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On Stage Reissued

January 02, 2010 | Music

Elvis Presley's 1970 live album, On Stage, will be reissued in an expanded format on March 23 by RCA/Legacy. The original album's 10-track playlist will also include three rarely performed songs from the same Las Vegas engagement that produced the album: "Don't Cry Daddy," "Kentucky Rain" and "Long Tall Sally." The double-disc set will also feature audio recordings of an afternoon rehearsal prior to the concert taping. The platinum-selling album initially produced the hit, "The Wonder of You." Presley would have celebrated his 75th birthday on Jan. 8, 2010. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1998.

Brian Quinn wrote on January 02, 2010
The following is the Official Press Release from Sony. ELVIS PRESLEY - On Stage: Legacy Edition 2CD (RCA/Legacy) Our 75th birthday celebration continues with this 2CD set celebrating Elvis' platinum-selling 1970 live album On Stage. Home to the hit single "The Wonder of You," On Stage has now been upgraded with new liner notes by Presley biographer Ken Sharp and rare photos from the peak of the artist's latter-day career. The original album's 10-song tracklist is now expanded with three rarely performed songs from the same Las Vegas engagement that produced the album: "Don't Cry Daddy", "Kentucky Rain" and "Long Tall Sally." The disc's final addition is a unique glimpse of Elvis working on his repertoire, as he runs through "The Wonder Of You" at an afternoon rehearsal, only hours before the original album recordings were done later that night. The second disc in the On Stage: Legacy Edition package is a newly-remastered version of Elvis' first live album, In Person (originally released as one half of the From Memphis To Vegas - From Vegas to Memphis double album in November 1969). Six bonus tracks from the same August 1969 engagement during which the original album was recorded, are included. Like its partner On Stage, the album In Person has also been certified platinum by the RIAA. This 2-CD set is a potent reminder that Elvis was enjoying one of many career peaks during these engagements in Las Vegas. During the August 1969 shows that yielded In Person, the artist prowled the stage like a panther and shocked audiences with his full-throttle intensity. Conceived similarly to his '68 Comeback Special, these tracks capture Elvis doing what he did best, but now with a full stage band and an hour-long setlist. By the 1970 gigs that comprise On Stage, the artist now included songs of contemporary writers like John Fogerty ("Proud Mary"), Dion ("Runaway"), Joe South ("Walk a Mile In My Shoes"), Tony Joe White ("Polk Salad Annie") and even The Beatles ("Yesterday"). His choice in covers, alongside his own new material, signalled that Elvis no longer had to rely on his past, and that he was now as much a part of the contempary scene as anybody.
livingstonsn wrote on January 02, 2010
Eh. I just bought the In Person FTD, so the second disc is pretty much useless to me. We need to see an FTD of the On Stage album with rehearsal recordings as a bonus on disc one and a complete January 1970 show on disc two. Granted, those Jan/Feb shows were not up to the standard of the summer '69 shows (due to Elvis' head cold), but if FTD can see fit to release something like New Haven '76, then they could certainly hit us with another complete February '70 show.
lray wrote on January 02, 2010
They did not record complete shows from 1970. We do not know what the extra 69 tracks added to disc 2 are yet. We have to wait and see.
livingstonsn wrote on January 02, 2010
Wasn't the Polk Salad Annie FTD pretty much a complete show?
Steve V wrote on January 02, 2010
Sounds like the label is trying to get back on track the way they were doing in the 90's. However FTD has issued many of these type of releases for way over the price what they should have been had the regular label issued them (which they should have). I think FTD was a good idea when it started as they really did issue nice outtake CDs and such but now it has become a money making machine whose releases for the most part could have and should have been on the regular label for a lot less money. Now really when you think about it, what was the point of an FTD release of the 1969 International show? Could have been released on the regular label with extra tracks like this one. I've said this all along. It CAN be done.
