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Jailhouse Rock - FTD Edition Vol. 1

By ElvisNews.com/ Kees, October 02, 2009 | Music

The "Jailhouse Rock" soundtrack has finally been released from the prisonvaults of RCA.


The design itself is great; classic rock and roll all-over, no complaints there. The printing itself is sloppy; the cover is not sharp and the image of our man looks smudged like it has been blown up too much. On the back you still see the remains of the originally white background. Five minutes of photoshop could have cleared that. The same goes for the inside, the black vinyl background behind the discs is grey and not black.


The booklet is standard for the FTD Classic Album Series, a light overview of the movie and sessions with a few illustrations. Looks nice but I can't help to think that the label could deliver a bit more. Several books have been written on the movie and two new titles will be released in the months to come, why not cooperate with those publishers? Perhaps the experiences on that front are not too good, we're still waiting for the Dixieland Delight box …


More important than the looks is the content on the two discs. The first disc holds the original EP, single alternate masters and movie masters, alternate movie masters and finally two bonus tracks. Presenting the only six! titles in the chronology of their original releases the label remains true to history and at the same time creates a very listenable disc.
The differences between the various master takes is not too big, the differences with the movie versions is more audible. The addition of the "Jailhouse Rock Movie Intro" is a new feature from the record company and marks the first time a recording from the film orchestra has been put on CD.

Elvis himself sounds great, he should, he is on top of the world in 1957. You hear the confidence in these polished rock and roll recordings like "Baby I Don't Care" and the raw edge from his early days on "Jailhouse Rock". I really enjoyed these tracks. 

The studio tracks sound better - all tracks have been remastered by Kevan Budd - than the movie versions. Elvis is a bit more up-front. The overall sound is very good, the songs are presented as they were recorded, in mono and (binaural) stereo. But there are some differences between the tracks in quality. Give the Jail Version of "I Want To be Free" a spin and listen to the hiss on the background. The binaural versions sound the best and I really like the separated tracks on the right and left speaker it as gives the fifty year old songs a touch of the past.

The second disc is one for the collectors, hear how Elvis and his sidemen recorded three of the six classic titles on this album; "Treat me Nice", "I Want To Be Free" and "Young And Beautiful". Less entertaining to play when you have some friends over, very entertaining if you want to join Elvis in the studio. For fans this disc will not be dull.


A good start of the definitive "Jailhouse Rock" collection, bring on Volume 2 (with some better quality artwork I hope) which will have a focus on in and out-takes.

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GeertFromNl wrote on October 02, 2009
Looks like a great release. It's sad to read that they screwed up the design again. Of course the audio quality is the most important. But still...
djm wrote on October 02, 2009
this is in fact a great start to the jailhouse rock sessions. the printing is not sloppy but has an aged look to look like the original 50s issue. all other crictisims are pedantic. the music on here is elvis at his best. this will easily become one of the all time FTD releases. who cares about milking it when the music is as good as this? one thing that comes thru is how underrated `young and beautiful` is. a lost classic in many ways, dosnt always feature in complilations. its great to hear elvis work on this song. roll on volume 2.
whetherman wrote on October 02, 2009
Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Cover art seems ok to me but the contents are superb. Great sound and some great new outtakes. I echo djm - roll on volume 2
adiels wrote on October 02, 2009
Really like this collection. A classic soundtrack from a classic movie. Even if I have most of the outtakes on other CDs, this is a great compilation. CD 2 is a great start of The Complete Sessions, and do agree with djm and whetherman, give me volume 2!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on October 03, 2009
The reviewer is quite right to pick up on the poor quality of the artwork copying. Dig out an original cover & compare the difference. This seems to apply to an awful lot of RCA similar re-issues – the quality is very disappointing. The maroon background is not dense enough, there are white blotches, most noticeable to the right of Elvis's head. The poster reproduction inside is soft & poor & the black & white picture on the back of the original sleeve looks like a photocopy. C'mon Ernst & Roger, supervise the quality of the artwork & use someone else to reproduce it. We notice these things & at £20.00 a go it's just not good enough to give us cheap artwork.
