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I Got Lucky (Did I?)

By ElvisNews.com/ Kees, March 19, 2009 | Music

Sony re-issued two more Camden volumes on their Special Budget label; “I Got Lucky” and “Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies”. Did I get lucky tracking down a copy?


The artwork is faithfully reproduced; the only thing missing on these re-issues is the original back cover artwork featuring advertisements for other Presley albums. The originals didn’t have the big FBI anti-piracy stamp either :-)



The content of these discs is kind of a mixed bag but for many fans these releases bring back memories of that magical period of discovering Elvis through these cheap releases. You can say they were crap back then and are crap now, but they served a purpose. They put the cheap re-issues we have in Europe in another perspective; what if these Camden releases had contained Elvis’ classic fifties material to discover his music?

No compilation ever should contain “Old MacDonald” but the addition of “Guitar Man”. “Big Boss Man” to the “Elvis Sings Hits From his Movies” disc was worth the handful of dollars back in those days for a lot of fans. The same goes for the coupling of the red hot chart hit single "Burning Love” with “Guadalhara” and “I Love Only One Girl”. I always had a soft spot for "Confidence" as it was part of the first Elvis tape I got and don't we all - well at least the men - like "Long Legged Girls "(With Short Dresses On)?

These two aren’t the best Camden titles; but for the real collector it contains two little collectables according to postings on the FECC forum. “I Got Lucky” contains the original edits of the title track while “Home Is Where The Heart Is” is released in stereo for the first time on CD.


The Camden LPs are what they are - take them or leave them; in their day they served a purpose. Many fans still have a soft spot for these albums and they are part of the original catalogue, released during Elvis’ life-time. Collecting those I call myself "lucky" I got them :-)


Original tracklisting "I Got Lucky":

  1. I Got Lucky
  2. What A Wonderful Life
  3. I Need Somebody To Lean On
  4. Yoga As Yoga Does
  5. Riding The Rainbow
  6. Fools Fall In Love
  7. The Love Machine
  8. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  9. You Gotta Stop
  10. If You Think I Don't Need You

Original tracklisting "Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies":

