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Standing Room Only Released

March 27, 2009 | Music

The latest Follow That Dream CD, "Standing Room Only" has been released. The first concept for this album was originally planned in the early seventies of the last century but the album never came out. The FTD label now released their version. It is possible that the version FTD created was never meant to be, but it’s the best way they can present the Las Vegas masters from February of 1972 and the masters and outtakes from the March 1972 sessions at RCA.

Source:Elvis Unlimited

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circleG wrote on March 27, 2009
'early seventies of the last century'?? man that sounds like a long time ago lol ! I thought this idea had already been done with the 'burning love' Cd. Still it will be nice to have the outtakes as long as its not presented the way it was on the awful FTD 'On Tour' Cd. RIP Madison...
Santa Claus wrote on March 27, 2009
Devil In Disguise wrote on March 27, 2009
I don't understand you people... The FTD albums are great albums- they give us things we haven't had. I will admit the worst thing about them is that out ragious price. Just a note about my thoughts on www.elvisnews.com- while I respect everyone's views- I get so tired of coming here and seeing all the negative comments. Normally I just come and read the news articles. I don't waste my time even reading the "opinions" of others. You know the old saying- "Opinions are like a**holes- just some stink worse than others." This is my opinion. Some of you people would be alot happier in life if you could see something being positive athing. Rather than griping and moaning about this and that. Be happy and enjoy the Elvis world. I'm finding so many of the people in the Elvis world these days are give me give me and quick to complain and b****. Again I'm not attacking anyone it's just my opinion on this site and the general population of the Elvis world these days. Pretty sad if you ask me- lighten up everyone and enjoy. To be honest we're lucky to be getting the stuff we are getting. Elvis has been gone for more than 30 yrs. How much more can there be that we've not seen or heard? Again my opinion ... ElvisNews.com is the best Elvis news site online. Keep up the great work ElvisNews.com crew. Thank you.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on March 27, 2009
Devil In Disguise : you cannot believe how much i agree with you. i also getting tired of those negative comments all the time. i also don't waste my time on reading the negative ones, just the articles. very nice comment Devil In Disguise. couldn't have said it better myself
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 27, 2009
Devil its just views,its just music,some of us so called complainers are the nicest Elvis fans you will ever meet, and some of those Ftd is perfect types can be some of the worst u can meet,so you see its just views,now have a happy!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 27, 2009
Kirk it would be nice to read some views of people who have heard this release wouldnt it,but Ftd would never give us an inferior release!
RonBaker wrote on March 27, 2009
I'm sure FTD wouldn't give us an inferior release...but having said that...have you HEARD the sound on the "Frankie and Johnny" FTD???? The outtakes were significantly better than the main album which had horrendous sound. Supposedly to 'duplicate' the sound of the original album??? Yuck! I hope this one, at least, has decent sound...seeing as how there was no single album master tape.
tornado wrote on March 27, 2009
Totally agree with you Ronbaker, I always tought that the Double Features version incidently for Frankie And Johnny and for Harum Scarum were far better remixed than on the FTD versions. Apart from these two releases, FTD have delivered the best sound possible so far. And I approve you Devil in Disguise, we should basically feel lucky with FTD, On the whole they are doing an excellent job, Looking foward to SRO. FTD is like the final release on a given album, It closes the file for that session. My only hope is that FTD will finish the catalog within the next three years. And that will be final for me with Elvis, because I'll have all there is available and that's the main goal of FTD. Fortunalty it meets my wishes.;-)
djm wrote on March 27, 2009
what does it matter if the sound is horrendous when all the songs are horrendous?
debtd1 wrote on March 27, 2009
You've got two choices!! If you want it, buy it, if you don't, then don't. Simple as that!