John4126 wrote on October 03, 2009
Without having to trawl through the numerous releases i have can anyone tell me if there is anything officailly unreleased on this set.
eric c wrote on October 03, 2009
i Can't wait to get my copy....FTD almost always hits it out of the park.
Sparky wrote on October 04, 2009
I was really looking forward to this one, but am left a little disappointed, particularly with the mastering of the 'ep' itself. I feel the sound was far better on the Jailhouse Rock/Love Me Tender twofer on BMG in 1997. Have just compared the two and the FTD version doesn't come close. This is a real shame, as Kevan Budd did wonders on the Loving You FTD. The other songs do sound wonderful, but I really would like the FTD versions to be the definitive versions of all the songs and am getting a bit tired of the outtakes sounding better than the masters. Okay, rant over!
burton wrote on October 04, 2009
More Elvis Rip-Off's. Put out what could & should have been the definitive version, but as usual let's slap it out without us having to do any work to it, charge the earth for it & those schmucks out there will buy any old crap we put out on him. It's a shame but their attitude is it's only business & a license to print MEGA-BUCKS! Also let's make it hard for them to get. I know let's not let Amazon sell it. Let peole on e-bay rip their customers off & if H.M.V. can be bothered to stock it, the let them charge £30.00 ($60.00) for it. Sparky you don't know what a rant about the business of Elvis is until you've heard me, but I bet there's some one out there that can beat me.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on October 04, 2009
The sound quality is good,the picture quality isn't. Thanks for your hard work,Kevan Budd. How sad that Roger Semon (the person who is responsible for the artwork) screwed up the pictures. Very bad scans and bad photoshop job.
sitdown revamped wrote on October 04, 2009
what amazes me most, is that we are talking about 52 years old recordings. back in my teens in the seventies, the 20's were at the same distance in time and I could not imagine myself to buy any music of those days...man, time goes...
bajo wrote on October 04, 2009
This little beauty is one of the best ever FTD's! I simply can't get enough of it! Even disc 2 is a treat! If you want to moan, dig out your soundboards! If you're a real Elvis fan, you know where to put your order! A must have!!
lray wrote on October 06, 2009
I have some of the soundboards and I like them but I do agree with bajo. This set rocks and sounds great. We have much more sessions coming on vol. 2. More Young & Beautiful, the other and better I Want To Be Free (because in the jailhouse version Vince is learning how to sing and does not have his style yet) the title song, Baby You're So Square, the 1st version of Treat Me Nice and different versions Don't Leave Me Now!!!!
Zoltan84 wrote on October 06, 2009
Unfortunately "Today","Live On Stage In Memphis" and some of the others didn't get the same treatment as this one. The 50's FTD releases are all good,while other releases from the same label are weak.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 06, 2009
Thats because they pick which releases will be given effort,i myself am not bi into the 50's,but i do like albums like Elvis today,but they decided that album wasnt important enough then they issues raised on rock and it features great sound,so in that case who knows,every release should be given the proper treatment,even the silly soundtracks,there all the same price!
RonBaker wrote on October 07, 2009
The quality of the 50s releases may have to do with Kevan Budd's incredible skill in remastering the music. That guy is an absolute genius! To hear how much of an opposite is possible, try Lene Reidel's mastering of "Frankie and Johnny".
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 07, 2009
And is frankie & johnny any cheaper? if its not worth the effort then dont release it,expecially when your asking someone to pay around 30 dollars for it!
