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New Spankox Single: Blue Moon Of Kentucky

December 02, 2008 | Music

The second single from Spankox remix album will be "Blue Moon Of Kentucky". It is due from Spankox Everness label for release December 2008 in Italy. Like the first single it will be a VinylCD too; one side plays in your cd player while the other side plays on your record player. The video was filmed just recently in the UK.

Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Re: Version - Highpass Album Cut)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Re: Verison - Highpass Extended Mix)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Original Remastered Version)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Spankox Re: Version Ringtone)

The first remix album called “Re:Versions” and produced by Spankox, will be released in Canada on Dec. 2nd, in Italy on Dec. 5th, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Dec. 12th.

The single is already available for pre-order from ShopElvis.eu.

Source:Elvis Corner

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Jerome-the-third wrote on December 02, 2008
isn't this supposed to be the ideal Christmas-present? Peace on earth but not to my Ears!!..
elvislives72 wrote on December 02, 2008
Well as someone who doesn't care too much for the techno remixes this is actually pretty good! I never cared for the original version but this remix actually does it justice. The video is kind of corny though but in a good way. It'll catch on in the UK but not in the US. Kids here care more about rap music than they do real music. BTW for those who say remixes don't bring in new fans the remix ALLC is now the biggest selling single in US history! Even surpassing Hey Jude by the Fab Four.:)
RonBaker wrote on December 02, 2008
I would say that the video illustrates the intended audience for these remixes: 10 year old kids at an arcade.
Emiel Maier wrote on December 02, 2008
A firm favourite of mine. Like elvislives72 wrote: "I never cared for the original version but this remix actually does it justice", it goes the same for me. Hopefully it can ride on the wave that the Christmas Duets will create. Good luck Spankox and Elvis!
DeLorean wrote on December 02, 2008
Aaarggghh! Make it stop! If gimmicks like this and a so-called "Christmas Duets" album are need to carry on Elvis' legacy then something has gone very wrong.
Brian Chatters wrote on December 02, 2008
I like this remix - it is one of the better ones on the album. It possibly would catch on in the UK but given the current attitude of BMG/Sony regarding Elvis releases, this one will go the same way as the remix album and the duets album - ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE! I hope I'm wrong but the UK has certainly had a raw deal in 2008. Top 100 hits this year: "Baby Let's Play House" remix spent one week at no. 84., The "incomparable" album spent four weeks in the top 100 peaking at no. 87, "Hitstory" spent a further 17 weeks peaking at no. 45 (due to a repromotion at a much reduced price), "Love Elvis" spent five weeks peaking at no. 92 (another reduced price promotion). The duets and the remix albums have failed to chart.
Brian Quinn wrote on December 02, 2008
A good remix. However, unless promoted it will not sell. Just look at the 'Elvis Christmas Duets' album in the UK for a classic example of this.
benny scott wrote on December 02, 2008
It's not my cup of tea, but... to each his own. I stick with the original(s). Always El.
Steve V wrote on December 03, 2008
You dont mess with the SUNS or well known classics, but I guess to each his own. And elvislives72, I dont know how or why that bogus list with ALLC being listed as the all-time biggest selling single was compiled but you have to know there is no way it can be the biggest selling single ever. A Google search will show the correct list that makes sense: (numbers represent millions sold) 1 Candle In The Wind '97 Elton John 37 2 White Christmas Bing Crosby 30 3 Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley and His Comets 17 4 I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles 12 5 Hey Jude The Beatles 10 5 It's Now Or Never Elvis Presley 10 5 I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston 10 8 Hound Dog Elvis Presley 9 8 Diana Paul Anka 9 10 I'm A Believer The Monkees 8 10 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You The Bryan Adams 8
Natha wrote on December 03, 2008
I just watched the video. If this is a way to present Elvis, than please stop. Showing Elvis in his prime youth combined with a young kid dressed up, overdone and with such a bad taste, cannot relate to the proposed idea. It cannot be produced by an Elvis fan or one pretending to honor Elvis' legacy. Mixing and mocking are two different things.
Spankox wrote on December 03, 2008
Hi all. I'm happy that most of you like the remix and the videoclip. Thankyou. I think it's also normal that someone doesn't, but that's normal, otherwise we'd all eat the same food. Thankyou in advance to all of you who will support the release of the single and of the album.
Pedro Nuno wrote on December 03, 2008
