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Christmas Duets In The Charts - Updated

November 26, 2008 | Music

The "Christmas Duets" album sold 29.000 copies last week in the US and climbed to #25 on the Top 200 Album chart. 

Other Billboard listings are:

  • Top Country Albums - "Christmas Duets" up to #5 from #12.
  • Top Holiday Albums - "Christmas Duets" up to #5 from #12.
  • Top Pop Catalog Albums - "It's Christmas Time" up from #27 to #3.
  • Top Country Catalog Albums - "Elvis Christmas" remains at #3.
  • 'Elvis' 30 No.1 Hits' down from 7 - 8.

On Cashbox' Hot Christmas Albums chart "Christmas Duets" remains steady at #10 while "Elvis Christmas" climbs from #16 to #14. On the Top Country Albums chart "Christmas Duets" remains steady at #10.

In Canada "Christmas Duets" moved up to #15 from #39 on the Album chart.


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GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 27, 2008
Go Elvis!! The promotions, are finally kicking in, and people are buying this wonderful collection. Please, Elvis Fans, buy it for Friends and Family. Lets make this the #1 Holiday album/ CD this Christmas !!
ta2k wrote on November 27, 2008
I know there are many different Charts over there,is this the main one ? TCB
JerryNodak wrote on November 27, 2008
Top 200 Albums is the main one, yes.
sitdown68 wrote on November 27, 2008
oh this is great news...I kinda knew it, this would be a blast!
old shep wrote on November 27, 2008
The UK is slow in promoting this album, I have seen it in HMV but not in any of the other chain Has it been on the TV yet here in the UK?
ta2k wrote on November 27, 2008
Thanks for the answer JN. 29,000 doesn't seem a great deal but the placing isn't bad. Rising at least another 6 spots would have a good ring to it. OldShep, i've not seen any promotion whatsoever, no adverts,no posters,nothing ! TCB
James69 wrote on November 27, 2008
And also moves up to #5 on the country chart! It think thats the first time that an Elvis album reaches the Top 5 Country Chart in the USA since 2002 (30 #1 Hits)
Brian Quinn wrote on November 27, 2008
The following are the Final Billboard positions for this week: Top 200 Albums - 'Christmas Duets' up to 25 from 56. Top Country Albums - 'Christmas Duets' up to 5 from 12. Top Holiday Albums - 'Christmas Duets' up from 5 from 12. Top Pop Catalog Albums - 'It's Christmas Time' up from 27 to 3. Top Country Catalog Albums - 'Elvis Christmas' remains at No.3. 'Elvis' 30 No.1 Hits' down from 7 - 8.
Steve V wrote on November 27, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving to all! This is indeed uplifting news. Number 25 is a nice showing. Amazing how only 29,000 units gets you this high on the charts these days. I swear I dont understand Billboard anymore but at least its on the chart that really counts, the Top 200! Im happy I contributed to this. I really enjoyed this release. Way to go!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 27, 2008
Steve, i am no carrie underword fan ,same for gretchen wilson,i was surprised to find out that martina mcbride had never been to graceland before going there to help with the lights,so what are the stand out songs on here? im on the fence on this one!
James69 wrote on November 27, 2008
And it has moved up to #15 in CANADA from #39!!
Steve V wrote on November 27, 2008
Mature - Blue Christmas is great also Santa Claus Is Back In Town , Here Comes Santa Claus and Carrie Underwood is good as well. I didnt like The G Wilson duet. But overall a nice CD with great sound. The remakes on the Elvis songs never sounded so good. I think they kept the integrity of the originals and enahanced them with a few extra instruments and greatly improved the sound. This may be the way to go in the future on doing Elvis songs. In fact, Ive heard Winder Wonderland on the radio several times. Seems to be a favorite. I actaully thinks its a better groove than the original.
Steve V wrote on November 27, 2008
And may I add , to me it makes more sense to support a release like this than to buy a crappy sounding concert on bootleg and putting money into the hands of those piraters. At least Elvis will see some chart success with this.
woody1 wrote on November 27, 2008
Well I purchased my copy yesterday, ignored the expensive cardbord cover ones and got the less colourful one in the hard case for £8.99 at HMV. Sounds great to me, nice new lease of life to the old songs, and hey I've still got the originals if I want to listen to them, its a win win situation.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 28, 2008
Thanks steve, i agree abuot supporting the right stuff,i will pick this up,thanks agiin!
bajo wrote on November 28, 2008
I just received Christmas Duets, and I like it! It's actually a good record imo. Nice to see the chart actions! A good production job done! It's nice to hear Elvis in a new setting! Fans should go out and get this. This is a way to support and make people aware of a really good Elvis product!
kingcreole4 wrote on November 28, 2008
Just bought this cd today and found it really good. But i would have liked to be able to buy it in a shop instead of online. No wonder this hasn't entered the charts yet with no publicity and hardly any shops stocking it. I think only fans know of it's existence just like the last remix cd. It seems to be getting publicity in the USA So why not here?
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 28, 2008
All the songs have added instrumentation, not just the last three, but it's been done well. On "Blue Christmas" Millie Kirkham has reprised her background vocals (The ooh-oohs!) She always felt that her part was overdone, but Elvis knew exactly what sound he wanted & he was 100% right! The 3 solo tracks at the end have also been treated sympathetically – they are a little different without spoiling the original sound. I only hope this CD gets at least some promotion in the UK.
circleG wrote on November 29, 2008
the video is fantastic. i hope it appears on the Christmas edition of Top of the Pops on Tv here in the Uk. Kids need to see REAL talent
Viva Las Chris! wrote on December 05, 2008
UK? RCA is a disgrace to Elvis'memory. What on earth could be the reason for their marketing invsibilty and inertia to criticism? This CD should be in the charts - yet old stuff like Dave Clark is?!