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Something From Hallmark

January 21, 2012 | Music

 Hallmark will release Something For Everybody on February 20.

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on January 22, 2012
Well 'Hallmark' are certainly getting these out a.s.a.p?........Blue Hawaii has just come out from these people so i assume they will carry on going through the Elvis catalogue while the PD law allows for this to happen.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on January 22, 2012
Well, you certainly can't complain about the price! So, are these not genuine Pickwick/Hallmark releases!?
GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 22, 2012
Is this the same company that makes greeting cards in America? And will this be released in the states and worldwide? (Anyone know?) This is a real good album, and if it gets more exposure by being released in various outlets, I'm all for it ! At the nice price, the casual Hallmark buyer, may buy this CD, out of curiousity.
Martin DJ wrote on January 22, 2012
JeanMarie, as has been pointed out to you on numerous previous occasions: EPE has nothing to do with cd releases since the recordings are owned by Sony/BMG.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on January 22, 2012
I Am Buffalo-Horn, Yes these are geniune 'Hallmark' releases and have to agree prices are realistic, and yes 'Hallmark' are the same brand label behind greetings cards etc.
Tony C wrote on January 22, 2012
The comments below about EPE doing a deal with Hallmark could not be more wrong, these our releases enabled by the EU copyright laws that enable anybody to release such recordings without permission. It may have been mentioned here before once or twice, EPE are not a record company. As for Hallmark standing for good quality, check out the reviews on Amazon for their previous releases. While the prices are cheap, the sound quality is generally greatly inferior to official Sony product. You get what you pay for.
theoldscudder wrote on January 22, 2012
I bought a Hallmark Carl Perkins cd & the sound was muddled. So beware.
benny scott wrote on January 22, 2012
Right you are Oldscudder and Tony, cheap but soundwise disappointing in most cases. Some of Hallmark's CD are a direct copy of the vinyl LP, one can hear pops and crackles sometimes. As Oldscudder wrote : beware. As for this particular Elvis-CD it could be OK, as the original vinyl had only 12 songs on it and this forthcoming CD has also the bonussongs which were already on a previous CD too. Always El.
Tony C wrote on January 22, 2012
One important part that people should bear in mind when discussing CDs like this is the law regarding the source of the recordings. Not only do the songs have to be over fifty years old, so does the source material. Hallmark are not allowed to simply copy a Sony CD and release it as their own, the options are dubbing from an original vinyl release or using a vintage tape source. In general, the first generation masters are held by Sony and unavailable for use, so if a tape is used it will be a disgarded copy tape. We have waited so long for decent sounding CDs but now we seem to be going backwards having the shops cluttered with items such as this.
kink56 wrote on January 22, 2012
I have the Hallmark's "For LP Fans Only" and "A Date With Elvis" and the fidelity sucks. In fact, I have never had a good CD copy of either of those two albums, including the original US RCA versions, the beautifully packaged Japan mini-LP versions, and the "made in the E.C." UK version that has different track listings. However, the Elvis Is Back Legacy Edition has this album in its expanded form in GREAT fidelity, so I see no real reason for anyone to buy this, unless they are just plain cheap! Hey Sony, how about a Legacy edition of For LP Fans Only/A Date With Elvis?
Steve V wrote on January 22, 2012
The Elvis CD world is in shambles compared to just 15 years ago when every BMG release seemed to make sense and had quality and thought to it and I am not talking about FTD but regular relases. Now a consumer in a store (if you can find one stocking CDs) are at a total loss as to what to purchase and just do so on a whim. There is no catalog anymore, its a crapshoot.
benny scott wrote on January 24, 2012
Contrary to what I wrote in my previous posting this forthcoming CD will have the original tracklisting of 12 songs, and NOT the bonus songs as the picture above shows. You can pre-order it at Amazon. Being the original tracklisting of only 12 songs one can almost be sure it will be a dubbing from the vinyl LP. So as for the sound quality : don't have too high hopes I'm afraid. Always El.
Martin DJ wrote on January 24, 2012
JM, you can't blame EPE for not listening to the message you let Gordon Stoker give them in 1964 for in 1964 EPE did not exist. By the way, you forgot to use the word "marketing" in your most recent post. I'm sure you'll use it in the next one.
Tony C wrote on January 24, 2012
EPE do have a direct mail database of Elvis fans, it is called Elvis Insiders. As for informing Sony or the "Graceland Estate" (whosoever they would be) about the poor quality of these out of copyright CDs, I will simply say...why? The whole point about these releases containing out of copyright recordings is that the original copyright holder has absolutely no say in the matter of their release. The opinion of fans as to whether greetings cards should contain CDs was asked and in my humble opinion, the answer would be no because it devalues the music. If somebody wants to give Elvis' music as a present, they can very simply buy a CD and give that.
circleG wrote on January 28, 2012
Spot on Steve V. With the clothes liscencing it seems the image of Elvis is alive and well but the catalogue is indeed a shambles. Bring back the 90's I say.
1billionKing wrote on January 28, 2012
If it would have been up to me, I would have never 'sold' the complete tracklist to Hallmark...rather go with a creative new card for celebrations (weddings, get wells, sympathy etc) with a CD. No use for some of you to knock good creative suggestions down...a little less (stupid) arrogance would be well in place with some of those out there.
Tony C wrote on January 28, 2012
Would it be stupidly arrogant to suggest that several contributers here are either unable to read, digest information or just choose to ignore the facts stated time after time. When I say several contributers, I actually mean several user names, the person and the agenda are one and the same. Sony did not sell anything to Hallmark as the recordings are out of copyright and no permission or artist royalties are required. How difficult is that to understand?