HangLoose wrote on October 07, 2009
Or try "Harum Scarum". Or "Unchained Melody". Or "New Year's Eve". Careless idiots.
circleG wrote on October 07, 2009
you folks hit the nail on the head!
pasa-ryu wrote on October 08, 2009
I agree that RCA/FTD increasing the prices was a total rip off but when you consider good albums like this one is does seem well worth the money as you get 2 DISC'S and a very informative booklet and great photos of elvis!-I totaly 100% DISAGREE with the many 'negative' reviews that many so-called "Elvis Fans" has given to this excellant and good value for money RCA/FTD release(it is a very decent and well designed package with some great session outtakes)and i really enjoyed the sound and the unreleased(officailly) session outtakes,especialy the "binaural sessions" on disc two!-the studio banter from elvis is well worth the high price tag alone!!-let's be a bit more grateful when we get FTD albums like this one-the sound is maybe not as good as the previous "loving You" FTD version soundtrack,but this "Jailhouse rock" FTD version is alot better than many of the import(unofficail)songs that have been released over the years. And lets not forget,this is only VOLUME 1,VOLUME 2 will be released in 2010 WITH YET MORE in AND out TAKES to please even the hardest elvis collector.(it will supposedly contain loads of unreleased session outtakes and many alternate takes?)I am a great fan of unreleased studio outtakes/alternate versions as you get to hear elvis being the perfectionist at work and hear 'different' versions of his famous songs..especially nice to hear him talking and laughing!!..i highly reccomend this excellant FTD version to any Elvis fan.(aprt from the ones who 'gripe' all the time against the excellant RCA/FTD lable.)
Linda Kovalcik wrote on October 08, 2009
50+ years old material for $35-40 is a rip off,even if it's unreleased. But many of the FTD 2cd-sets are not even unreleased. 2CD-set,it sounds good,but when you realize that 70-80-90% of the material was already issued before then all that remains is 10-20 unreleased minutes of music (dragged out of the dustbin) with a badly photoshopped cover and an average booklet if you are lucky,because half of the FTD's came in digipacks. Enjoy these,you so-called "true Elvis fans"...
benny scott wrote on October 08, 2009
When this site seemed to quit a couple of months ago and then was back shortly after, I was really happy, and I made myself a promise not to react in the future as many times as I sometimes did in the past. I'll gladly make an exception after reading your comment, Linda Kovalcik. Maybe you're disappointed by the, from your point of view, "rip-off prices" FTD charges for their releases.Seeing you mentioning the price in US-dollars makes me suppose you live in the USA. Here in Europe we don't pay those ammounts for a 2-CD set by FTD.Sorry for you you're not that lucky. But even if I had to pay the price you state, I'd buy it ! Why ? Because the musical heritage of our man is too important to let go. You state that 50+ years music sold for 35-40 US dollars is a rip off even if it's unreleased ? I do agree that FTD-releases are not always that good, but you cannot deny that they released some very good stuff in the past. And what about the prices of some "imports"? There were some good labels, but also some very bad, and they charged prices as high as an official label, not having to pay royalties . Just look at the comments of the Beatles-fans now their whole catalog has been reissued as "remastered", in stereo and in mono . An uncountable number of fans blame EMI for their very high price-policy.The whole catalog has been available for over more than 40 years, so they ( the fans) don't even get unreleased material ! And you know what ? There are many many ( negative) comments about the "new " audio-quality .I wholeheartedly agree with PASA-RYU ! He is not, as you seem to insinuate, a "so-called true Elvis fan" . No, he IS a TRUE Elvisfan and (luckily) there are many others. Wish there were still more like him. Always El.
HangLoose wrote on October 08, 2009
Well said,Linda! Some fans like to buy the same recordings over and over and over again. Some of them have Elvis' first album in at least 10 different versions. Being a real Elvis-fan is one thing,stupidity is another.
SnOwMan wrote on October 08, 2009
I agree with Linda,too. At least she doesn't wear rose-coloured glasses like some of the old men here.
