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Promo A Boy From Tupelo

May 22, 2012 | Music

ElvisMatters will give away a free promo if you are among the first 300 who order FTD's Sun-box A Boy From Tupelo at ShopElvisMatters.com. The CD contains the 4 songs Elvis recorded before That's All Right, Mama: My Happiness, That's When Your Heartaches Begin, I'll Never Stand In Your Way and It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You.


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EJF wrote on May 22, 2012
No thanks. I will not have anything to do with Elvis Matters. I subscribed for a 2 year Gold subscription in August 2010, only to find their magazine comes in some foreign language I do not understand, receiving just two issues in all this time and to top it all they have the most awkward and unfriendly site I have ever encountered. I was hoping for 20% discount on all their products but this never seems to work and with the high postage expenses they charge makes them a big no no. Contacting them several times to complain proved futile. I'm sorry ElvisNews if this is out of line but I just had to get it off my chest.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on May 22, 2012
I'm not totally convinced this in an official RCA Promo! Also how do you know if you're going to be counted in the first 300 or not? It would be fairer just to press up enough copies to give one to each purchaser of the box set. I too ran into difficulties trying to obtain the promised discount off products in the shop, although I too had a gold magazine subscription. Despite emails I could never get the discount applied.. And yes, they do need to publish an English language version as well as Dutch. If this sounds zenophobic, it is an undisputed fact that many more people speak English, further born out by the fact that the Universities in Italy are now teaching all their courses in English!
Natha wrote on May 24, 2012
Shakingruud just mentioned that others are also doing something like this. Yes, this is an ad but so is this one. Rule 9 prohibts ad in any form (in news or reaction), right? I don't get it here. Luckily I was in time to read his reaction.
Sylvain wrote on May 25, 2012
"The CD contains the 4 songs Elvis recorded before That's All Right, Mama". Source: Elvis matters?????? Everybody knows Elvis recorded more than 4 songs before That's all right mama, look at the recording sessions.