burninglove92 wrote on January 02, 2010
polk salad annie was a near complete show just missing the opening song. i hope ftd release on stage as a ftd with the 2nd disc a complete january feb concert. any 1 think that a ftd 5inch double disc concert with opening and closing night 1970 would make a good ftd?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 02, 2010
A 2 cd set of opening night & closing night of jan & feb is a no brainer 2 cd set for Ftd,in fact it makes too much sence for Ftd! Steve i agree 100%,Ftd was great,but it has become about more and more profit,and getting less less less,i for hate the over sized classic albums,were am i suppose to put these? Ftd will never be what it could or should be,hopefully they release the on tour shows before it goes under!
dgirl wrote on January 02, 2010
I am also not a fan of the 7 inch format. It was hard enough to find storage for my 45 RPMS, never thought I would need to do it again for CDs. I think FTD is as confused as the general label about how to market Elvis. I know as a consumer they have confused me.
Swen wrote on January 02, 2010
Fantastic album! This time they seem to do it right. Looking forward to this one. Only album I ever saw without the artist´s name on it anywhere by the way. That´s being famous!
RonBaker wrote on January 03, 2010
Actually, I very much like the 7 inch format. They store the same way as 7 inch singles. That's where my Cliff Richard and the Shadows at the Kingston cd is stored (with my Cliff singles and eps) and my FTDs are stored with my Elvis cds. In fact, the 7inch ones are the ones I'm buying more of. I have almost all the 7 inch ones, but only about 10 of the regular digipaks. I will probably buy the Sony Legacy release as well as the FTD ones. I bought the Complete Comeback Special set...and I'm not one bit sorry I did.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 03, 2010
If you like them thats cool for you,but its not practical,i dont buy records,and i find it odd that they put cd's in an oversized cover,i find it even odder that the same label chooses to give no booklet or info with there regualr 5 inch releases! Also its very easy to get damaged items the way the delux albums are made,id much rather have the releases in jewel cases,no damaged and not so much space!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 03, 2010
Oh yea dgirl i share in your confusion!
Lefty wrote on January 03, 2010
This will be the second time On Stage has been re-issued with bonus songs, right? It's not a terrible idea, I guess, but it's kind of disappointing to see the same stuff recycled again and again. Frankly, I'm done buying Elvis music. The only exception I'll make is for the unreleased material from In Concert or On Tour. I hold little hope for the release of either at this point. Why should Sony go to the trouble of releasing new material when we keep buying the same old stuff over and over again? To Sony, we must look like cattle clamoring to get into the slaughter house.
JerryNodak wrote on January 03, 2010
First they complained because Elvis' albums weren't on the shelves. NOW they're complaining because Sony is putting them on the shelves. In deluxe Legacy editions to boot. Oh Lord! Give me strength!
djm wrote on January 03, 2010
i would like to see an elvis release similar to the recent frank sinatra new york set with 4 cds and a dvd and book. this would be perfect for `on tour.`
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on January 03, 2010
This is a set aimed at the general public, and as such is an excellent compilation. What's more it's a 2CD set, so some thought has gone into this. It's Elvis at his 70's peak. But.. If you don't want it, you don't have to buy it! (I'm definitely going to get this!!)
RonBaker wrote on January 03, 2010
djm...that's a great idea! And why can't they do that? Surely it would sell as well as Frank's set. Maybe the Sinatra family are better at knowing what fans want the Presley family.
djm wrote on January 03, 2010
no doubt a suitable package similar to frank sinatras will be released in due course, but sony have given us alot with the FTD label and now the legacy packages. perhaps an elvis live in vegas box set with a concert from each year elvis played there? this would be an excellent response to the deluxe bootleg packages doing the rounds at the mo. i would like to see an elvis 56 set.. all the masters, outtakes and live material in one set.
