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Sony On The Hunt

November 08, 2008 | Other

It looks like Sony/ BMG is trying to get fan clubs to stop selling bootlegs to their members, according to a letter the Follow That Dream label sent out to fan clubs selling FTD releases last Thursday. This is an excerpt fromt the letter from FTD as found on the FECC forum, of which Ernst Jorgensen confirmed to us it was sent out last week:
"FTD does not police your activities but others do. We will however support SONY’s battle to stop illegal product, and we need your support. You may want to consider whether it’s really necessary to fill your magazines with reviews of illegal records, both encouraging fans to purchase them, and drawing attention to your own business. Reviews of such records will lead to speculation as to whether you sell this type of product or not. The professional people who investigate bootlegging are not naive! Unfortunately we have already been asked to stop delivery to one fan club, several others are being investigated, and a few were VERY lucky in the last 12 months not to get caught."

Well if we can't write about the music of our man released on bootleg, we should perhaps do what Elvis Presley Enterprices does; talk about tribute artists, Elvis glasses, Elvis Week events with impersonators and boyscouts, members of the Insiders club, Elvis porcelain Kinkade, Gretchen Wilson and meeting Martina McBride ... just to list the last ten updates from the Official Elvis Presley fan club website:

  • 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Prizes Announced
  • New '68 Comeback Collector Series Glasses from Hour Glass Studio
  • Elvis Week 2009 Schedule of Events Announced
  • Elvis Insiders Fan Spotlight
  • Upcoming Highlights on SIRIUS Satellite Radio
  • 2009 Elvis Week Insiders Event Announced
  • It’s Always Christmas at Graceland Mansion in New Porcelain Illuminated Musical from Santa’s Best
  • Graceland Holiday Lighting Ceremony to Shine Brighter than Ever with Martina McBride, Thomas Kinkade, St. Jude
  • Gretchen Wilson visits Graceland
  • Win a Trip to Memphis to Meet Martina McBride

We're sure Ernst Jorgensen does not want all fan clubs and their members enjoying Elvis this way ...

mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
What is sony, Ftd etc,not interested in? Giving a better product,without sound errors,cheap digi packs,they have turned off many fans by these issues!
Erika Freiburger wrote on November 08, 2008
What a stupid letter. I buy about 30 bootleg CD's in a year and i'll do this as long as i find interesting Elvis material. Bootlegs are often better than FTD's so if a concert were released both legally and illegally then i often choose the illegal version. Who is this Ernst Jorgensen guy? Is he a cop? Dear Ernst,in the future i will buy more and more bootlegs and less and less FTD's.
elvislives72 wrote on November 08, 2008
It's about time Sony did this. A little too late though as all the good unreleased material is already out there per bootleggers and imports. But at least they're putting a stop to the manufacturing companies illegally producing illegal material on cd. Now maybe we'll get the Hampton Roads show on the mainstream label.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Your kidding right? So you really think imports are why they havnt put out hampton roads up untill recentyl that show only excisted on a bad sound import,and still it has several songs missing,i assure if Ftd released Hampton Roads right now it would be one of there top selling releases,oh but only if they could avoid pathetic mastering bad editing and it would be nice to have a booklet but that would be just asking too much,there are many releases that Ftd could release that have put put by imports and i again assure you they would sell sell sell,sure some would say i aint buying that but my friend many many many people dont have these bad old imports,do you really feel confident that Ftd really is for the fans? did you enjoy live in la?
Santa Claus wrote on November 08, 2008
Our local newspaper is writing about bank-robberies etc every day. So Ernst: Now I might suspect THEY are the scoudrels. Hm, never looked at it that way. Have to keep an eye on my purse when I pass their office during my next lunch-break. Milton Berle's jokes from 52 years ago are still valid: Somebody must have steped on Ernst's head with his blue suede shoes). I love the imports that came out since Ernst searched the archives!?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
By the way if Ftd was really for the fans why not have a voting system for upcoming releases? As for the mainstream label dont bother looking for new releases because unless your taking compilations its not gonna happen!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Santa do you not agree that if Ftd released Hampton roads ,july 1970 rehearsals and many other great imports that if they did it right with great sound and had nice artwork with booklet that it would sell like crazy and that even many who owned the imports would still buy?