JerryNodak wrote on October 08, 2009
If I want to buy something again (whether for the second or the tenth time) I will. It's my money and I'll do with it as I choose. It's called freedom of choice. Anyone who doesn't like it can take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut for all I care.
pasa-ryu wrote on October 08, 2009
I rest my case!-what are idots like YOU doing on this website??(SLAGGING ELVIS OFF)..IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE rca/ftd albums,then DON'T BUY THEM but stop slagging em off as they do a good thing-provide rare and unreleased elvis music to the fans who do not own or have "import" cd's.(unofficial products)I been collecting the RCA/FTD albums ever the very first cd was released in 1998 with "Burbank'68" and most of the albums have good value for money(especially the gate-fold 2 cd sets)I accept that the black market have been releasing rare&unreleased Elvis music since before elvis passed away in 1977,but NOT every Elvis fan is or able to get hold of "import albums",HENCE,MY SUPPORT FOR THE ENTIRE rca/ftd lable...Get a life!-slag of somone else-NOT ELVIS.(slag off The BEATLES,their overrated and crap)
lray wrote on October 08, 2009
So many uninformed people here. Most of the takes on disc two are unreleased. Some of them are false starts and uncomplete but some are unreleased complete takes also. Some of the ones that were released before were in mono. There is a popular site that you can visit that will show you what was released before and what wasn't and what is new on the FTD. A lot is new on this, some of it is new in stereo and some is in better sound. Know what you are talking about before you trash a great thing we have going with FTD and before you put down the supporters of the label and us old men.
pasa-ryu wrote on October 08, 2009
i agree with you on that point Lray-they slagged of the new jailhouse rock cd and most of the "binaural session" outtakes on cd two were a real treat to any DECENT ELVIS FAN and actualy UNRELEASED as you say...what do these ungrateful complainers want from RCA/FTD??(elvis to come back from the dead would,d keep these type of negative people happy)
dgirl wrote on October 08, 2009
It is all very simple. If you think these FTDs are worth it to you , then buy them. It's really the same philosophy for anything in life isnt it? But by calling the Beatles crap (which they were not), you not only show your jealousy (in most cases) but also in a way give credence to the rational that Elvis fans are really just into their hero, are not very intelligent, and not very sophisticated people.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 08, 2009
So why does the digi packs come with no booklet?you see im not interested in jailhouse rock,why you ask? im not big into the 50's,so for me releases like the wonder of you are more interesting,i liked the wonder of you release,i would have liked a booklet,but anyways,getting back to the classic albums,i have found that some of my fav releases,like ttwii Elvis country,didnt have as much unreleased stuff as i thought it would,it was also a let down to have the Elvis today albums have less thatn gret sound on the masters,so all i ask is the same effort be put into every Ftd,so in closing theres some release by Ftd i like,some i love and some i just dont care for at all,i would have preferred Ftd only make unreleased outtake cd's but they went with the classic albums,some of you love this,some of others dont,this real fan and other comments along those lines are not needed,and trashing other music is indeed of no help!
benny scott wrote on October 08, 2009
20 out of 30 reactions on this topic are possitive concerning this release.From the other 10 some reactions are neutral.So moaners : make your own conclusion. As for the remark by snOwMan about some "old men" wearing "rose-coloured glasses" let me say this : in the century we live now, a man in his late sixties is since long no more "old". Times have changed buster. I hope you live that long, but this is not a certainty. So show a little respect for people who have life-experience, something you may still be searching for or maybe never will show. Come down from your ( in my opnion) very small and worthless cloud. Always El.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 08, 2009
I'm up in the air on this FTD issue to be honest. I had every intent to buying Jailhouse Rock on FTD, but this is another supreme scam in my opinion. Two CD issues-a volume 1 and 2? Come on guys. This is the supreme scam in my opinion. This could have been issued in a two CD format much as the prior FTD issues. How much more can there be we already have two warrant another volume 2 and hopefully it'll be 2 cds much as this one? I'll probably end up buying this once it's available in the states but to be honest I'm not happy about shelling $30.00 or more times 2 (when volume 2 comes out) aka $60.00 plus. At 64 years old time is a-wastin' as they say.