Orion wrote on January 03, 2010
djm - I just looked at the Sinatra set a couple of weeks ago while doing some Christmas shopping. The New York and Medowlands sets look very impressive. I totally agree with you that "On tour" should be presented this way - three live CDs (Hampton, Greensboro, and Richmond) and the re-edited (re-mastered, ha !) version of the movie. Talk about a dream release. Ah, well - maybe one day my grandkids' grandkids will enjoy this type of package.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 03, 2010
The problem with Ftd is the price and duplication,i also only will excited for a On Tour cd's or set,and a few others! As for this cd,im not complaing but this cd was already out there,and the point really is that Ftd is just too expensive,is On Tour worthy of a main stream release? As for the a dvd of On Tour i dont even ponder that thought anymore!
Swen wrote on January 03, 2010
So we want SONY to release the good Elvis records for all to buy. Not just fans like us. So why on earth criticise them when they do just that. This seems to be a good product honouring the King, like the 75 birthday box. Let´s hope a lot of people go and buy them both. And I honestly can´t see the size of the product as a major problem. Talking about new material it´s a bit difficult considering the fact that Elvis did die some 36 years ago. Therefore FTD is probably near the end of the road which is a sad fact for us fans.
davrid wrote on January 03, 2010
Do you guys ever do anything but criticise and whine? FT too expensive? Get real... so many of us have been spending many multiples of the cost of FTD releases are infinitely inferior bootlegs for years. And always bleating on and on about an 'On Tour' boxset and/or DVD...'On Tour' does not represent Elvis at his best, not by any stretch of the imagination - I have hours and hours of out-takes and it's clear he's bored, giving many throwaway and sub-par performances compared to just a couple of years before and in many scenes is obviously drugged up to the eyeballs. The entire thing needs re-working and that isn't cheap, probably much too expensive to justify the expense. There are a 100 things I'd rather see than a reworked On Tour eg Jungle Room Sessions 2 (be it FTD or mainstream Sony) with undubbed and remastered masters and even more outakes; a Memphis box set (much more commercial appeal than On Tour) embracing Sun, Amercian, Stax and even possibly the Graceland Sessions; also a stand-alone Stax set etc etc. But most important is trying to resolve the mess of the mainstream catalogue, which hopefully given the spate of releases in the US last and this month is the start. A bit of support to Ernst and Co ever now and then is long overdue.
Martin DJ wrote on January 03, 2010
Yes, a wonderful idea, suggested by djm, a box set devoted to Vegas. Except there's one already, called Elvis Live in Las Vegas. Another one with a concert from each year he played there? More soundboards where he sounds bored?
theoldscudder wrote on January 03, 2010
This sounds promising. I hope it's as good as it appears to be.
Ruthie wrote on January 03, 2010
Just some FYI for fans of On Tour (and I am one of them) It may be quite some time before anything can be done with On Tour since EPE doesn't own it. The studio does. According to Hovey, who is in charge of EPE on the west coast, negotiations for the re-release in updated DVD form may occur & the idea has been discussed between them but no definite decision has been reached.
Mofoca22 wrote on January 04, 2010
this press release or whatever it is sucks. elvis performed them songs all the time during his janaury/february 1970 season in 1970. who ever wrote that up needs to go back and read the history and read what was actually recorded. i really hope they add all shook up to this. i think this was his best season ever.
glenntcb wrote on January 04, 2010
If Sony/BMG's main label is going to re-release Classic albums, sales would significantly improve if they'd ADD more BONUS songs to the already expanded version. They could ADD "You're the reason I'm livin +or Promised Land live +or America +or Impossible dream +or My babe" rather than bits and rehearsal pieces (the public don't like those). Nor do I like the recent 75 Anniv 3CDs Box...They'd be so much better off releasing 3 Box (each 3CDs) with the 100 greatest 'studio' hits, one with the greatest 'movie' hits and the third with his greatest 'live hits'.....That would be be a real winner. The present format is a repetition of former releases (too similar) and not attractive enough for the wider worldwide audience.
Good Time Charlie wrote on January 04, 2010
Just a little example of quality work at Sony Bmg: We know Sony doesn't care to find some music experts to promote their stuff. Runaway was not Dion's song but Del Shannon's. Even the birds and bees knows it by now, but not the experts at Sony.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 04, 2010
To david-On Tour doesnt represent Elvis at his best? neither do 76 soundboards,if On Tour not so important why do you have hours of footage? you do know that not every one does right? i want a cd set from On Tour,i dont give a dvd a second thought,it will never be what it should be if it does get released! By the way ruthie i for know who own the On Tour footage,i know that many are confused on that subject,again just put out the shows on cd! As for the sun stuff im not interested and the rest os a matter of taste!