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 08, 2008
Very good idea,mature! I would vote for the upcoming releases. But the sad fact is that they release what they want to release,they absolutely don't care what we want. The only thing they are interested in is money. I rather buy bootlegs,because at least i get quality products. FTD's are almost always crap,thanks to ernst jorgensen and lene reidel.
sitdown68 wrote on November 08, 2008
Well, one must be aware of the fact that they have a right to do so. Whoever is opposing to it is on the losing side. What I consider kind of disgusting are some comments by some participants. Ernst is doing FTD as a side job, driven by his passion for Presley's legacy, bootleggers have all the time of the world to prepare their next product. They don't pay one penny of royalties to to anyone involved in those project of days gone by. So what? Please get a grip.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Then give the job to someone who doesnt run it as a side job,how does a collectors label that ask more for there cd's than regular releases become a side job?,i sure am not paying budget prices,sure they can legally stop imports,but to say that there is passion showed in every Ftd release is just not true,i have never heard a real answer to any real questions he has been asked,many fans are beginning to see that something is not right with the label!
Santa Claus wrote on November 08, 2008
Mature Elvis: There is one importent word in your reply. It's the word "IF". In the first 20 years after Elvis' death there was NOTHING from RCA. Except the silver box where they swapped channels on Aloha songs on one LP. That's where the bootleggers came in. RCA slept 20 years. And now, faking session parts, master errors on every second release, horror price... they still don't know how to do it. I'm collecting Elvis since 1977, I have a shelf full of FTDs which cost me a fortune .. but there are only a handful of real perfect releases that caused me a "Whow". Even highlights like "Country" were disapointing products on which he released all the old stuff, faking/shortening the outtakes he released on other BMG products a their original form. Shameless. As long as the "if FTD" don't disappear from your replies, I will happily buy every senseful bootleg. And if you want to hear a good quality life-version of "Where no one stands alone". Stick with the bootleg. Ernst only has a "bad recording" of it lol. (By the way: I never skipped a single FTD until now ;-)).
roytcbintheuk wrote on November 08, 2008
The so called professional people at Sony are naive enough to think that us fans will continue to buy there inflated and in some cases second rated releases and why do they not promote their own star I.E no marketing at all for the Christmas Duets album,I am not saying Ernst and his team dont do a good job they have and brought us many great releases, however they comes to the time when enough is enough, this is a collectors label so why not give the collectors a good quality product at a fair price, the 7" 2cd sets are great(albeit a little difficult to store)and good value but why are the 5" cds not a 2cd set apart from Nevada Nights & New Years Eve. Come on guys if you were delivering then the bootleggers would not exist, Madison to name a few have brought out some great stuff with booklets that are excellent. Its all about the Mand And His Music and not the s***e Elvis EnterPRICES promote. Sony leave the fan clubs alone they are your lifeline.
elvistruth wrote on November 08, 2008
Time to say goodbye, Ernst!!! After these disgraceful and stupid comments only I can Say that it's time to say goodbye, Ernst. Your work was really good the first years but the last years are continuosly going down, FTD have a pathetic art cover and it's part of the release, please learn of Chuck Granata (Sinatra's Columbia part) when says it. Just the contrary of Ernst when said "BMG is not a photograph label". Really a "little" difference between both executives. Bootleg people are ilegally, yes, but al least are thinking about caring Elvis and Elvis fans. At the same price 1000 times better art working, even better sound sometimes. For me it's rather sad seeing today at my greatest city shop the last release of Bob Dylan with unreleased tracks, two cds and one book at only 19 euro, as Sony Legacy. yes, the same label that Elvis. Elvis sounds a billion of times better on vinyl and other analogic formats that on any FTD or Sony cd, it`s fault of Elvis or Parker?? Absolutely NOT!!!! Even a poor 8track sounds more lively!!!!! Well, 3 months ago I was ERASED without any compassion of another famous Elvis web for say this truth and being one of first reclaiming ( without any doubt) the farewell to Jorgensen. It's very funny, so much funny to see as my words were prophetic!!!! Now many, many people are absolutely writing the same!! I wasn't wrong. Mr Ernst Jorgensen is completely out of caring Elvis fans. He's not the man to continue this great work, so please: go back to your home. This is it. Very important: not to buy any Elvis or SONY product. If this rude man continues his task of insulting Elvis fans. We want ourYour apologies right now..