GeertFromNl wrote on October 08, 2009
Calling The Beatles overrated and crap is a nonsense,pasa-ryu. It speaks volumes about you. And no,i'm not a Beatles-fan. I don't have Beatles CD's,not even one. I'm not into their music,but they were great,beyond doubt.
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 08, 2009
I want to say something positive about this release. This is a FINE COLLECTION & probably one of my favorite FTD releases. I'm thankful I've not forgotten the fun & joy of collecting EP music years ago. The thing is, I pass up ALOT of EP releases because I don't need them or I am not interested. But others, I buy as I wish to buy, I'll get them. That's what's fun about collecting EP's that alot seem to have forgotten. The releases I pass up may appeal to others which is cool & that means there's something for everybody in the EP world. The day I have to waste harping, moaning & whining over every knit picky thing on nearly every release is the day I'll stop collecting this stuff. After all, I don't NEED any of EP's music. This is a fun hobby, period. Let me say it again, this is a FINE collection. Bring on Volume 2.
Steve V wrote on October 09, 2009
I may get this since I am a huge 50's and Jailhouse Rock fan. To me that's what Elvis was all about. Everything he did was brilliant and not EVER boring, campy, or silly in any way. It's why he became an icon. But I have grown away from multiple takes unless they differ from the master. I rarely play the ones I have anymore. And I never really cared about the movie versions of I Want To Be Free or Young & Beautiful since they were meant to be sub-par for the plot. Do I really want outtakes of Elvis singing bad on purpose? I don't know. I may wait for The Man & His Music review on this one.
GeertFromNl wrote on October 09, 2009
To Benny Scott and Dixieland Rock: i think the negative critisms were mainly about the other bad FTD releases,the horrendously high prices,the regular re-releases of the same material and the terrible photoshop job on this release. They used umpteenth generation pictures which look like paintings. Nobody criticised the quality of the songs/performances or the sound quality in this case. This is a rare occasion when FTD give us quality Elvis material in great sound quality. How sad that the package/design isn't top notch. What struck me from the first moment I looked at the back cover is the horrible photoshop job on the "Elvis and the bars" photo. If you look closely you can easily spot numerous white dots or pixels as the original background color was kind of white. Also, look at Elvis's fingers. They don't look very human to me. Why? The editing out of the original background again. All in all, one of the worst (if not the worst) image editing I've ever seen on an official release.
RonBaker wrote on October 09, 2009
If you are an Elvis fan and you don't buy this...I'm sorry for you. This is the absolute greatest release ever and I can hardly wait for volume two. The cover may not be quite as clear as it could have been and I was also dismayed about the back cover, but it's what's inside that counts and this cd is INCREDIBLE...the sound...the performances. I love the 15 second clip of Elvis trying out "Don't Leave Me Now"...This stuff is great to listen to.
lray wrote on October 09, 2009
The Beatles are great. I saw them at the Cow Palace in 1965, saw Elvis in Vegas in 1969. Just bought the Beatles stereo box, love it. I am sorry dgirl that you take the joy of music so seriously that you need to insult me. I don't know that I have ever been into hero worship (maybe when I was a kid) but I do like the music of Elvis especially and others also, mainly from my era. FTD did a great job on this set.
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 09, 2009
GeertFromNI, I understand where the negative remarks are geared towards. As far as the high prices, I think everyone can agree that the prices for FTDs are too much. But what good is it going to do me to constantly complain about the prices for an FTD here? Nothing. So why should I waste my time griping about it? Either I buy it or pass on it. It's that simple. As far as the cover artwork being this or that, there are numerous EP covers going back to the 1970s onword I could easily pick apart for the same reasons. But again what good will it do me to nag about it? Nothing. Everyone buys this stuff for their own reasons. I buy it for THE ENTERTAINMENT it'll bring me. That's the VALUE these cds hold for me. If I moaned about every cover that I've seen through the years that could have been better, I would have quit collecting years ago. If these things bother people that much, instead of always griping about it, why don't they get a job at Sony/BMG in the art department & actually do something about it? Again, for the entertainment value, this collection is a FINE collection.