  1. Down By The Riverside And When The Saints Go Marching In
  2. They Remind Me Too Much Of You
  3. Confidence
  4. Frankie And Johnny
  5. Guitar Man
  6. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)
  7. You Don't Know Me
  8. How Would You Like To Be
  9. Big Boss Man
  10. Old MacDonald
JimmyCool wrote on March 20, 2009
In my personal case, “Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies, Vol. 1” was one of my first cassettes (rememebr those?) back when I was a kid. And I really loved that one, I was 7 and I guess the song selection was according to my age. The I bought (well, my mom) "almost In Love" and "I Got Lucky"... even as kid I thought the covers weren't right according to the content. Anyways... I loved the content back then, and I still like it, it's so bizarre, that mix of songs, that makes it a good "alternate" compilation.
Greg Nolan wrote on March 20, 2009
Kees, I'll give you credit as a reviewer for properly capturing the spirit of these (very limited) re-issues of long-out-of-print original Elvis albums -- -all of which came out during his lifetime and have a sort of following among fans in the US at least. The temptation would be to bring out the carving knifes but the spirit of why these songs in this order matters to many fans should be honored and you do that well. There's lots wrong with them as you hint, but they were and are interesting samplers of his catalog and served to highlight the less-than-obvious material of that "iffy" era. I have all the other recent Camden reissues and hope to get these too. At any point now, the "boo-birds" will come on and say how horrible these titles were ( absent nostalgia, there's a lot wrong with some of them) but let's thank Sony Music Entertainment for understanding why RCA 's Camden line was so much fun for many a young Elvis fan. They're very hard to find in stores (although earlier Camdens eventually found their way into K-mart, Wal-Mart and even drug stores and truck stops, not unlike the originals. So maybe the model will work again. For long-time fans, these are worth having if you're a nostalgic sort.
Natha wrote on March 20, 2009
I'm definitely with Kees and value the remarks by Greg Nolan. Indeed, these are maybe re-released for us older fans. These were not my first ones but as a kid I could easily to afford these LPs. So nostalgia works for me too.
benny scott wrote on March 20, 2009
Kees and Greg Nolan ( once again ) : bullseye ! I like them Camdens too ! Always El.
FJE wrote on March 20, 2009
I still have to figure out in which films Elvis sings "Guitar Man" and "Big Boss Man". They're certainly not on any of my DVD releases of all his films!! And yes I know they were (stupidly) included on the "Clambake" Soundtrack.
Johandelclef wrote on March 20, 2009
For nostalgia lovers these are very fine cd releases. With "I got lucky" i grew up. man, those harmless childhood years. The sound is damn good too! Found these one in the ElvisMatters shop. At a small price welcome in any colection.
Steve V wrote on March 20, 2009
Yes Greg, bring out the carving knives and I'll be the first to cut. There bear no nostalgia for me as I was embarrassed by them when they first appeared on vinyl in the 70's. I guess you had to be 7 years old to be impressed which doesn't say much for their appeal to anyone buying records with their own money back then. Hits From His Movies may very well be the worst Elvis album ever to appear. I'm sure you've all heard the story about when Elvis was asked by a fan to sign it, and he said 'What is This?" Indeed, the man had no control over his career.
lamp light wrote on March 20, 2009
I have the originals on these so i think i will pass on this one.
JLpResLey wrote on March 20, 2009
This is a thing that I will never understand. These releases contains some of the worst Elvis Presley performances of all times. Confidence, Yoga is a yoga, Old MacDonald. I don´t know if there is something to be happy about, really. People seems to be less critical about this songs, than they are to the live shows in the seventies, where Elvis sang the same songs over and over. BUT, at least they were good songs.
EspenK wrote on March 20, 2009
This is of course pure nostalgia - but so are practically every other Elvis release as well, arent they? It's not like they release something we havent heard before... Never the less, I like these releases because they bring back memories to when I was a kid and were browsing through the LPs and cassettes. I'll problably never play them (again - as I hardly play any Elvis album at all, anymore), but surely I will buy them. At least "I got lucky".
dgirl wrote on March 20, 2009
I heard the autograph story also. I think it was in Vegas. Elvis was probably embarrased by releases such as these. The Camdens started out as a good idea but once again as always in the Elvis world, they were milked till they held no real purpose anymore. To buy these and never play them? Wow Elvis fans are indeed strange at times. This isnt a SUN 209.
djm wrote on March 20, 2009