It doesn't have the freshness or the genius touch of the 1954 original. But very honestly certainly it wasn't supposed to have so. It's a remix, it's not bad and it respects the original Sun basis and doesn't offend me as a fan, at all. It's a creative way to present Elvis music without denying the original or intending to. I don’t dislike it (nor love it).
JimmyCool wrote on December 03, 2008
Sorry, Spankox, I really liked the "Baby, Let's Play House" but, to me, it was the only good remix of the album. The rest sound a little amateurish to my ears. "Baby, Let's Play House" can be played in a club, just like "A Little Less Conversation" and "Rubberneckin'", but the rest hasn't power and punch enough to make people dance on the dancefloor and they sound monotone. I would like to hear a good remix of "Let Yourself Go", "Speedway" or "Spinout" someday... now that would be awesome ;)
Steve V wrote on December 03, 2008
Spankox - appreciate your understanding of the fans opinions. This isnt really that bad. But why doesnt someone take really those unknown ELvis songs (like ALLC was), and do a remix on them? There are so many hidden gems like that , unknown to non-Elvis followers, that need to see a new life.
Clambake67 wrote on December 03, 2008
hey Spankox!Had the pleasure of meeting you during Elvis week and told you how much I enjoy the remix work you have done.Please keep them coming as I love them and think its an incredible and inventive way of reaching the younger generation.
old shep wrote on December 03, 2008
I agree with Brian Chatters Sony/BMG are giving Elvis fans a very bad deal through lack of promotion. Baby Lets Play House did get some advanced plays courtesy of Radio 2 but the album bombed through lack of promotion and it looks like The Christmas Duets will go the same way. I hope every legitimate Elvis release does well including this, but I fear that the guys at the record company are only interested in current "stars" and see Elvis as an Anachronism.
Ruthie wrote on December 03, 2008
Sorry, Spankok, but that video is stupid. If that kid wants to be a gymnist he should try out for the Olympics. The remix is better than I expected so I will listen to it, but I am one of the very few ELvis fans in the world that truly loves the original. Remember, it was a great piece of music back in the 50's when we had nothing like that. The rest of you are probably too young.
ta2k wrote on December 03, 2008
I haven't heard this but the original is one of my early faves. TCB
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 03, 2008
I've managed to get my hands on an early pressing and you have the track listing wrong. The correct line-up is as follows: Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Kill a Classic remix) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (No respect for Elvis remix) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Not even good even for the trash remix) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Lord God, Why? remix) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Please God, make this moron go away remix) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Sad man whose only talent is leeching off others remix) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (At least this will die on the vine like his album did remix)
Dixieland Rock wrote on December 04, 2008
I liked the Blue Moon of Kentucky remix but the the video itself looks so silly. The kid with the overblown pompador wig jumping around looks ridiculas. The first thing I thought when I saw the kid jumping around was The Colonel's old dancing canaries on a hot plate act. Aside from the silly video, I LIKE the remixes especially "Baby Let's Play House" & "Jailhouse Rock". Spankox, I hope you'll do a remix of "Treat Me Nice" and "Rip It Up". I do enjoy the remixes you've done. But please, no more fake overblown Elvis wigs and jumpsuits.
My boy, my boy wrote on December 04, 2008
I agree with Ruthie...the mix is not too bad although the kid should be wearing the 50's fake sideburns instead of the 70's plus the golden outfit from 1957 instead of the 70's jumpsuit.
Jerome-the-third wrote on December 04, 2008
No that's incorrect, the actual tracklisting should be: Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Re: Version - I'll pass this Album Cut) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Re: Verion - Highclass Extortion Mix) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Original Copy and Pasted Version from Budget Label) Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Spankox Ka-Ching Ringtone)..
djm wrote on December 04, 2008
thay didnt sell very well not because of lack of promotion but because they are garbage, particularly the spankox release.
dukebrando76 wrote on December 04, 2008
as a good frind of mine says "you don't mess with the mona lisa painting so what's different about elvis". you don't mess with sun period; and might as well not mess with any of his work as it was perfect the way it was! i do understand the idea of drawing a younger audience in but at the sake of screwing with elvis music i'd rather not purchase any more remixes! his music is perfect the way it is! be satisfied with the original as they are trying to replace him with the fake elvis contest(e.t.a) what a horrible crime that is; and during elvis week to boot!