benny scott wrote on October 09, 2009
Dixieland Rock : cristalclear comment ! To GeertFromNl : Geert,in a previous post I already wrote that indeed not all FTD releases were that great, but in general I do not complain. What I don't understand is this : I still don't pay one eurocent more for an FTD release now than many years ago ! I live in Europe . Can someone give some explanation why in some other parts of the world these releases are more expensive ? Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 09, 2009
Well here in the usa a so called fan has went up from $40 to $45 for one ftd oh yea add $10 for shipping, thats $55 usd for one ftd,what a deal,many people have no idea were to buy ftd's,and when they do find a place many are getting taken for fools!
sitdown revamped wrote on October 10, 2009
$45+shipping $10 ... that's a lot of money compared to the dylan bootleg series, which sell at about $16 per unit. except some rariety 3cd sets which are at $169. Concerning an artist who has passed 32+ years ago, these prices are way too high. $30 should do.
SnOwMan wrote on October 10, 2009
Sitdown,even $30 would be too much for these substandard releases. And i'm not talking about this JR Vol.1. FTD because this is one of the good ones. I'm talking about the ugly digipacks. The weak and boring 1976 soundboards. You have to pay the same price for them,too. In my opinion the ideal and fair price of an FTD would be around $20. Or $25 for the double CD's.
Josee wrote on October 10, 2009
Here in The Netherlands the price of an FTD is $ 33, postage included (postage for other countries would be higher). I buy them through an Elvis Fanclub. I got "Jailhouse Rock" and I especially like the outtakes of "Young and Beautiful".
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on October 10, 2009
I will never order again from The Netherlands! They charge at least 3 times as much postage as other countries! Last time i ordered 6 CD's without the jewel cases from there and the postage was 15 euros! When i ordered the same amount of CD's (also without the jewel cases) from the U.K.,the postage was only 5 euros (GBP 4). Both were registered posts. So even if you find relatively cheap CD's there,it's not worth to buy them,because what you save on the CD's,you lose on the postage...
Musicwizard wrote on October 13, 2009
Every year In Montreal Canada, we have an Elvis convention twice a year, one in April and one in November and I get all my FTD's there at $35.00 Canadian Dollars and No shipping charge..Ha Ha.... So for me that is a great price.
Steve V wrote on October 13, 2009
$35.00 per cd is too much no matter what the content. Especially for stuff we already have.
Pietro S wrote on October 13, 2009
I have my copy and it's brilliant! It cost me 23 Euro/35$; to be sincere I would pay even more! There's something I don't get: all the criticism for FTD releases. Can't we just enjoy an excellent Elvis music? Do we really need to find anything to complain about (prices, mastering, artwork, etc.)? We should be grateful for having opportunity to get access to huge amount of Elvis' sessions in- and outtakes. I think annoying complaints show that we're spoiled. We so get used to get "new material" (unreleased outtakes mainly), that it became an 'obvious' thing: "We shoud be getting them ALL by a little cost", "They're supposed to give us songs in PRISTINE quality!", "I won't pay 35$ for 2CDs!"... Of course, you can always find anything to copmplain of anything (sometimes I feel certain group of members would grumble about even if they get Elvis singing alive!). If you can't afford all releases, you should plan what to buy and what don't. And JAILHOUSE ROCK is a must have. And remember what George Klein said: "If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible"!
Sundial77 wrote on October 13, 2009
I agree with you Pietro S with what you're saying, i haven't got a copy yet, but i will soon!!!