good point steve v. do you remember on the dinner at eight cd and elvis notices a fan with the sun sessions and he says `sun sessions, how did that happen?`looking at the tracks for the forthcoming standing room only there are enough great tracks there for a good studio album, instead we ended up burning love and hits from his movies....a real insult of a release in my opinion. other albums like love letters, elvis now, elvis fool, not true albums but leftovers thrown together and chucked out because those stupid elvis fans buy anything. the hash they made of the stax sessions and the worst of all having fun with elvis on stage which summed up parkers comtempt for his artist. could you imagine `having fun with bob dylan on stage`? no wonder elvis lost interest in his career.
lray wrote on March 20, 2009
I bought I Got Lucky, not for nostalgia, but because of the great sound quality of the new remastering job of Vic Anesini. I am nuts for Elvis soundtracks from the early 60's. The masters from Kid Galahad and Follow That Dream sound great, finally. Even though What A Wonderful Life remains mono because they lost the stereo master years ago, it does sound great here, the best ever. Big improvements here on the masters from those 2 films. I expect that C'mon Everybody CD will come out this year with more songs from these two films. We can all be thankful for guys like Vic Anesini, Sebastian Jeansson (check out the killer sound on the new FTD Blue Hawaii) and Kevin Budd.
Steve V wrote on March 20, 2009
Thanks djm - nice to see someone who thinks rationally. I get a lot of flak on this site when I tell things as I see them and & when I think bad judgment was used in Elvis' career. Believe me these LPs were ridiculed. I know firsthand having worked in a record store back then. How can you justify Big Boss Man followed by Old MacDonald and say this is a good product? As for good sound quality, who wants it on songs like Confidence, The Love Machine, Yoga, etc. I'm sure Elvis was not fond of these releases.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 20, 2009
Did he not have control or did he not take control,i think thats always been the question! Here on titles like these,you can see how much his talent waa misused!
I Saw the Light wrote on March 20, 2009
In my opinion they should have put these two albums on one cd. It would be more exciting, and the cd wouldn't be so poor with only 20 minutes of music on it.
JerryNodak wrote on March 20, 2009
As has been stated these albums are what they are. The were that way THEN and they are that wat NOW. Yes there is a certain amount of nostalgia involved in buying these releases, BUT the remastered sound by Vic Anesini is great. You don't enjoy these albums? Fine. I do enjoy them. Sue me!
JerryNodak wrote on March 20, 2009
If Elvis didn't have much control over his career (which he didn't) it's because he allowed it to happen. Stop pointing the fingers at everyone else and at least put part of the blame where it belongs. With Elvis.
Steve V wrote on March 20, 2009
Jerry - I agree. I didn't blame anyone in general. I just stated he didn't have control over his career anymore. That's what happens when drugs take hold of your life. Everything else becomes secondary. (And when I get a good lawyer, I'll sue you for liking these. LOL)
Natha wrote on March 21, 2009
As a young lad I had only a few records. No money! Golden Records was one of them. For a few bucks I could buy these Camdens. Just fun, And there was still better stuff to collect. In those days one did not play Elvis on the radio. Just because he was not trendy. Anyway I readily agree it is not Elvis at his best. On the contrary. But it is part and parcel of it all. Looking back and considering his whole legacy these songs are for me (mind you!) a nice cooling down in between a long list of favorites which I listen to regularly. I just happen to enjoy listening to his voice and as I stated elsewhere, sometimes it is just fun.
theoldscudder wrote on March 23, 2009
These were stinkers when they came out. I could understand limited sales then. But why in the world would anybody buy these now? Your just getting the same old somgs which you already have. I wish the Elvis catalogue would have been treated with respect like Capitol treated the Beatles. As I said they were stinkers then & even bigger stinkers now.
Mark S. wrote on March 23, 2009
I have fond memories of all Camden releases. They were cheap and introduced me to Elvis at the early age of three (we’re talking 1979 here). For a just two guilders (roughly $1) I could buy one used (new was too expensive). What I still like about them is the fact that they are totally uneducational. Seventies pic on the cover and tracklistings all over the place (like the above two albums). In some way, it sort of made me an eclectic Elvis fan. I never once thought the jumpsuited guy on the cover didn’t match the songs on the record. As a kid I really liked songs like “Old MacDonald”, “Confidence” and “Yoga As Yoga Does”. They were such happy songs. Of course NOW I know what a waste of talent these tracks were and what harm they did the man’s career. One of my favourite albums is an eighties Camden-compilation called “Heartbreak Hotel”. It had a Clambake-picture on the cover and contained mostly fifties R&R with the exception of “I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell”, “Guitar Man” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”. That record was practically for free and still play it quite often. Not buying any Camdens on CD though. Don't see the point. I have the material on other CD's and I still have the vinyl records...
