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Blue Hawaii FTD Edition?

October 10, 2008 | Book
Elvis Unlimited mentions that the "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack is going to be released in the Classic Album series by the Follow That Dream label in the first quarter of 2009. This would fit nicely with the release of their "Inside Blue Hawaii" box set which is due December 2008.

We contacted Ernst Jørgensen to get confirmation, his answer: "We have not made the final decisions yet". The "Inside Blue Hawaii" book is already available for pre-order.
Source:Ernst Jørgensen

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pallep3 wrote on October 10, 2008
No it was not; simply stating that he very seldom has anything to say to the media - and heck, FTD does not have quality control; common misspelling Elvis' name!? Do I have to remind you of "So High"? ...anyway, heck - I'm going to go more often to news section of Elvis Australia, better ui there and from more sources than a flippin' email (or was that an "personal abuse"?!)
Jerome returns wrote on October 10, 2008
we'll see, pathetic if your life's happiness depends on this kind of things..
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 10, 2008
This is hardly a news story. All its done is give a free plug to a pretty poor magazine that's little more than a glorified sales catalogue. It doesn't take a genius to work out that 'Blue Hawaii' - along with all the other regular Elvis albums - will be given the 'classic' FTD treatment. It's just a matter of time.
JimmyCool wrote on October 10, 2008
I really don't care too much about that release. I think I have enough outtakes from Blue Hawaii... There's nothing new or too impressive about those unreleased tracks. I'm still waiting for the SUN box on FTD...
RonBaker wrote on October 10, 2008
with the 'deluxe' versions of Blue Hawaii and GI Blues that came out a few years back, I can wait on those until the very end of the FTD Classic albums series.
JerryNodak wrote on October 11, 2008
I have no doubt that we will eventually get "Blue Hawaii" as an FTD 'classic' release. When that day comes I will buy it. Til then this is not news. It's merely rumor/speculation. If/when Ernst confirms this report then it becomes news. You'll have to excuse me now, I have more important things to "worry" about.
Steve V wrote on October 11, 2008
JimmyCool - I agree. No need for this, the deluxe CD version is totally sufficient. This album is way overrated anyway. The start of the rot.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 11, 2008
Think I'll pass on this one. This was the number one selling album for Elvis in it's day and the songs are so insipid. Further, it was the start of garbage in, garbage out, as far as actual Elvis movies; which actually started with G.I. Blues (although the songs were better). The CD's released in the past (which I have already) cover all bases on this one. Thanks, but no thanks!
lray wrote on October 11, 2008
This one is high on my FTD want list, along with GI Blues. Everything recorded by Elvis in the early 60's is top notch. What will it be, 2 CD's or 3?
RonBaker wrote on October 11, 2008
Do you really want to sit through 9 takes of "Ito Eats" 8 takes of "Almost Always True"? How about 29 takes of "Can't Help Falling in Love"? It may be interesting to hear once...then again, maybe not.
Josh&Jody wrote on October 11, 2008
Yeah, this is ONLY for die-hard fans who also want GIBlues, Roust, KCousins, Speedway and more Buutt: what will we be able to get KCreole w/outtakes on FTD?? 50 years ago this year, rem'ber ? Also need to know E&R's planning for FTD releases in 2009 ! Waiting anxiously for PROM LAND, G TIMES, NOW together perhaps with FOOL, and also together (because of lack of songs) From EP Blvd & 6 songs from M Blue. Then still missing: Elvis' 2nd Album and the G Man & Monkey Buz sessions, B Love sessions perhaps with the non-sacred songs from HGTArt session (Down in Alley, etc) Can someone shed some light on this ??
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 11, 2008
I have to agree that the this is not one im excited about,recently picked up the delux version of blue hawaii(one in the booklet form)on ebay at a great price,and that will do for me,as for promised land and others,i woulds not get too excited ans the recent track listing of the sometime to be released Elvis country Ftd,you might not get what you think you will,the milking continues,as for the sun book,i know for sure i will pass on that,too much money for bad sounding stuff and material i already have!
JerryNodak wrote on October 12, 2008
I'll buy all the 'classic' releases. As for the rest? Not interested.
genedin wrote on October 12, 2008
bring it on and i'll love and support it all from ftd. once again if you dont need it or like it then don't buy it but don't speak for us who do want this stuff. yes 29 takes of elvis doing cant help falling in love i'll take and im a man ,lol
sitdown68 wrote on October 12, 2008
Unfortunately Blue Hawaii's success also cemented the conviction of Parker to urge Elvis to do more singing than acting, as I once learned reading in a book. What's your opinion on that? How much was Elvis convinced to do so? So this gave way to countless musicals beneath palms and blue skies till the end of the midsixites. The soundtrack here is a gem, but as things later got out of control it's kind of a tragic moment as well. This was it. The peak, and then they did countless attempts to repeat it. My personal favourite on it is Hawaiian Beach Boy Blues. Heard some of the outtakes. Just fabulous! Of this particular song I would love to buy 29 takes...;-)
Josh&Jody wrote on October 13, 2008