Natha wrote on October 14, 2009
I agree with Pietro S that it is all about his music. The rest (art work etc) is a nice extra but not essential. The only point is that they recently released cds that are doubled by themselves or which I already have as import. As I cannot spend my money twice, I have to choose. Unfortunately as FTD is doing a wonderful job. No complaints about the prices from me as I listen so often to Elvis that the hour price for my collection is almost nihil!
John4126 wrote on October 14, 2009
The facts are that FTD sales are down a third. Due to the high price and continued duplication. Fans are voting with their feet. I used to buy every one. Not anymore. No other fans of other artists pay this sort of money for similar releases. I dont agree fully with the 'its whats on the disc that counts ' brigagde. For this sort of money you expect quality across the board.
benny scott wrote on October 14, 2009
Amen to Pietro S and Natha ! The music is the most important thing in the first place. Artwork, etc. is indeed a nice bonus, and of course it's great if it's well done, but still, to me comes in the second place. This FTD is a winner imho. Always El.
Pietro S wrote on October 14, 2009
As for duplication: I don't think anyone has songs, LPs, CDs that don't duplicate. Despite having original albums, we have bought "The Essential 50s, 60s and 70s Masters" box; some among us have (for example) "Fun in Acapulco LP, the same content on "Double Features" series and on the FTD. Or what about "From Elvis in Memphis": LP, re-issue from ten years back, "Suspicious Minds 2CD" and recently "Legacy edition"? We had no problem with that, I suppose. So what's big deal with Jailhouse Rock? I think it's nice having all songs from this session in one place. If you don't like it, you of course can run through your collection and give CD a spin for only one song, and then go for another title... On the other hand, I do understand it's sort of waste of money when you buy vinyl re-issue; although it's up to you: if you want - buy! It's your money. But again:don't have to buy only because it's released. As for the artwork (and "poor" booklet): If i wanted to read about the movie, I would buy a book; when I bought a CD I wanna listen to it. It's surely pleasure to read some liner notes, but that's not that important. Take care! :)
John4126 wrote on October 15, 2009
Pietro - the answer is to make the cd available for download. That way i can just pick the tracks i dont have - we're all happy. But the label wont do it, because the majority of fans will do just that and they wont make much money. If i want all of a session in one place - i'll burn those tracks i have dotted about on other releases onto a cd for pennies. You are right. I dont need the sleeve notes - pictures seen umpteen times - i have books that cover the sessions - the movie etc. But, when you are paying a lot of money for the cd its right and proper that everything should be of a decent quality. Bootleggers such as madison have managed to provide us with fab releases that get both the cd and booklet right for two thirds the cost than FTD. FTD pay pennies in respect of royalties and dont forget pre 74 recordings - they dont pay the estate anything. There is no reason for these overly priced releases.
Mystery Rider wrote on October 15, 2009
Really tired of all this repeated stuff, and sub par photos' now the real trick is Getting your hands on all the American made 45 releases in VG+ or better condition, to include the photo covers and the original RCA sleeves for the one without picture covers. then get you 5 Sun Singles, and you have a real collection worth owning. and when you finish that pick all the DJ Copies, EP's and the gold standards in their various forms. then you got something worthy of being a Elvis fan.
MJB63 wrote on October 21, 2009
This FTD release is one of my favorites.Elvis in the 1950's was at his peak on these sessions."Young and Beautiful" was Beautifully song,then "Jalhouse Rock","Treat Me Nice" were something else.And to think that none of these songs are on the ElvisNews top 40 songs.Something is wrong with that...these are classics.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 24, 2009
I just received my copy of Jailhouse Rock and other than the lack luster movie versions this FTD issue is a keeper. I could never stand Jailhouse Rock with the those annoying overdubs per the movie. The second CD is very interesting in that you can hear the tentativeness the band displays in putting down the individual songs; I can now see why Steve Sholes was keen on getting rid of Elvis' original sidemen. Their timing was really off at times. As to the actual artwork and print type style and the complaints a lot of people in this column have digressed about, may I say, I don't see anything at all wrong with the overall package. This music is over 52 years old guys and what do you expect as to actual pictures from this era? This CD is a keeper in my eyes. Bring on volume 2 and make it soon, please.