dgirl wrote on March 23, 2009
The people that say they liked these releases when they came out because they were 4 or 5 or 7 years old kind of prove my point. There is no 4 or 5 or 7 year old getting into this music today. The world has moved on and as an adult, so should you. These diminish ELvis as much as the silly movies or peacock jumpsuit. Should have never seen the light of day on CD.
NONE000000 wrote on March 23, 2009
There are a lot of ways in which these are indefensible. But indeed there really is a lot of nostalgia connected to them for a lot of people, me among them. That cover of "I Got Lucky" was one of the first times I ever drew Elvis. I eventually went on to become a pretty decent artist, but Elvis was probably the person I drew the most, over and over again between 4th grade and 7th or 8th. Also, the song "I Got Lucky" is truly one of my favorite Elvis tracks. Not sure how to defend these on any grounds other than they bring back some good memories for a few people, and were such a grab bag of songs that all the Camden releases should have just been called "Something For Everybody, volumes 1 thru Whatever"
Mark S. wrote on March 23, 2009
“There is no 4 or 5 or 7 year old getting into this music today.” No? My three year old daughter listens to Elvis all the time. Not because I make her, but because she wants to (believe me, you can NOT make her do anything she doesn’t want to!). Her favourites are the “Easy Come, Easy Go”-soundtrack and the Elvis Lives (25th anniversary concert) DVD. Go figure. She also loves The Monkees’ “Daydream Believer”. Of course young kids will get into this music (we did, didn’t we?), as long as they’re given the opportunity. Silly movies and peacock jumpsuits are a part of Elvis’ legacy. I don’t see how any of that diminishes the man or his music. It all has its place in (music)history. Elvis is gone. Let’s just enjoy what he left behind. And if people want to buy this product –for whatever reason- is fine by me.
theoldscudder wrote on March 23, 2009
dgirl, I guess you were wrong we now know there is one three year old (probably the only one in the world) that's into Elvis. Yougottaknowmore, your comments hit the mark right on. I couldn't agree more. I guess to some of the faithful sheep the Camdens are to Elvis like Rubber Soul, Revolver, & SGT. Pepper were to the Beatles.
benny scott wrote on March 23, 2009
Well said Mark S. ! To each his own indeed . Always El.
Natha wrote on March 24, 2009
Well, my 4 years old son also loves Elvis. Obviously not the only one in the world! He likes the jumpsuits too. Don't look down on people with different taste. You would not like that too. And as Mark said it is all part of it all. And as it covers a whole life full of wonderful music, so what. Are you perfect in your choices, your work or whatever? So have your preferences AND (no but) don't patronise others for having a different opinion. And by the bay, I will not be buying these cds as there is nothing new on them. Luckily I can connect my MP3 player to my car radio and enjoy the full scope of his legacy every where
Mark S. wrote on March 24, 2009
theoldscudder, thanks for the ridicule. Appreciate it. Really. Very classy. All I was trying to say was that kids WILL get into Elvis if they’re given the chance and -believe me- there’s more than one three year old out there. The Camdens were (back in my day) an easy and cheap way to get me interested in Elvis. They contained happy and childish songs. And that’s pretty much all you’re looking for as a kid…don’t see why that would be different for kids today. I never said the Camdens were as revolutionary as the Beatles’ albums you mention. Hardly. But they did serve a purpose. People on this forum should try and lighten up a bit sometimes. It’s music, not religion.
dgirl wrote on March 24, 2009
You dont need the Camdens to have kids get into Elvis. My kids loved Devil In Disguise and others growing up. I certainly didnt play the Camdens for them. An yes, they are no longer into Elvis, so enjoy it while it lasts. I think what we are trying to say is an artist such as Elvis should have never had these albums released, they just cheapened his legacy. The first few were fine. They jumped the shark with the Burning Love album, a grand oppurtunity for a 'real' studio LP headed by the smash single. To have that on a Camden turned off many a fan including me so they started to leave a bad taste as new ones kept being released. It's just a matter of taste, yes, but they cheapened the catalog and were ridiculed by many , except maybe 3-7 year olds. Having them on CD is silly.
theoldscudder wrote on March 24, 2009
Yes Makk they did serve a purpose they made the company a little extra money without their artist going into the recording studio.
ElvisDayByDay wrote on March 25, 2009
If the artist had not been too lazy to go into the studio, pick out his own material and record some new decent songs for new releases in stead of budget albums ... if only ...
Coronel Parker wrote on March 26, 2009
Always the same, if you don't like it, don't buy it. It's easy.