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 08, 2008
Very well-written post,elvistruth,thank you! I completely agree with you. There were times when Ernst did an O.K. job. But now he's an old and tired man who is not able to lead the FTD label. Ernst,please don't destroy this label! Let Ger Rijff to lead it. He is a super Elvis-fan who issued countless fantastic books and created beautiful cd and book-covers. He would be able to do a much better work than you. Simply because he's a true Elvis-fan while you are not. If you were a true Elvis-fan then you wouldn't allow Lene Reidel to destroy the sound quality of nearly 70 very expensive CD's. We deserve MUCH BETTER products for our hard earned money. I don't want to hurt you but i think you have to go. Please go. You are an amateur. Just like Lene Reidel.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
The blame is not all ernst,the label couldnt care less about fans or what kind of material they put out,the thing about Ftd is the fact it wouldnt excist if not for imports,they saw there was market for these type of releases and someone thought hmmm lets get in on that,there have been some great releases via Ftd but my favorites are in a cheap digi packs,im sorry im just more about quality than quanity,personally i dont like album style releases,besides them being over sized there easily to damage,just think if great concerts like Hampton roads are released on Ftd one day,they will come in a digi pack,can you honestly say you are ok with paying 30 bucks for that,artist have new released with new material for about 12 bucks these days,but this is a collecotors label and only done in spare time hecne the excuses!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
When a label knows that someone cant mix a cd and yet they allow them to keep mixing do you not find that to be a finger to the fans cause i do,then other projects sych as 50's are given proper respect by kevan budd!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 08, 2008
Hey guys! What's inside those colourful tins?
Erika Freiburger wrote on November 08, 2008
The persons behind this label are not Elvis-fans,but they like $$$$$ very much. I don't know them. Maybe they are kind and intelligent guys. I don't know. But i hope they will be dumped soon.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 08, 2008
Good question i bet some real treasures are inside those tins like maybe a Christmas compilations!
SnOwMan wrote on November 08, 2008
I don't care who will be the next head of the FTD label. However,one thing is sure: ERNST HAS TO GO!
GeertFromNl wrote on November 08, 2008
Ernst Yorgenson and Lene Reidel don't deserve any payment for their clumsy work. Not even a penny. They are both amateurs. Shame on them. And shame on us for spending so much money on these faulty and ugly FTD digipack CD's. Poor Elvis is rolling in his grave. Go Ernst and leave the FTD label alone. Without you everything will be better.
John4126 wrote on November 08, 2008
Quality product at a reasonable price will outdo the bootleggers every time Ernst. Pity you don't seem to appreciate this. Long Live Madison!
B_H wrote on November 09, 2008
Ernst is probarbly holdig back the quality on the first issue of the FTD releases...He must have something to improve when he is going to re re re re release it in 10 years...lol
wayup wrote on November 09, 2008
Folks, many of these postings below are unbelievable bulls**t. Ernst have all rights to send such messages to support FTD label. FTDs are - mostly - superior to bootlegs soundwise and bringing out more interesting stuff overall. I am the one who is enjoying the all the best bootlegs around but I am also 100% supporter of FTD label, having every single CD released by this label. Instead of continuous complaining and bullsh****ng, be HAPPY and grateful that you have someone like Ernst Joergensen and Roger Semon, because "The Summer's Almost Gone" and FTD and/or bootlegs will not last forever. When these good days will be over, then you can complain............
Lefty wrote on November 09, 2008
There seems to be a grass roots campaign afoot calling for Ernst to resign. I wonder if he reads these posts? My first guess would be that he does not. If you really want to see Ernst get booted, (pun intended) posting your gripe hear won't help. You'll need to start writing letters directly to Sony. I agree that FTD is on the verge of losing it's share of the market. Why else would Sony threaten to crack down on the fan clubs? From a marketing perspective, I think it's a bad idea to get what you want through intimidation and threats. A far better idea is to improve your product and win back the support of the consumer. Here's a little test you can do at home to prove my point. Go to your CD collection, and take out an FTD Classic Series 7" gatefold. Now, take out an FTD standard 5" release and hold it next to the Classic Series release. Remember that the two CD's you're holding were produced by the same outfit, and were priced exactly the same. Then try to convince yourself that FTD cannot do any better with the standard 5" releases. You won't be able to. Case in point, FTD can do a better job without sacrificing profit. I hope that Ernst takes note.
Lex wrote on November 09, 2008
Amen, wayup!! Some people sound like a broken record... and you never hear of them unless they can bash Ernst and/or FTD.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 09, 2008
I think it is about time Sony BMG (or whatever they are now called) seriously look at who has the responsibility of managing the Elvis Catalogue. Whoever it is has seriously let Elvis and his fans down in the past few years. No record award upgrades since January 2004 and virtually nothing spent on puclicizing Elvis products. The person concerned is obviously not an Elvis fan and does not respect his body of work. Before such a company can start to issue such edicts to their customers they should first look at what they do for them. Very Little. It's time for a change.