pasa-ryu wrote on October 29, 2009
hear,hear!-bring on volume 2 asap!!(wait)
Sirbalkan wrote on October 29, 2009
All Elvis fans... Read the comment written just below, of the member "Pasa-Ryu" and stop complaining. Just imagine... after 10 years there will be no more good releases like this because the guy is already dead, he can not produce something new...accept it and cherish FTD. Enough ...
schemies wrote on November 04, 2009
I like this release very much. Does anybody know when we will get volume 2 ?
pasa-ryu wrote on November 06, 2009
At last:somebody who likes this great RCA/FTD album/i think volume 2 is gonna be released in january 2010?..i hope so,cos i cant wait to get it.(volume 1 was superb and has some great session outtakes on cd 2 and i love the remastered sound)i wonder wot they will release on volume 2??..i am really looking foward to it.
Musicwizard wrote on November 08, 2009
Got my copy today at my by annual Elvis convention and there is only one word to describe this set.......Fabulous. Bring on Vol.2 and from what I heard from respected sellers at the convention is that Vol.2 will be 1000 times better then Vol.1 with a lot of unexpected surprises. So bring it on.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 21, 2009
The problem is that the same tracks on "Close Up" sound much better! Kevan Budd is a great sound engineer but this time he screwed up something. If you don't believe me then please listen to the same tracks on "Close Up",mastered by Vic Anesini!
Pietro S wrote on November 21, 2009
Linda: since You have JR vol. 1 ("screwed up" CD) and Close Up - why the complaining? You can choose the better version(s) to play. JR 1 is fine release and sounds excellent. Do we have to look for anything to complain? :(
dgirl wrote on November 21, 2009
People have a right to voice their opinion. Thats what this site is for. Why is it always seen as complaining? If Linda just spent 30+ dollars on this and she feels she had these songs before in better sound, Im glad she voiced her opionion. May save someone from being disappointed.
Pietro S wrote on November 21, 2009
dgirl: Sure, I don't mind giving opinions. It seems to me it's complaining if you write only about cons; with this release we got a lot of pros, don't you think? :) So why they aren't mentioned? About cons: "...this time he screwed up something" - looks like Linda doesn't exactly know what it was, and when people seem only to see bad things, they are being called "pesimists" :)
Sparky wrote on November 22, 2009
I agree with Linda. As I said in my reply on Oct 4th, Kevan Budd is normally brilliant, but I think the sound on this FTD doesn't match his previous work, or on previous versions issued of these songs. Yes Pietro, we may have these songs on different compilations in better sound, but it would be nice to have them all in optimum sound in one place, wouldn't it?
HangLoose wrote on November 23, 2009
I've read somewhere that Ernst Jorgensen sent bad transfers to Kevin. So the substandard sound quality is not Kevan's fault. Blame Ernst.
Erika Freiburger wrote on November 23, 2009
Sadly i have to agree: these tracks sound noticebly better on the 'Close Up' box-set.
SnOwMan wrote on November 23, 2009
This Jailhouse Rock FTD doesn't sound as good as I hope it would. On its own, without comparing, JR sounds O.K. Not great, but OK. It's when you compare it to Close Up when you hear the difference. Close Up (mastered by Vic Anesini) wins hands down. Ernst sent Kevan sub-par files to work with, and allowed a very, very limited time to remaster the CD's. The final result is a lifeless, soft sounding and flat CD-set. For $35.
Sparky wrote on November 24, 2009
Compare it with the Jailhouse Rock/Love Me Tender twofer on BMG in 1997. Those must be the real masters - they simply blow the masters used for this release out of the water.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 30, 2009
Its in keeping with Ftd policy,you never know what you will get! This is not a label ran with passion and care for the fans,its a money maker & its treated as such, ernie what happened to the sound? the tapes were like that right and not your fault?