Ton Bruins wrote on January 04, 2010
Bull s*** release, same stuff again...
tigerpawl wrote on January 04, 2010
This was released with the bonus songs in 1999. So whats the big deal?
davrid wrote on January 04, 2010
Mature_Elvis_Fan, that's a non sequitur. I didn't mention soundboards at all, indeed, for me I already have more than enough of these, especially from 74 onwards. Out-takes of On Tour have been doing the rounds for years, not necessarily in the best quality, but for all those whiners and moaners, if you want Ot Tour, buy that. I bought it as I was interested in seeing it, and it was only a couple of hundred quid or so but it's the kind of thing you watch once and then file away on the shelf, the same with listening to the soundboards you mentioned.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 04, 2010
Here we go again with the whiner and complainer comments,as i said i want the on tour shows on cd,if a dvd comes along then fine,can you disagree without the nonsence?
davrid wrote on January 04, 2010
What nonsense exactly? Merely pointing out that there has been hours and hours of video and recordings from On Tour doing the rounds for donkey's years. So buy that if you want 'stuff' from the movie, some of the bootleg recordings are pretty good sound quality. A release of On Tour be it dvd/blu ray, cd or whatever would add nothing to the catalogue.
djm wrote on January 04, 2010
only a couple of hundred quid ? what a mug. you must have bought quite alot for something to watch once. i have no interest in spending large amounts on dodgy old bootlegs. i disagree anyway. elvis was great in 72, performing some of the best shows of his career. to say it would add nothing to the catalogue is complete rubbish.
davrid wrote on January 04, 2010
£200 is nothing, much much cheaper than going out to dinner, and at least it's there if I want to watch it, which invariably I don't. As for the 'mug' comment, youre the mug if you think £200 is 'quite a lot of money'. I spend a minimum of 10 times that every month on my Elvis collection. . Elvis On Tour is sub-par, not fit to be compared to TTWII. Indeed the concerts at Hampton Roads, Richmond, Greenboro, and San Antonio are arguably the worst Elvis did up to that time - clearly feeling the impact of his marital problems, increasing drug usage etc. So before you accuse and abuse try actually watching and listening to the stuff. The only stuff worth a damn filmed for the movie is the studio recreation of Always On My Mind etc. And that's already been released by FTD.
djm wrote on January 04, 2010
i`d rather go out to dinner, but not with you !
davrid wrote on January 04, 2010
Djm you're making yourself look an idiot. Don't do irony/sarcasm very well do you? Besides dinner for you is no doubt McDonalds...enjoy the Happy Meal, sure you'll get hours of fun from the toy.
davrid wrote on January 04, 2010
Although I find it strange On Tour has never been released on DVD - I'd undoubtedly buy it on DVD/Blu ray even though I'd probably would never watch it (as I said previously, I have all this stuff already). My point was I don't consider it a priority as a release (and clearly neither does the studio) and that it does not represent Elvis at his best - anyone who thinks it does is clearly deaf. Arguably the best concert of the four in San Antonio has already been released offically, then there the aforementioned FTD On Tour Rehearsals (not really rehearsals, more studio recreations). Then there's the 2 MSG cds, which although obviously not filmed for On Tour are similar in song line-up and, indeed, quality of performance ie Elvis nowhere near his concert best, let alone his career best. If you want On Tour, buy the outtakes or download it - used to be available on ITunes.