ElvisDayByDay wrote on November 09, 2008
Some of you guys and girls should get their facts right. Ernst is not in charge of Elvis but he is involved of course. We don't know what happens at BMG headquarters, but Elvis has been a moneymaker for the company since the day he signed his first contract with RCA and he still is. So very little effort is made since the product sells itself. We all know Ernst' name, but I think there is someone else to "blame". Perhaps Ernst can put through a message :-) As the above average fan I consider myself I would like to see some more good stuff released, but there simple are not enough fans buying other stuff than the 30 greatest hits packages making the effort to create those releases financially viable for the record company. FTD titles only sell a couple of thousand copies per title. The fan base for those releases is too small. Of course we want to see other stuff released and stupid mistakes are made and the packaging could be better, but let's not forget who brought you the FTD label. Just think about this for a moment, without Ernst and Roger there would not have been an FTD label giving you about ten interesting CDs - unreleased material from BMG's perspective, so disregarding bvootleg releases - each year, that's almost one every month!
wayup wrote on November 09, 2008
Lex: thanks.... you know me ;-) I really do not like people writing such trash. Elvis fans can be extremely happy to have such collectors label managed by competent people. There is NO SINGLE ARTIST with similar label - even Bright Midnight Records/Archives-Rhino is releasing just very few CDs for Doors collectors, hardly 1-2 CD per year....
Erika Freiburger wrote on November 09, 2008
It's easy to release 10 CD's/year when most of them are re-releases. The classic album series contains nearly nothing new. It's hard to find 2-3 complete outtakes and a few false starts on them. Some people say FTD is very generous when they asks only $30 for a 2cd-set. Well,considering that these releases contains all in all 10 or 15 unreleased minutes,i wouldn't pay more than $10 for them.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 09, 2008
Lefty i agree,do i think ernst is in charge of everything? absolutely not,my beef is with the label all together,if you other fans want to look the other way while paying bloated prices for inferior products by all means continue to do so,and the we should be grateful argument is backwards,they should be grateful that people buy music from a artist that hasnt made a ablumin 30 plus years,as left said why do you get quality with some releases and others are thrown together,not to mention the sound errors,do you people do this with everything you buy, oh its broken but no need to complain just glad its there to buy,and can people give a view without insulting? just wondering
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 09, 2008
Erika,thats what i cant figure out,you pay 30 bucks for about 10 minutes of new material and you call it a bargain,also how do we know much each Ftd sells,and last time i checked its them who dont mention the Ftd label in anyway,so how would you expect more people to know about it?
John4126 wrote on November 09, 2008
Irrespective of the number of releases on this label compared to those of other artists, one thing is for sure. No other artists label treats it's fans with such contempt and disregard as Elvis' label does.
schemies wrote on November 09, 2008
No wonder labels like Madison exsists, because they give fans what they want. Take the "On Tour" concerts as an example: RCA is too stupid for 36 years now to release them (except for one), so they should kick themselfs in their a...!
I Saw the Light wrote on November 09, 2008
The golden age of Elvis' bootlegs is gone, that means that only two or three quality labels deserve our attention. Bootlegs helped to keep Elvis' music legacy alive, and these days they can exist side by side with FTD's. As far as I am concerned, I think most fans will continue to buy FTD's and support Madison :-) That's the way it is.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 10, 2008
And the one On Tour show they did release was the least best,then they started the old were waitin on mgm bit,anyone heard hampton roads concert? geesh they had that sitting on the shelf for 30 plus years and though nah lets just put out more compilations.and when they do get around to releasing the on tout show it will come in a cheap digi pack,remember when they were going to release a box set from On Tour?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 10, 2008
John when i hear fans say you dont like the Ftd label so your a complainer,look at all they have released,yes some good release but too many releases with erros bad sound and not enough new material,do you know why they have released what they have? money and thats it,theres no passion etc its about money,and john i agree 100% they take the fans to be fools,lets get some Elvis cd's back on the stroe shelfs and not have them be crappy compilations!
Sirbalkan wrote on November 10, 2008
Dear Staff (and ALL ELV1S fans... IMPORTANT !!! ) Since "Sony on Hunt" artickle was published here, many many messages regarding epe and rac and bmg; negative messages have been written. So: You are a huge web site and we really as you do, take care and love Elvis BUT please help us to reach those messages and reproaches to epe and bmg. As a member said: no awards given to Elvis since 2004, nothing had been advertised on tv and nothing had been done for the music of Elvis out of ftd which calls upon a limited base. So Can we do such an online signing campaign to change the guy who is responsible all these things regarding elvis? Or some other way for prisciila , lisa to see... I am really tired of seeing just an effort for elvis shoes, socks and such silly things by epe.... Please help us!!!! Make this message reach chair man etc.
