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The Joan Deary Tapes Out

September 26, 2008 | Music

The new label Surprise records brings a new CD full with great Elvis songs taken directly from the Joan Deary Tapes! 24 great Elvis tracks with a total playing time over 77 minutes - in never before heard sound quality. The late Joan Deary (Elvis' RCA record producer) worked on these tracks for a possible future release on the "Greatest Hits" series, but after Volume 1 was released back then in 1981 (?) a Volume 2 never followed. So these professionally remixed tapes were put into the archives. For years a CD-R was circulating with these great tracks, but now for the first time they will be made available on a real CD. This CD comes along with a 24 page full color booklet containing all necessary information about every track along with great pictures of Elvis. Also the lyrics to each song will be included - exactly transcribed word for word as Elvis did sing them!

Also part of this release is a 30x30cm bonus poster, printed on both sides.


01. Hey Jude 02. Help Me Make It Through The Night 03. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Trade) 04. I’’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen 05. When I’’m Over You 06. Always On My Mind 07. It Ain’’t No Big Thing (But It’’s Growing) 08. I’’m Leavin’’ 09. Where Do I Go From Here 10. Until It’’s Time For You To Go 11. If I Were You 12. Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off Of It 13. Fool 14. This Is Our Dance 15. Cindy, Cindy 16. Separate Ways 17. (That’’s What You Get) For Lovin’’ Me 18. Life 19. Love Letters 20. I’’ll Never Know 21. We Can Make The Morning 22. Early Morning Rain 23. Sylvia 24. The Sound Of Your Cry

I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 26, 2008
Joan was obviously a big fan of the "Love Letters" album!!
JimmyCool wrote on September 26, 2008
Whats does "professionally remixed tape" exactly means? I don't get it.
RonBaker wrote on September 26, 2008
If it isn't on Sony/BMG, then it is an "import" which means bootleg...unless, of course, the recording has been licensed from Sony/BMG. None of those recordings are out-of-copyright.
lsp2231 wrote on September 27, 2008
Hahaha! Angels fear to TRADE? Trade the old CD for the new one?
ElvisZone wrote on September 27, 2008
That means "We proudly present Joan Deary Stole the Tapes from the RCA archives"...
BigRedGG wrote on September 27, 2008
Is the poster of Elvis or Joan Deary (or 1 on each side) ? I'm deffo getting it if it's a Joan poster ;-)
marco31768 wrote on September 27, 2008
I guess that this is a great release !
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 27, 2008
I guess that this is a piece of crap. For anything to be 'Legendary' means it must have been heard of before. Whoever heard of this story about Joan Deary preparing these tapes? Nobody. Why? Because she didn't. It's a fake story by greedy bootleggers who've simply messed around with these tracks - a little tweaking here, a little tweaking there - to make them sound 'different'. Only buy this is you're a gullible idiot with cabbage for brains.
marco31768 wrote on September 27, 2008
For Harvey Alexander: your language is very fine ! Good ! Go in this way...
Lefty wrote on September 28, 2008
There is some truth mixed with myth at play here. Joan Deary produced the famous Silver Box set, which was the best thing at the time RCA ever did for Elvis. However, everything that album accomplished as "unique" has been replicated by BMG a thousand times. So, is there anything new on this boot? I highly doubt it. And as much as Harvey may offend people, including me, I find myself in agreement with his sentiment. He's right. This is a rip off.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 28, 2008
Hey Lefty, why do I offend you? Is speaking the truth and telling it like it is something that offends you?
Jerome returns wrote on September 28, 2008
where can I get my copy? yes copy, not the original..
Ronald wrote on September 28, 2008
Harvey, I guess you heard his cd allready, big mouth? There's nothing different here or there. It's only the overubbed masters. Only they sound awfull clear. Which means nobody messed up the original mix or mixed out some instruments. All of the tracks are regular masters, but he sound is like "the Memphis story" cd. It is bootleg, so nothing legal here. It's been around for quiet some time on cdr. Now it is silver disc. For those who want to have it, just buy it for the collection of songs together on one cd with a real cleasr and crisp sound.
James69 wrote on September 28, 2008
Harvey, Why do you have to or should I say enjoy insulting Elvis fans almost every time you comment here??? What is the point?? You have every right not to like certain releases, but to bad mouth fans that might like something you don't, is simply childish, and plain wrong.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 29, 2008
I don't insult ALL Elvis fans, just the ones stupid enough to buy garbage like this release. There are far too many loonies prepared to buy anything with Elvis' name on it - such as this release. Ronald, who sounds like he is probably behind its release, even states there's nothing new on it. So why buy it? Make your own compilation. Are you so sad that you have to buy a new CD every time it comes out because the songs are in a different order? Jeez! The intelligence level of some "fans" never ceases to amaze me, boy.
Crawfish wrote on September 29, 2008
Harvey. Calm down and let each and every fan make their own minds up. Who put you up as 'The Judge!'
Mark S. wrote on September 30, 2008
I don't think Harvey was being insulting. But hey, if the shoe fits... Personally I agree the story that Joan Deary (who was NOT Elvis' record producer, that was Felton Jarvis; or more precisely Elvis himself) worked on these tracks for a possible future release on the "Greatest Hits"-series is a bit fishy. Mrs. Deary was in charge of Elvis’ catalogue, in a similar way that Ernst Jorgensen is now I guess. She had nothing to do with the sound of certain songs, as she was not in charge of mixing & mastering. Moreover, “The Sound Of Your Cry” WAS on “Greatest Hits, Vol. 1”. I guess it was going to be on Vol. 2 as well?
marco31768 wrote on September 30, 2008
Dear CRAWFISH, your words are very great !
Crawfish wrote on September 30, 2008
Sorry, but have I accidentally stumbled in on a 'I know more about Elvis than you' website? Let's hope not!
Crawfish wrote on September 30, 2008
Thanks Marco. Nice to see others feel a similar way!
Mark S. wrote on October 01, 2008
Well , excuse me for trying to be informative, Crawfish. But hey, after your enlightening response, I have changed my mind. This is in fact a super-duper, brilliant release! I’ll buy it TWICE!!! There. I’m one of you now...
Harvey Alexander wrote on October 02, 2008
I've just ordered my third copy as the general opinion of all the clever fans here say this is going to be a fantastic release. I sure hope I'm not disappointed. Love and peace to all.
Doug wrote on October 18, 2008
It has incridible sound quality. But, is it a fake or not? Who knows? Because the sound is very, very excellent.