd for me. We can make this on our own iPod or burn a disc.
TCB1974 wrote on October 10, 2012
Wow! Hits of the 70s at least seem to result in a record number of reactions... 129 comments.