We don't mind the negative comments of lots of you guys. We'll buy the FTD digi double CD releases of B HAWAII, GI BLUES, KING CREOLE, ROUST & of course KISSIN COUSINS !!! invite you all to think "creatively" ... why not release an FTD (not for general public) CD with all those bloopers, funny false starts, etc (Datin', Ito Eats, Beach shack, GI stuff also from F&J, HScar, etc andcall it "THE SILLY HOUR" by Elvis (as he said it himself). They'd sell two hundred thousand copies of this one, for sure. CAn anyone share some more info re. those missing FTD releases (incl. AMERICAN STUDIOS), also on track listing of IN PERSON? ?if they plan to release B HAW in Feb 2009, then when will we get GI B and KingCreole ???
RonBaker wrote on October 13, 2008
Hey, Josh & Jody. I also am waiting for a "Kissin Cousins" FTD release with an unedited version of "Catching on Fast". I always liked that song and thought it was way too short...then found out it was edited! Here's to 2009!
Mike Landsdown wrote on October 14, 2008
I know that many people out there will be looking forward to this FTD release, but I'd prefer to see a double FTD CD of the songs from Elvis' last 5 scripted movies - 'Stay Away Joe', 'Live A Little, Love A Little', 'Charro', 'The Trouble With Girls' and 'Change Of Habit'. Now THAT'S something that I would gladly part with some hard-earned cash to get hold of.
Steve V wrote on October 14, 2008
Mike I agree - those movies had some good songs and werent the same old tired stuff like in the light musicals. Overlooked material for sure that deserves attention.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 14, 2008
Mike im with you on that idea,but the classic albums series will make sure that doesnt happen,thats why the label to me has lost most of its excitement,theres no more outtake cd's,instead of getting a cd of mostly new outtakes,we get few but people are fine with that since it comes in a shiny package,you can now pretty much guess the releases,no variety,its either a soundboard or a classic album,and still dont understand why the movie cd's are one cd and the classic albums ones are 2,spinout one of my fav movie soundtracks left alot to be desired and made the import still needed to have the fun outtakes,also how about the 68 sessions with us male etc? will they be jammed on a classic albums cd?
Josh&Jody wrote on October 21, 2008
We'll buy the FTD digi double CD BLUE HAWAII release bbuutt we are anxiously awaiting also the GI BLUES, KING CREOLE, ROUST & of course KISSIN COUSINS digipacks on FTD; ain't you Steve, Jerry, Gene,, MaturePal, Mioke, Ron, Lex and so many more of us all??!!! invite you all to think "creatively" ... Please see also our well-thought over comments re. the Oct and Dec planned FTD releases. With the same idea we'd love to see BMG release on FTD the MISSING hit-single songs as bonus tracks on the classic albums (we are sure Jerry, Steve, Ron, Mike and Gene will agree) like NOW (plus: AmTril, It'sOLove, Sound o/y cry, I'm Leav, For 1st time, KRain and Where Lord ). Whereas the bonus songs to be added on the classic FOOL album should incl. BurnL, Matter oT, SepWays, Alw o/m Mind, SteamrB, MyWay). Now that's another "winner" for all (BMG sales dept and most fans). Y'all agree? BMG should also release on FTD the MISSING 67 (GuitarMan) and 68 (Monkey Buzz, USMale) studio sessions and outtakes plus bonus songs from the HGTArt session (+those great outtakes of Down i/Alley etc) Now that's another "winner" for us all. agree? Please let us know. It might also be very interesting suggestion/request for BMG’s FTD label to release a RESTORED Elvis at the AMERICAN STUDIOS carrying two CDs with all outtakes (fab unreleased staff available only today on bootlegs) of those famous Jan and feb 1969 sessions (incl. slow version Stranger i/home Town) This is our reply to some comments made earlyier by many fans on your forum here (think of Gene, Jerry, Steve, Ton, Mike etc etc)
schemies wrote on October 23, 2008
Dear Mr. Jørgensen, if you have not made the final decisions yet, please give us "Promised Land", "How Great Thou Art", "He Touched Me", "sings the Wonderful World of Christmas" and a concert of each of the LV engagements (08/1969, 02/1970, 08/1970, 02/1972) and the 3 "On Tour" concert first ! What is really more important ? Let me know ...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 23, 2008
How about instead,you cancell the classic album series,and release outtake cd's with proper artwork not cheap digi packs & some of the better concerts,the vegas concerts are starting to be a bit of a bummer!
Josh&Jody wrote on October 24, 2008
Congratulations to Schemies and Mature EP Pals...they've learned to be creative while others on this forum only complain but never send in their ideas. Yes, BMG, please LISTEN and take note of thousands of Elvis fans who can't wait any longer to run to the music store and buy the MISSING digipacks on FTD.....We don't want or need to repeat ourselves. All interested fans know what we want to buy...Take better commercial steps BMG and release FIRST the stuff that sells well...if not we fear that those Madison avenue moguls will close down the FTD project...which would be a loss.
Mofoca22 wrote on October 27, 2008
i really wish theyd do elvis in concert. they have 2 shows recorded possibly more. wouldnt it be great to have both known shows in there netirety? or have the final concert along with the soundtrack? i mean like come on unchained melody from the tv special isnt even on the cd insrtead you have if you love me let me know on there twice-not that i dont mind too much cuz i love that song. but i am sure you all know what i am saying.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 27, 2008
Unchanied melody was thrown on to the great performances soundtrack cd!