benny scott wrote on March 27, 2009
These Camden-releases, on vinyl or CD, are part of the musical legacy, if you like it or not. And by the way, theoldscudder : you seem to forget that part of that earned money went to Elvis himself, as royalties paid to the artist for record-sales ! He may not have liked those releases at all, but I don't think he refused the money, and why should he ? Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 27, 2009
This cd sure beats anything like an On Tour set doesnt it?
JerryNodak wrote on April 02, 2009
Bring on all of those Camden/Pickwick releases. Bring 'em on!!
JerryNodak wrote on April 03, 2009
How can I say I like them? It's easy. I like them. BTW: "Dominic" isn't on any of the Camden albums. I know. I bought them all on vinyl back in the day. Sing it, E.
benny scott wrote on April 03, 2009
I'm not the only one to like these Camdens, bringing back memories for the older Elvis-fans.Nice to have them on vinyl AND on cd. Seems we have another "Mr. Wiseguy " among the members of this site since 2 days . Here we go again : " why not this, why not that, they should do that and they should do this". Some people will never learn ! Always El.
Take 1 wrote on April 03, 2009
no, benny scott...it's not another "mr. wiseguy"...it's EPsMasterVoice...JanosJumpsuitJunkie... ImmerElvis. the most stupid nicknames in history of the www. always the same: new registration.. postings on nearly every subject.. always writing the same boring bullsh*t !!! he/she should not take so many bad pills !!
Loesje wrote on April 03, 2009
Yep I know all about his 'alter' egos, so don't worry, he will be banned soon :-)
benny scott wrote on April 03, 2009
sveyder and Loesje : thanks for the info ! Always El.
Steve V wrote on April 03, 2009
and dont forget the original moniker - the infamous Josh&Jody.
dgirl wrote on April 04, 2009
Agreed - any CDs with Yoga Is, Confidence, Old McDonald, The Love Machine, & How Would You Like To Be should be banned from store shelves and the general public. These types of songs got Elvis ridiculed once before , dont need a whole new audience to discover this lame stuff at the checkout counter of your supermarket and laugh at him all over again now do we? Plus how can anyone justify enjoying a great song like Big Boss Man sandwiched in bewtween those 2 stinkers? That is listening pleasure? I dont get the fans that want this to actually listen to.
JerryNodak wrote on April 04, 2009
The majority of people who will buy these already know what they're buying. You never know what song will turn a new fan on to Elvis. It was the "movie years" that turned me on to Elvis even though I was around for the debut of Heartbreak Hotel. Nobody will laugh because no one is paying any attention to these releases except you obsessed FAN(atics). I don't have any problem enjoying Big Boss Man sanwiched between two of the lesser movie songs.
theoldscudder wrote on April 05, 2009
dgirl, I agree with you 100%. You have a great song like Big Boss Man between two embarrasing songs. Too bad these Camdens don't come with a disclamer, something like "If you are a first time Elvis buyer please buy Elvis In Memphis to hear the real Elvis. These are strictly cheap budget cd's with the only intent of making money containing no artistic merit whatsoever." Or maybe something like "Playing this disc may prove hazardous to your listening pleasure". The only use I see for these Camden's is they would make a good liner for a kitty litter box. I apologise to any cat that I may have offended with this last remark.
Take 1 wrote on April 06, 2009
you are so right Tellmewhy...100%
JerryNodak wrote on April 06, 2009
Since you asked I'll tell you. I was born on June 1st 1950. You do the math.
Take 1 wrote on April 06, 2009
I was born 10.000 years ago...
Greg Nolan wrote on April 08, 2009
Reviewing the posts since I commented at the beginning, I'm reminded of the continued anonymous "Drive-by"-style mean-spiritedness of too many of the posters here, especially some newcomers. This site would be taken more seriously if it worked to screen out those who don't want to be constructive or at least polite in their criticism. To the worthy points made: Steve V. - I totally get why you hate these titles- they bring back bad memories of Elvis' misguided '70s management. If I was older, I'd probably feel as against them as you and I've often written they were clear mistakes, after "Burning Love and Other.." came along anyway. But for a lot of us who discovered Elvis through RCA AND their budget Camden line, either from a very young age or up to say 13, it was all a good ride and an adventure. Only later could I learn enough to say "wait a minute!" I embrace all periods of Elvisdom - the good and the bad. But the fact is that they existed and in a kitchsy way have some appeal. Take or leave it but save the venom to those who are spewing it. If nothing else, most of us our collector-fans so the notion that I'd be playing such a disc more than once is rather ludicrous. It's a shelf item but a neat one at that, save for things like "Let's Be Friends" and "Almost in Love" which I think are quite fine. And a final important (mostly lost point) these are super-RARE U.S.