Ruthie wrote on January 05, 2010
This is pathetic. No discussion, just bickering, like children.
tornado wrote on January 05, 2010
I always liked On Stage and it's been 10 years now since the cd was released by BMG, Now what's interesting is that we are going to get it upgraded with the recent Sony updated technology. That's make it appealing to me. Coupled with In Person as a second disc, it makes a good live double cd presenting Elvis in a much better shape than in On Tour. Sure, I'd like to get that one too, but we tend to forget, as Davrid said: 'On Tour' does not represent Elvis at his best, not by any stretch of the imagination - (I have hours and hours of out-takes) and it's clear he's bored, ". I agree. The filmmakers had to follow Elvis touring some States at that time and did Elvis really involved himself in the movie? He merely did what he did while on tour and they filmed it, tried to make the best out of it. It's a piece that misses in our collection for sure, but 1969-1970 are definitly the best years of live performances. Things began seriously to deteriorated in 1972. Sadly if I may add. The main public who is targeted here will find a great overview of how Elvis performed during these glorious years: he was very good no doubt. A musical experience they are about to live with one singer/entertainer like the world had never seen before and not likely to see soon. Music has changed so much today, to appreciate Elvis today either you are old enough to have known him when you were younger, or you discovered him after his death because your parents or somebody told you about him, or you're interested to learn about music of the past and Sony is still keeping him alive in the public mind by releasing thing like On Stage. 2010 and the 75th celebration of his birth are an opportunity to do so. As for us now we are getting old with his music wich is a blessing and we love the guy so much we like to share it with the world today. Let's keep it a happy thing.
Take 1 wrote on January 05, 2010
They should have release it before Jan. 8, makes more sense. Maybe some people see a documentation or a movie and become interest in Elvis and want to buy some cds. Newbies always welcome.
Swen wrote on January 05, 2010
I totally agree, Ruthie. It´s like being on You Tube with all the angry "King MJ" people. Great piece of information you had about Elvis on Tour. So now there is real hope of a rerealease on DVD/BlueRay. Hope they take some time to edit it like they did That´s the Way...: More Elvis and more songs/ performances. He didn´t look very well in the film, but I don´t know how people can say that Elvis didn´t sing well. As a matter of fact 72 was a great year for Elvis vocally, and he made some of his best recordings that year. Only far too few!
Sirbalkan wrote on January 05, 2010
Guys C'mon... This guy has been dead for 33 years... All these projects are for newbies. I will buy it anyway because the sound should be improved so far and they will add some bonus tracks and the album itslef is so beautiful I think. Go on Sony BMG !!!
Sally_Coates wrote on January 05, 2010
Ruthie, your criticsm is odd indeed especially when 1) Some of the guys, especially davrid have been having a discussion, then djm insulted him. 2) Your earlier post is complete nonsense - Gary Hovey is not in charge of EPE on the East Coast, there is no such role with EPE, he is merely situated in the LA office. He is reponsible for music licencing, a role for which his only qualification is being Priscilla's brother-in-law. Saying negotiations may occur says and means absolutely nothing - I may win the lottery next week. EPE has on-going discussions with all studios and other parties owning rights to Elvis on film, recordings, merchandise etc, indeed, On Tour has been the subject of discussions between EPE and Warner for many many years. Given that TTWII special edition did not sell in the quantities everyone expected, the only release likely of On Tour to DVD is the original, and even that isn't on Warner's release schedule.
Swen wrote on January 05, 2010
Hi Sally! How could you? Bad/sad news. But even better then, we have the "On Stage" CD to look forward to.
Cruiser621 wrote on January 05, 2010
This was indeed released back in 1999 and with the exception of Runaway and Yesterday (which were from 1969) it is not a bad CD. Here 11 years later they re-release it again to the general public, which to be honest, don't really give a damn about Elvis Presley. It is only us diehards who still keep his music alive and then again, only to relieve our past growing up with his music, good, bad and indifferent. At age 64 going 65, I can only buy so much and only what interests me. This does not.