Sirbalkan wrote on November 10, 2008
All ELV1S FANS HERE... PLEASE... Le'ts support elvisnews.com and make all our concerns reach the cahirman and manager of epe. We are really tired of not seeing anything for Elvis since 2004. No awards given, no advertising but ONLY MAKING HIM THE TOP EARNING DEAD CELEBRITY !!!IT IS ENOUGH!!! We want him to be remembered by his music and I want his all concerts, studio takes to be released to GENERAL public in a bootleg quality like Madison releases... FTD is ok but Elvis deserves new awards to be given and new audiences to be won. Let's create again "ELVIS THE CONCERT" with a younger band with a HUGE electric performance, again with ELVIS on Stage. Tcb band did their job great but new audience wants Elvis as Polk Salad Annie 72 dynamism... Faster songs huge and longer vocal abilities and etc. God Bless Elvis all original Band. We had experienced teh magic of Elvis concert thanks to them but Elvis has to continue with a lot of energy; maybe with a younger generation again. No matter if it's original or not WE WANT ELV1S ON STAGE... !!! And it will sell out with A FEW ADVERTISEMENT; a thing which EPE wan't aware of through all these years. LET'S DO IT !!!
Hans Otto wrote on November 10, 2008
Folks, it would be wise to know how a international corporation such as Sony BMG works before you start critizicing certain people. It's NOT Ernst or Roger who decides how much money Sony BMG will spend on promoting Elvis. Those kind of decisions are made not by FTD, but by senior people in the Marketing Divison at Sony BMG. Also, looking at the continious flow of bootlegs comming out, the majority is quite uninteresting audience recordings of mediocre 70's concerts, or even remasterings of other bootlegs. Personally I find only a few bootleg labels (Madison and a couple of others) worth all the praise beeing given here. Sad thing that so many people are trashing Ernst. All in all, he is probably the one person who has done most for serious Elvis fans the last 15-20 years. It was Ernst personally who convinced BMG to let him establish the FTD-label. I would not be too sure Sony BMG are willing to continue FTD in any form should this negative campaign continue much longer...
sitdown68 wrote on November 10, 2008
You are absolutely right, Hans Otto. Cheers.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 10, 2008
Again the issue is with the label as a whole,personally i find ernest to be coy and distant,but other issues are why i am not buying Ftds at this time,bad mastering and releases with not much to offer are the reason for me,i do not agree at all that Ftd will close up because of of us being bad boys and girls,they look at the sales and thats it,and dont blame fans if the sales goes down ,blame the label,make your product better!
benny scott wrote on November 10, 2008
Sirbalkan: your intentions are good and they suit you, but I doubt if the top of EPE and/or SONY would care at all ! Hans Otto : how right you are ! As for Ernst : all my respect and sympathy for what he has achieved in the past and will in the future. Not all releases were "bullseye", but the same goes for a lot of bootlegs too. Who are we, to judge, convict and condemn ? Ernst gave us a lot of good stuff and sure will come up with more in the future. The man has been heavily insulted by some members of this site. To some of them he is a real scapegoat, guilty of all the sins in the world. Reading some opinions, they came over to me as a sort of real "hate-campaign" against the man.Some of you :pls stop that ridicoulos and SHAMEFUL behaviour.Always El.
John4126 wrote on November 11, 2008
What Ernst IS responsible for as the producer, is the content of the releases. I bet the executives at the label have no interest in what's released only what money they can make. Therefore the criticism levelled at Ernst is proportionate and fair. There is no doubt that he has done a great job in the past and he is to be commended for that. But as we've seen in the states with the election, it's time for change; for new blood.
MJ27 wrote on November 11, 2008
I think my days of buying FTDs are over. To be honest , being an Elvis fan has turned into more of a chore than a joy. In the 80's there was a lot of hope and excitement with what was available - going down to the local import shop and seeing a pile of bootlegs lps sitting there ,not knowing what treasures you will discover. Ahh...those were the days! These days its all predictable. Whether fans want to admit or not - Elvis' popularity hit a peak in 2002 ,and now its pretty much downhill from here. Elvis just does not sell very well anymore. Now with the crooks running the Elvis treadmill getting on our backs for buying bootlegs .....it's just not worth it. They think buying boots affects the sales of official product. What a load of crock.The simple fact is that Elvis is just not popular with the record buying public and there is nothing they can do to avert that. We should be grateful as fans that it lasted as long as it did.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on November 11, 2008
total nonsense, Elvis is still selling good..hell he even earns and sells more than Madonna and some other artist of today..so you say he does not sell anymore..don't be ridiculous. an other fact is that he is the biggest selling dead artist, are u trying to deny that? it's a fact, nothing more, and oh yeah by the way The Christmas Duets is selling good. being an elvis for me is a total joy! nuff said.