Devil In Disguise wrote on March 27, 2009
Thank you Tornado, Jesse and others for their agreement with me. I concider myself a lone Elvis fan. I hardly communicate with any other Elvis fans anymore because of all the negativiety and bickering in all the groups. Why can't we all just get back to enjoying Elvis and his awsome music? That's what I'm doing- altho I'm doing it alone- I'm enjoying it and having fun. So thank you to those of you who commented. I'm so looking for the SRO- the album that was supposed to come out 1972 I believe. But from what I understand the Madison Square Garden album took the place of this album, so we didn't get it back then. Until now... Great job FTD, keep them coming.
Steve V wrote on March 28, 2009
As Elvis fans, can you honestly say you enjoy the Frankie & Johnny soundtrack or Clambake? They were awful albums and diminished his career so much he was lucky to recover. How can you sit and listen to Elvis this way? If Elvis sang Happy Birthday 12 times on an FTD I think you would buy it even though you may have 9 of the 12 outtakes.
RonBaker wrote on March 28, 2009
Yes, I am an Elvis fan. I do enjoy a good deal of the "Frankie and Johnny" soundtrack..."Please Don't Stop Loving Me", "Beginners Luck" and "Hard Luck" are all fine songs. The rest of the songs work in context of the movie so they are acceptable for what they are and Elvis does a good job singing them. "Clambake", on the other hand, has a few really awful songs, but there are some really good songs on that as well...it's just that the bad songs are so bad they make you want to not listen to the album. The only rotten songs on "Clambake" are "Clambake", "Hey, Hey, Hey", "Who Needs Money", and "Confidence". The rest of the tracks are good. Those four though ruin the album experience. Make a cd for yourself and leave off those four tracks and you have a good album.
Steve V wrote on March 28, 2009
Well you are right in a way. I'm thinking of those albums on a whole, they were just bad for Elvis at the time. A lot of fans on this site are very young and dont remember when those soundtracks were released and the tremendous letdown & scorn they heaped upon us (and Elvis) as they kept getting worse. Truly amazing for an artist such as Elvis to be recording such lame stuff when the rest of the music industry was leaving him in the dust. The early 60's were an innocent time and these songs could be excused , but by 1965, there should have been an end to it. That being said, I do enjoy the Essential movie songs double CD from BMG from time to time, but I find myself skipping a lot of the tracks.
JerryNodak wrote on March 28, 2009
Can I honestly say I enjoy the Frankie and Johnny and Clambake soundtracks. Yes, I can honestly say that I enjoy them. I have them on vinyl. I also have them on CD. Both the Double Features versions (very good sound) and the FTD versions (masters have horrendous sound like vinyl). In fact, some time back I spent $100.00 USD for a mint condition, unopened vinyl copy of F & J. I was overjoyed to win the auction. You'll have to excuse me now I've got an appetite for a Clambake.
dgirl wrote on March 28, 2009
Yes Jerry but I've read where you've put down All Shook Up when it was song of the day, and dont enjoy the Sun stuff and generally other 50's recordings as much as these soundtracks, so please enjoy Hey Hey Hey while I listen to the 'real' Elvis. I respect your opinion but if people didnt buy this garbage when it was being released perhaps we could have gotten better output from Elvis throughout his career instead of ham & egg songs for most of the 60's.
eric c wrote on March 28, 2009
I can't wait to get this one.I wish the material were different but it's better than nothing at all.As I've said earlier,1972 is one of my favorite "Elvis" periods.His voice and music is just awesome!!!...all the while his personal life was in turmoil...he seems to use the music somehow...maybe I'm reading too much into it.anyway,Elvis in 72 is one of my favs.
Ruthie wrote on March 28, 2009
Well, gee, all of you experts! Why don't we all buy the same car? Wear the same style of clothes? Only listen to what you consider good Elvis music? If you like Elvis & you like his movie music, or don't like it, so what? If you like the 70's music but hate the 50's stuff, so what? Thankfully, I have many close Elvis friends & we all happen to have our ELvis music prefernces. We don't consider our choices "lame" or "stupid". According to the below listed guidelines, the opinions are supposed to be thoughtful considerations.