JerryNodak wrote on January 05, 2010
1. The blurb at the top of the page is NOT the official Sony press release. If you seek you too can find it elsewhere on the Net. 2. Yes, this album was released in '99 with bonus tracks, It was a sonic abomination. I look forward to the vast sound improvment Vic Anesini's mastering will provide,
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 05, 2010
dgirl i agree with you 100%,as for the childish behavoir,someone needs to reread the post and see who started the nasty comment,such as the usual whiner and complainer,yes take a look and see who said that,yes the one who did say that crap is credited with trying to have a conversation? As for the sanantonio show being the best of the 4 i tottaly diasagre that to me would be hampton roads or greensboro,again all a matter of taste or opinion!
japio wrote on January 05, 2010
i can't understand why complain. Over the years most fans are complain that they released the same tracks agian. In this case it belongs in the legacy serie for the "big crowd". Sony started this serei a few years ago. The byrds ( great album sweethearts of the rodeo) Johnny cash ( yes again the live albums) . So Elvis belongs it here. And now do sony something for promoting Elvis with good releases .And again the "socalled Elvis fans complians ,like baby's . Ok we have FTD but what we get from Ernst. Classics albums for only fans who'll the releases for a few "new "things' while the most is already released. And the big crowd only the compilations. But i hope they will release coutry also Also a strong lp. Then let them see that elvis was moire than love me tender,old mcdonald.But also a good album maker. Good work Sony.to promote the less known album ( but awesome).
oldrooty wrote on January 05, 2010
Let's all agree to differ on these issues without resorting to insults. It's ok to offer the opinion that 'On Tour' or 'On Stage' isn't your cup of tea and not a worthy release. Debate is good and healthy. I think sometimes people sit back and think for a few moments before they post their comments. Happy New Year!
Steve V wrote on January 05, 2010
The Sony legacy releases are a good idea and he belongs on there along with any other artist but I dont agree that Elvis was a good album maker. He had a few good ones for sure that should be on here, but his career was mostly built on recording a bunch of songs in a studio , picking ones out for singles and throwing the rest on an album. Sometimes the albums worked well like Elvis Is Back, Memphis, Gospel & Christmas LPs. But much of the later releases were hodgepodge affairs especially after Elvis Country his only truly theme album. So a handful of LPs on Legacy is a good idea. He was never thought of as an LP maker like Sinatra, The Beatles or even Cash.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 06, 2010
oldrooty i agree 100%,i already have this cd,yes it belongs in stores in my view,but i thought it was still in print? what is on the second disc?
SuziB wrote on January 06, 2010
Mature, I think you need to re-read what has been written. Davrid using the term whine is hardly an insult and secondly, neither is it personal. I actually, think whining is much too soft of an adjective for the people who seemingly have nothing better to do than criticize whatever is released rather than supporting BMG's efforts. especially such a noble one as the recent, new releases and future releases on the Legacy label. We developed a close friendship through Elvis and I have to tell you that he is incredibly knowledgeable about Elvis and has a collection the rest of us can only dream about, must be in excess of 12,000 Elvis cds, dvds and lps, one he is only too happy to share in. Also, he has the best possible hifi system, to play it on, perhaps providing transparency, clarity and insightl that more prosaic systems miss. I think previously he has noted it cost in excess of £50,000 and that's just his cd system, excluding his vinyl and incredble cinema system. I've heard it and it's mindblowing, allowing me to hear things I'd never heard before on songs I've been playing for 20 years. My own Linn system is nearly state of the art but his is really something else. So before you pull him apart for not liking On Tour, you need to understand the context in which he writes.
Swen wrote on January 06, 2010
No Suzi! Fact is that Davrid has been disrespectful and patronizing towards other fans. Even if he owned Graceland he would not be a "better and more loyal fan" than the rest of us. So please let´s exchange views in a civilized and respectful manner. I suggest we end this discussion here, and go on to the next subject.
circleG wrote on January 06, 2010
haha yes jerry it was a 'sonic aboination' ! i too remember listening to it and going 'whoa!' when 'long tall sally' came on. I may buy this Cd out of curiosity, I remember when we fans were screaming for more and more releases so with this recent re-re-reissuing strategy it means I can pretty much pick and chose the Cd's I want. Open question for anyone - Fort Baxter released the Feb 1st show awhile back, is this tape owned by Sony? why has Ernst never released it as it contains the rare opening tracks?