Harvey Alexander wrote on November 11, 2008
Yes, Elvis may well be earning more than the likes of Madonna these days, but don't kid yourself it's through record sales. It's because of all the crappy endorsements that EPE come up with. If it was because of record sales then he'd be in the charts all the time. He's not because the general public only want a Hits or Love Songs collection every couple of years and there aren't enough hardcore fans left to get anything else in the charts. That's a fact, so live with it. I've never agreed 100% with FTD's release policy, but the slagging Ernst has received on this board is atrocious. Some of you have very short memories. Back in the late 1970s / early 1980s RCA did hardly anything with Elvis' legacy. Today they only release Best Of collections. And yet FTD churn out 5 or 6 releases a year with unreleased material - and you slag them off! OK, so the releases may not be perfect (we all have our own ideas about what's perfect) but they're the only official outlet for this kind of material. And I've bought all of 'em!
Mark S. wrote on November 11, 2008
While I understand the “hunt” (of course this is Ernst’s OFFICIAL standpoint regarding bootlegs; he’s an employee of Elvis’ record company!!!), I doubt it’ll have much effect on people buying (or selling) bootlegs. Plus most people that buy bootlegs, also buy official releases, so I also doubt the bootlegging has an effect on the official sales. Besides being an Elvis fan, I’m also a big fan of Irish guitarplayer/singer/songwriter Rory Gallager (who wanted to be a musician because of: ELVIS :-) ). In the early 90’s he grew tired of all the bootlegs, so he turned the table on the bootleggers. The plan was to actually bootlegged THEM by releasing a series of high quality bootlegs officially. The first and only volume (unfortunately he passed away in 1995, so he couldn’t follow through) was a 3 CD boxset called “The bullfrog interlude; the g-men bootleg series, vol.1”, that was a straight copy –including the original (bootleg) artwork– of three popular bootlegs. It was offered at a fraction of what the bootlegs cost. I believe it was 25 Dutch guilders at the time, which now is little over 11 Euros or 14 Dollars. Now THAT was a plan to stop bootlegging!
benny scott wrote on November 11, 2008
Harvey: this is a 100% correct and clear explanation you gave. As for Ernst : I totally agree!!! Always El.
SnOwMan wrote on November 11, 2008
Straight Arrow/Tennessee Starlight/track 26/Can't help falling in love: "Wise men say that IT'S TIME TO GO!" New blood for 2009!
Linda Kovalcik wrote on November 11, 2008
Go to sleep,Ernest. Good night!
Santa Claus wrote on November 11, 2008
Ernst has a boring 1976 tape on which you can hear the "Tschicabooms" of a totally off-tune background-group better than Elvis. Trash you can't listen to in one piece. Ernst found a way to cash in 30 Euros for this trash. We are very thankful for that!? 3.000 fans paying 30 Euros. Good price for an old otherwise for BMG worthless tape. That's why I think they are on the hunt. Because they know that we are the idiots that make gold out of trash.
Matt W wrote on November 11, 2008
Firstly, this letter was meant to be kept confidential to the fanclubs it was sent to - conveniently this part of the letter isn't published here. Secondly, all of you cretins making childish playground remarks about Ernst Jorgensen and crew really ought to wake up and disappear back under the rocks you came from. It really is pathetic trawling through your "contributions". Perhaps some of you have your own agendas to serve... Anyone considered the likelyhood that this letter wasn't masterminded by Mr. Jorgenson and likely comes from a superior. The response here is shocking. In case you all have forgotten bootlegging and trading in such merchandise is ILLEGAL. Read that? Yes, an unlawful act. I suppose all the haters in this thread own zero Elvis CDs bearning a credit to Ernst?
John4126 wrote on November 11, 2008
Matt W - I suggest that your inflammatory language is equally as pathetic as some of the 'cretin's' you describe. We are all entitled to an opinion. However if you want to rise above the 'childish' behavior then be a little more imaginative in your put-downs. Your 'bully-boy' language is as distasteful as the letter we are commenting on.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 11, 2008
Tottaly agree john and santa im with you all the way,for those sick of hearing the so called complaining,let me say that many are sick of hearing do you remember the 80's comments,its like people do not want quality just quanity and were bad because they have released so much material,yes and they get money for it,or am i the only one not getting my free?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 11, 2008
I might add i even agree that buyiung Elvis has become somewhat of a job,never knowing if your getting quality,and the whole well this is a sie job comment is just as big an insult as some of the comments aimed at ernst,and i also agree sony could not care less what is released,El;vis Country is one of my fav albums,but ive not bought the Ftd version, i just cant bring myself to pay 40 bucks for a few outtakes,the cd should be in the store,i am being told that Elvis is as populas ever yet we cant have his oriignal albums in the stores?