-only limited budget releases - that is, almost as limited as an FTD. In the rest of the world, they are especially rare. The notion that they are diluting ANYTHING in 2009 (they're not in even budget shops in the regions I've scouted) is absurd. It's essentially an internet-only release and harms no one and nothing but does charma few completists as well as audiophiles, for the sonic reasons noted earlier. I see now that Borders bookstores (one of the last retail outlets for CDs) is now trimming down all their stock of Cds', with a big 40% off sale. I think their going to halve what they put out and I see that's the case with Elvis as well. So goodbye CD era, and thanks to SONY for continuing these limited speciality collector reissues. Don't like 'em? Don't buy 'em. You'd have a hard time even seeing the latest Camdens anyway. It's a fun hobby - let's keep it that way and not, as was said, treat it as a religion.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 08, 2009
If you take away the mean spirited fans who will be left? I have run into my fair share of those,but there not the ones who dont like this or that,but the ones who think there views are the only views worth hearing or that someone that doesnt like everything Elvis is a non fan or a complainer,on the other side i have ran into some classy fans who dont act like there 5 years old,as for these cd's,they can be found at many walmarts,if you like them then cool if not then cool,theres too many Elvis compilations im sure most would agree with that?
benny scott wrote on April 08, 2009
Wish there were more members with the clear view and common sense like Greg . To each his own ! So don't bash or condemn fans who like those Camden-releases. Always El.
theoldscudder wrote on April 08, 2009
I like the fact that there are fans that are positive about all things Elvis. I also like the fact that there are fans which are more critical. It makes this site all the more interesting. If everyone was of the same mind why even bother to click on this website. I hate the Camdens with a passion. I couldn't for the life of me see why anyone would enjoy these. However after reading the various comments (Greg's amongst others) I can understand why some people appreciate these Camden's. I being an older fan just feel they cheapened the Kings catalogue. However I can see some younger fans liking these because maybe thay were the first record of Elvis that they bought. To sum up I hope the positives as well as the negatives keep coming it makes for lively & spirited discussions.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 08, 2009
Goodness,if someone loves the cd's i dont think any less of that person,you can like what you like and your right its good to have conversations about things,but in a respectful way,hey benny i have common sence just the other day it started to rain within 10 minutes i was running for cover!
benny scott wrote on April 09, 2009
Hi Mature, believe it or not, but in my previous reaction i was not, repeat: not, referring to you personally, but talking in general. Anyway: glad you understand some fans like those Camdens. At my age it's more a matter of nostalgia. Happy Easter to all of you ! Always El.
Greg Nolan wrote on April 11, 2009
OldScud, thanks for meeting me half-way. I have to admit, the recent batch (when I look at the song titles) does make me recoil. The covers are a big part of the appeal. Once upon a time I really liked them especially the covers. They are sort of burned into my memory. I think they're rather striking covers actually even now. I say again that not all Wal-Marts or K-Marts are carrying them. They are virtually an internet-only release in the US only. It would be interesting to know what percentage of new releases on the mainstream label (like the new gospel remastered set) are primarily sold via the 'net. In that case, the chances of someone picking these up accidentally are pretty slim. They're good goofy fun. If they bring a single soul to Elvis (and they somehow did years ago) then that's good. On the other hand, they probably confirmed the worst among those who view him as a mixed bag. And so it goes.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 11, 2009
Why have Elvis country Elvis is back etc in walmart stores? they do carry Elvis cd's but its all compilations mostly,sorry i dont get it,never have,never will,its not as much about having these camdens in stores its about not having classic albums in stores,have both or just have the classics,and every walmart i have been in lately has quite a few of the camdens!
kink56 wrote on August 16, 2011
I really like the Camdens Let's Be Friends, Almost In Love, I Got Lucky and C'Mon Everybody. I hated 45's and I wanted all Elvis songs to be on LPs. Vic Anesini's remastering is worth buying EVERY catalog album all over again.....which I am doing as fast as they are released. I am wondering if Sony will put out the remaining Camden "C'mon Everybody"? And the remaining soundtracks? The mastering on "Double Features" CDs is horrendeous. Elvis sings Hits from movies was one I never needed, because I already owned all the soundtrack LPs. But I thought buying "Burning Love" and "Separate Ways" Camden LPs was a better deal than buying the respective singles at the time. (Did I mention I hate 45s?)