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Elvis Is Back: Legacy Edition

December 24, 2010 | Music

"Elvis Is Back: Legacy Edition" (2-CD) Release Date; January 18, 2011 (according to Amazon)

Disc 1: Elvis Is Back (1960)

Make Me Know It
The Girl Of My Best Friend
I Will Be Home Again
Dirty, Dirty Feeling
Thrill Of Your Love
Soldier Boy
Such A Night
It Feels So Right
The Girl Next Door Went A'Walking
Like A Baby
Reconsider Baby
Stuck On You
Fame And Fortune
It's Now Or Never
A Mess Of Blues
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
I Gotta Know

Disc 2: Something For Everybody (1961)

There's Always Me
Give Me The Right
It's A Sin
Sentimental Me
Starting Today
I'm Coming Home
In Your Arms
Put The Blame On Me
I Want You With Me
I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell
I Feel So Bad
(Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame
Little Sister
Good Luck Charm
Anything That's Part Of You 

Source:Elvis World Japan

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I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 24, 2010
Excellent list of songs here, with bonuses from the same sessions! I wonder if the inclusion of "Something for Everybody" gets a mention somewhere on the sleeve?
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 24, 2010
Just noticed Amazon.uk has this for pre-order at £36.99.... Hmmm! (About a pound a song!)
Henryk wrote on December 24, 2010
I've got to admit I'm disappointed. This LEGACY edition seems to offer absolutely NOTHING new. Looks like a re-issue of the 1999 editions of "Elvis Is Back!" and "Something For Everybody." The only thing that might be somehow new is the inclusion of the recent mixes (as used on "The Complete Masters" set), but we don't know that (yet).
Lex wrote on December 24, 2010
Who cares over here what's on it? It's for the mainstream... collectors have everything anyway...
Henryk wrote on December 24, 2010
Lex, you maybe right, but both "From Elvis In Memphis" (LEGACY) and "On Stage" (LEGACY) did offer something new for the collector, too. Not much - that's true - but still.
Steve V wrote on December 24, 2010
Nice but another CD store just closed by me (FYE). The CD is dead and most releases just get left on whatever store shelves are left. No one buys anymore. They download. I just heard there were 5 million downloads for Beatles songs and their CDs have always been available. So that just proves it. These releases will not sell I'm afraid to say but I also agree they should be made available to consumers and without the outtakes. Only collectors care about outtakes and you can get them all on the FTD versions.
Brian Quinn wrote on December 24, 2010
Steve V, I agree. What Elvis needs now, in my opinion, is a major launch by Sony to let the world know what Elvis product is now available for download from such online sites as iTunes (similar to the Beatles). The Elvis Catalogue also needs to be radically updated and people made aware of what is in it. I guarantee that most Elvis fans do not know what albums are currently available and what are not. I also feel that the major Elvis Magazines and online Elvis websites should feature articles on how to download as, again, I fear most Elvis fans will not have the right equipment or be competent at doing so.
kink56 wrote on December 24, 2010
I buy, I have not downloaded a single song in my life, I am a COLLECTOR, and I want the material in my hands, and on my shelves. I have over 5000 CDs, and when I had vinyl, I had over 3000 LPs. Music to me is not disposable, nor fashion, it is for the ages. But unfortunately the people who buy music are kids who do not have the attention span of a flea. Lady Ga Ga is so last night!
LonElvis wrote on December 24, 2010
I agree with Kink - I NEVER download a song. Never. I might rely on Youtube to hear a song that I might want to hear from someone obscure artist. But I NEVER download. I like CDs. I like having the songs in hand. This is a fantastic release. This is the type of thing that makes Elvis fans -- we all know Hound Dog and Don't Be Cruel. But these songs are songs you don't hear everyday on the radio or in movies. This is the type of thing, along with the 69 sessions, that hook new Elvis fans and rally the believers.
Steve V wrote on December 24, 2010
I have never downloaded either. Much like others on this site I like to have the product, but I wont buy this. There is no need to, it has no meaning to a longtime fan who has had these songs for years ina zillion formats. Besides I have the FTD versions which are the ultimate. So if this is aimed at the general public, it will probably not sell, as they are the ones who download. Even friends of mine who grew up with records have sold their vinyl & CD collections and now use an Ipad at home and in their car. Its just the way things are now for most folks. I would have to question the fans on this site who buy this and their reason for doing so. It offers nothing new. To say you must have everything is really not valid considering all the product out there and no one can ever really have everything. Nice release but for fans on this site, totally non essential. I hope some new fans can find it and enjoy it.