Matt W wrote on November 11, 2008
John4126 - hogwash!! When I read comments like "Time to say goodbye, Ernst!!!" I shake my head in dispair at how thoughtless that sort of comment is. No Ernst - no FTD, it is that simple. This "new blood" rubbish is out of place. Remember "new blood" has resulted in the travesty that is "Christmas Duets", enjoy! Really, the comments in this thread directed at Ernst are appalling and I am almost certain many have their own agendas to serve with them. As to the letter - fanclubs have been requested to stop trading in ILLEGAL product or they will not be supplied FTDs. Nothing distastful about it. Run a legal operation or move on. Also, why has Ernst been linked to the activities of EPE? Nothing to do with him. Guys, enjoy your large FTD collections and count yourselves lucky you've had the opportunity to buy this material at all.
Matt W wrote on November 11, 2008
Oh yes, and everyone reading this thread, did you miss this key piece of evidence: "Unfortunately we have already been asked to stop delivery to one fan club". key words: 'we have already been asked'. FTD were obviously instructed to cease supply. Quite a difference than assuming the evil Ernst has done it all on his lonesome. People should see this letter for what it is, a friendly warning from FTD that the powers that be OUTSIDE of the FTD team are keeping a watchful eye on the situation of bootlegging. It is quite obvious FTD has been told to do this, nothing more.
benny scott wrote on November 11, 2008
Matt W : I couldn't agree more ! Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 11, 2008
Forget the letter,Ftd is not a collectors labe anymore,its reissue label with bloated prices,get the original albums(cd's)back in stores, market the music,get someone who knows how to master a cd,and i dont freel i should be greatful for a label selling cd's,did you enjoy that great america ftd release with special Guest Elvis on background vocals!
Steve V wrote on November 12, 2008
Become a Bob Dylan fan and get the official bootleg series on regular priced CDs in the stores. Oh and I might add his regular albums are in the stores also. See the difference a good label could make?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 12, 2008
Thats just it,people will tell you it wont sell,but up untill Ftd came about,the releases were indeed in the stores,box sets essential series,they made 6 volumes of that,they must have sold pretty good to make 6 volumes,,im tired of ordering everything,hopeing it doesnt come damaged,not to mention the high prices,nah lets just make sure those camdens are in stores!
Hans Otto wrote on November 12, 2008
OK, let's start with the very basic. The main reason why the BMG bosses let Ernst establish FTD was to fight the bootlegers. Most off the material released on FTD is not suited for the general market. Outtakes and studio batter is really only interesting for hard core fans. FTD has been a way to let us hear this material through legal means. It's therefore only natural that Ernst and Roger once and a while are instructed by BMG headquarters to inform the various fan clubs to abstain from selling bootlegs. And as of Mature fan75 infamous FTD bashing comments: You have posted no less than 17 of the 62 former postings on this very tread. You're comments are always negative and predictable. You're standard answer to this is always "Everyone is entitled to express ones opinion." Of course. But remember this is a NEWS site. I would therefore advice you to abstain from posting further comments until you have something positive to say. THAT would truly be news...
benny scott wrote on November 12, 2008
Hans Otto : have to agree completely. As for the "time for new blood" b..lsh..t ( snOwMan) : what do you mean by that ? Putting in charge of FTD a 20/25/ or 30-years-old guy who wasn' t even BORN when Elvis DIED ? That would be some Elvis-expert, wouln't it ? As for ftd-prices : Santa Claus , you paid 30 euros for an ftd-cd ??? Sorry mate, I never paid more than 22 euros ( even for the double ones ) at the fanclub of which I'm a longtime member.When my customer-card is full I even obtain a 10% reduction, what brings the price to 19,80 euros ( or 9,90 euros per CD if it's a double one) !!! 19,80 euros for an FTD-cd instead of 30 euros, that's a difference of 10,20 euros !!! Not bad I think ! And:sorry Mature elvis fan 75 : MATURE ??? Long way to go sonny ! Always El.