JerryNodak wrote on March 28, 2009
Everybody has got their own personal tastes, likes/dislikes. That's what makes the Elvis world (and the world in general go 'round). Imagine how boring it would be if everyone liked/disliked the same things. It's no secret that the '50s is my least favorite Elvis period, but there are many songs from that era that I do enjoy. For better or worse the movie soundtracks consumed the greatest share of Elvis' recorded output in the '60s. Not buy them? That would have deprived me of many enjoyable tunes.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 29, 2009
Anyone have this CD, yet? I'd love to hear more reviews on this !
tornado wrote on March 29, 2009
I support your opinion Jerrynodak, Like certain albums said it a long time ago: Something For Everybody and Elvis For Everyone. That's the beauty of it. For me SRo will be a thrill to listen to llike the movie soundtracks. Each one of them album in due time will be given the royal treatment by FTD.. We'll get everyting down the line and we'll always have the freedom to push the button "Skip" if we don't llke the song.
circleG wrote on March 31, 2009
haha i'm not and never have been a FTD basher. I love collecting the outtakes and rehearsals they put out BUT some are better than others. You see on websites such as this we have an opportunity to voice our opinions and ideas on releases that some will agree on and obviously some won't. i'm sure a company like FTD will pay some attention to this site if only for 'feedback' on releases. If it turns out that there's a general dislike for a release then thats not necessarily just 'bashing' but its a chance for fans to say what they think. Did i like the On Tour Cd? of course but not the way it was done ie edited minus studio chat. I bought the Cd but i won't reccommend it. FTD on the whole is great, I have every release but if I don't say that some things need to be improved then I'm not helping the label either. And yes I'm buying this release too :)
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 31, 2009
thanks FTD for those outtakes, the whole product is great. Always waited for more alternate takes of where do i go from here and the sound is very good. I really can't complain with such a label giving us unheard material so long after his passing. To me it's worth every euro..
jeter wrote on April 01, 2009
Love the live shows of the 1970s. Tired of fans complaining about them.Its great that after 32 years we still get new material. I applaud FTD for these releases. Especially live shows and the "classic albums". If you dont like it,dont buy it. Dont ruin it for other fans who look forward to these releases.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 02, 2009
Circle G,Your 100% right, i am no longer buying every Ftd, i just cant justify it anymore, for those who can, then go for it,im not going to bash anyone for buying every Ftd release, i just stopped doing that, i personally dont like the classic series, the reason are the duplication and the big covers, well some like them and dont mind the duplication and love the retro look of the covers, its one thing to give your view,then to give your view and act like its the only view woth hearing, remember your fellow fans are who you should be thankful to, sony Ftd are there for one reason, and thats money, i am interested in any of the material from feb 1970 and any of the aug 1970 shows and any shows from july 1975, theres some material that im not as interested in now as much as i use to be,there is so much material out there now!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 02, 2009
Jeter with all due respect i dont understand comments like dont ruin it for other fans,are we 5 years old? everyone who doesnt like the same thing isnt complaining they just dont share the same view,but isnt there voice just as important as the ones who buys every release? Are we in fear of the label quitting because some dontlike everything? The label will quit when either they run out of material or are not selling enough,so wouldnt you rather Ftd improve?
jeter wrote on April 04, 2009
Mature,you missed my point.the fact that 32 years later we are still getting new material and new live shows is great. Frankly ,fans criticism i dont believe is going to change or decide what release comes next.they are going to release what they wish.I am just happy that we get these releases and have the option to buy them.I agree with you on one point,I also would love to see July 1975 any soundboard releases.Especially July 19,Uniondale,New York.Anyone know if there are any soundboard recordings of these 2 shows?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 08, 2009
If everyone doesnt like everything how could that ruin for those who do? i have bought enough Ftd's etc to be part of the disccussion and its people like me who also have supported the label,no need to thank me! (said in joking way)