glenntcb wrote on January 06, 2010
Sorry for all the commotion friends, BUT I can't help but wait untilo Sillerman and EPE take over from BMG and buy out the entire Elvis song catalogue from Sony (in financial problems already...) Their mismanagement and wrong marketing strategy is demolishing our King's "worth" !! YThey make now mistake after mistake, also during this coming 75th Anniv year ! Too bad, but true. Also, some of you still pounder on the On Tour 72 DVD or a Box (4 CDs of Concert highlights)...sorry, but I have given up...too long negotiating and bad sales results of the very, very bad re-make and release of TTWII. They 'd better brought in Jerry Schilling to do the editing (he was there present you know...but those MGM gurus know everything better of course!)Some of the EPFC presidents could do a better job, far better, if given the opportunity to edit and more importantly, ADD those 200 hrs filming by MGM to the original movie (cutting out those stupid interviews with people that don't know how to read or write). Why not turn the project over to Joe Tunzi of JAT....?He's a good marketeer !! Look how well his books on Elvis sell ??OPen your eyes Jack Soden & Bob Sillerman at EPE. Trust you'll make the right decision in 2010.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 06, 2010
Swen thanks,glad to see another fan who understand what opinions are,sadly you have people who will defend childlike behavior,i will in fact more on and not going any further ,maybe we could even get back to the topic? Oh yea i support what i like,its really that simple!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on January 06, 2010
As for the On Tour shows,my guess is they will come from Ftd,ernst needs to understand that just because the On Tour dvd set isnt coming or at least not for a long time,that its no reason to put the reason or blame on mgm for not releasing cd's from the On Tour shows! The On Tour shows are one of the few things that im still interested in from Ftd!
Sally_Coates wrote on January 06, 2010
Sven, I pity your sensibilities. whining" collectively to people who continuously goes on and on about the same issue no matter that it's not being released and just criticises every other release is not insulting anyone. The Elvis world is full of whingers whose sole objective is to be destructive, levelling the same old complaints from their over-worn soapboxes. I would rather read one post from davrid than a million from the poorly educated and ill-informed individuals like Harvey, Mature or djm.
livingstonsn wrote on January 06, 2010
October '76 soundboard from FTD....
Jamie wrote on January 06, 2010
Hello, there has never been a better time to be a collector of Elvis's music. Scores of archival recordings that had for decades been eulogised and craved are now available in pristine quality at a competitive price - when compared with bootlegs - and with all the benefits of consumer legislation. My understandng is that BMG policy was to keep a small cluster of Elvis CD's for casual devotees in the shops while catering for the hardcore fanbase through the FTD label. They seem to have thought more imaginatively how to do that with retail versions of the 'From Elvis In Memphis' and now the 'On Stage' albums being twinned with classic LP's that could have easily have become FTD territory. 'FEIM' was in such great sound that I'm excited about further releases. Nobody has to buy these releases.
glenntcb wrote on January 07, 2010
Friends, let's not quarrel about a cultural thing...please (there are people that just don't know english language enough...nothing wrong but there's a weight on each word in every language that lyou ough to know...and some have not the means to learn/study it enough). Don't bring yourselves down by these things...be flexible and understandidng as real Elvis fans are !! I will NOT buy the new ON STAGE CD as those added songs do not live up to my expectations. I don't want all those rehearsal outtakes on TFD (we have them already since 1970) in our collection (bootlegs assured us of that, thak the Lord...) Bring us more creative and better stuff and apply better marketing techniques (update your BMG managers; demand better knowledge of the Elvis Catalogue of your (younger) label leaders !!
bajo wrote on January 16, 2010
On Stage, the original, is a welcome addition in the Legacy series. The 1999 release was a different mix than the original, and didn't have the same impact on me. I've always wanted the original as a 7" FTD, but I have no problem at all with this one. A sound upgrade of the original 10 tracks suits me fine. Whatever they might add I'll simply take as a bonus!