RonBaker wrote on November 12, 2008
Bob Dylan is also a Sony artist. There have been LOTS of compilations of his 'hits' in the past 3 years...every year there seems to be a new one. His new release is a 2 (or 3 if you want the $100 version) cd collection of songs that he didn't put on his newer studio albums. I intend to buy it but I always skip the compilations because I have the regular releases. FTD has done a LOT for Elvis fans (but at a price). The digipak releases are not ones I usually buy (but I do have seven of them--I think), but I will buy them if there's something there I really want. The deluxe 7 inch editions are wonderful--booklets to explain the sessions with photographs to look at while listening to the cds. The digipaks (as I see it) should only be the price of a standard cd (18-20 USD). The deluxe editions are probably about right for 2 cds in deluxe packaging. I hope to get every one of them. As for box sets...the Complete 68 set did not sell very well (at least it didn't chart--or if it did, it was in the lower part of the Hot 200). Would you prefer a boxed set called "Concerts"? They could collect in one box concerts from 1969, another box 1970, etc. Eventually, you have 9 boxed sets of five cds...in other words 45 cds. Don't know how many soundboards have been released so far, but 45 cds should probably be enough for anyone.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 12, 2008
Yet with all my comments i have not said anything negative to anyone personally,but some just cant give there view without trying to tell someone else how to think,my view of FTd is how many feel at this time,there are others who always put a postative spin on everything Ftd does,i will continue to give my view as will you,only difference is i will give my view without the put downs of others,im the immature one? By the way we all know what the label is for,but it is no longer doing what its purpose started out as,release unreleased material,its become a reissue label.keep buying the same old material with sound errors,they will keep making it no doubt!
sitdown68 wrote on November 12, 2008
RonBaker: Good point concerning concert boxes. But at what a price if they come out as FTD's? And: If there is a 70's box, they must contain the complete Culver City stuff. But I guess, these boxes would be at least at 200 dollars p/u. Any ideas?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 12, 2008
Yes box sets of cncerts and rehearsals such as the july 70 ones would be great but again its all Ftd now,will they even release those july 70 rehearsals? if there going to put out what bottleggers have,then try something like that,announce your releaseing the rehearsals featured on brightest star on sunset blvd and you have decided to include a booklet,and watch and see if its not a big seller,the issue is everything is released for the most part with no thought,a box set set from On Tour and a set from the aug 1970 shows,along with those rehearsals from july 70 would have made great sets,but will it happen? i doubt it!
sitdown68 wrote on November 12, 2008
or one could do a bunch of special releases, which would only be sent out to subscribers. Elvis Golden Treasures Club or whatever. Plus a promo appetizer containing ten songs for the general public to make them aware of what is going to come out. I wonder if there wouldn't be a nice number of customers jumping aboard...So you'd come out with one set per year...One could even do another general release in May saying: Look forward to the christmas special box release containing the whole CBS stuff from 77 plus dvd...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 15, 2008
My idea for Ftd would be a poll before every release,give about 5 options and let buyers vote on what they want to be released,by the way no 77 dvd is gonna happen,i guess Ftd will do a set on the cbs special!
BBManTwo wrote on November 21, 2008
Understand motives of Sony's hunt, but it is not good to do so. React and be better and faster than those bootleggers and then you're scoring good points. Jorgensen is doing the best he can I'm sure but it's not just good enough and can't beat those BMG managers on Madison Ave. in NY who decide what is going to be next. Terrible mistakes have been made and they seems not to be willing to listen to EP fans who write every day their grievances and disappointments of how EP material is being (badly) handled. When will they bring out another million selling Double CD like E at Movies volume two ? And all those missing session and movie outtakes ? Let alone EonTour72 Box with 6 shows. Or is the Complete TTWII Box a test for the upcoming Elvis On Tour one ? I wonder, don't you.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 21, 2008
I myself dont think its all ernst when it comes to Ftd,i just dont like his coyness,excuses etc,be honest,dont make excuses,i am sure sony put very little into alot of Ftd releases,add a booklet to the 5 inch digi pack releases(id prefer cases)and make sure the sound is top notch and my view would change,the issue with Elvis on Tour is they have waited too long,it has been wanted and asked for a long time but excuses always come up.there isnt going to be a real cool dvd release from Mgm,i will be happy to be wrong on that,as for bootlegs,i understand they have a right to put a stop to them,but if your going to go after bootlegs at least make your products better,there is always room for improvements,i however do not think bootlegs hurt Ftd sales,i also have no problem with Ftd releasing cd's that have been on bootlegs,as i mentioned before a site were fans vote on upcoming releases would be great,there just seems to be no interaction with the fans!