marty wrote on December 24, 2010
I will never pay for a digital file of a song. I like to own the CD (or earlier the LP, I still have them...). I see the benefit of having the digital file so I always rip them in lossless format. There is almost no cost to the music companies when they sell you just a file and I think the prices are way too high! But more importantly nothing compares to the joy of getting the 'real' thing, a CD or an LP... And I agree with Steve V, not an essential release...
djm wrote on December 25, 2010
i bet one day people who sell all their vinyl and cds will miss them. i own an original sun single by elvis, as well as other sun singles by other sun artists, and all four memphis 69 singles purely because its good to own a piece of history. i like the legacy editions and its good to see elvis is back back in the main catalogue. however im more interested to hear what the next ftd will be..elvis no2, promised land or better still the memphis albums.
JerryNodak wrote on December 25, 2010
I've got the FTD versions of these titles. So I don't need this. But I'm glad it's available to the general public. It will be a very cold day in Hell before I ever download music.
KurtKK wrote on December 25, 2010
Perfect for the general public worldwide ! Good marketing decision (and selection) by Sony/BMG. Better late than never ! Will next one be : Pot luck & Elvis sings M'phis TN + hit singles ?? to be released in 2012 ??? Keep them coming and try to get as much airplay on radio stations worldwide as you (and all EPFClubs around the world) possibly can.
Mike Landsdown wrote on December 25, 2010
It's great seeing these two albums coupled in this way, so that they include the non-album tracks recorded at the same sessions (including some of Elvis' best selling singles). It is understandable that some are disappointed that there is no new material included and that the future of the CD isn't encouraging, however, it is good seeing these albums back in general circulation. It is doubtful that any 'new' Elvis album (besides further greatest hits packages) will win over many new fans, but this type of quality re-issue (along with the other deluxe Legacy Editions released to date) represent the back catalogue items that should always be available. Maybe the compilers should have considered including the mono mixes of the singles (as they did with the Memphis 69 tracks) as a bonus, but all in all this is a welcome release - hopefully further such releases will ultimately replace some of the poorly conceived compilations released in recent years, with them being released in CD and download formats.
KurtKK wrote on December 29, 2010
There's a rumour around that FTD will release in Feb 2011 two digipacks (with 2 CDs) ! Could it be He Touched me album and From EP Boulevard (with outtakes)?? Also a hint it could be Speedway (lost but recently found...)session tapes with outtakes. Let's !!
Mike Landsdown wrote on December 29, 2010
KurtKK - thanks for the info regarding rumoured FTD releases. Would love to see He Touched Me released with outtakes and studio chatter, as Elvis seemed really at ease and enjoying himself on these tracks.
Mofoca22 wrote on December 31, 2010
the minute i heard this was being released i jumped so high i wacked my head. i was so excited. this is the only elvis album i do not have on cd. i held out and held out hoping they would release this version of it and finnally they have done so. this is his greatest album ever. his debut album, his from elvis in memphis album or any other before or after couldnt ever measure up to what he done during these recording sessions. the variety of music was superb. he did rock n roll, he did operah, he did country he done everything. and his voice was perfect just like in his 68 comeback his life and career were on the line and he knew and you could feel it in his voice the excitement and the fear and the no holding back in his voice. this should be the albumn of the century. i hope the next legacy release after this one will be elvis in concert they need to polish that one up and put it in its entirety. instead of the elvis in concert album as it is they should make it a 2 disc of both concerts with the righta nd perfect sound. the record/cd sounds nothing like the tv special or any bootleg releases i have heard it sounds so bleh. i like the album though because of the historical neccessity of it.
OtisBlue22 wrote on January 01, 2011
Seems a shame that Something For Everybody has been relegated to a bonus disc. I think that record warrants its own Legacy release. Attractive nonetheless.