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Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Spankox Re: Version)


Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Spankox Re: Version)
2.0 / 5
Released: 2008/12/09 by Everness

The second remix by the Italian DJ Spankox from the "Re: Versions" remix album. This time the SUN classic "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" was updated to the 21st. century. This release is a vinyl/CD which means that you can play one side on your turntable and the other in you CD player.

ElvisNews review

The second remix by Italian DJ Spankox is out; another hit?


The design of this single - the version on Spankox' own Everness label - is in line with the first remix of "Baby Let's Play House". The single features the EPE and Graceland seals, so EPE apparently approved this second mix. The disc itself is another Vinyl/CD, this time black on top and silver on the flipside.



The CD contains three tracks; two mixes, the original version and a ringtone. The "Re: Version" of this SUN classic is a not as extreme as the first remix. DJ Agostino mainly re-edited and re-sampled the original with an additional bass-beat not using futuristic sounds as on his first Elvis remix. The extended version of the mix is a bit too extended, so you simply don't get into the song.

As for the remastered original; for a lot of (old) fans probably the best version on this disc :-)


Kind of dangerous dangerous with a release like this ... just listen to the remix and make up your mind :-) It will probably a never ending discussion between the Elvis Fan vs. SPankox. 

As for the opening question, the single hasn't shown up in a chart yet.



marco31768 wrote on December 29, 2008
Stop this remixes !!!
Rating: 1 / 5
Spankox wrote on December 31, 2008
A little update: the remix of "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" has been playlisted by the National Italian Radio RAI 2, by Radio Rete 105 (one of Italy's most important radio networks) and several other regional radios. Now it's among the 100 most played songs by Italian Radios. The single and the album received very good reviews on several important newspapers and magazines. The videoclip is currently playlistes by All Music TV. Happy 2009! Ago SPANKOX
Rating: 5 / 5
pallep3 wrote on January 08, 2009
Agreed marco!
Rating: 1 / 5
burton wrote on January 10, 2009
Who gives a rats ....! about this type of ....! (Fill in your own expletive.)
Rating: 1 / 5