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October FTDs

August 27, 2008 | Music

The 3 CDs due for October are available for pre-order at ElvisMatters. If you order In Person, Elvis Country and Opening Night 1974 at the same time, you'll get a surprise promo for free!


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Steve V wrote on August 27, 2008
Nice but why oh why are these albums not available to the mainstream catalog (if there is one anymore). No one will ever own these great albums if they dont pay the over inflated prices of FTD. A damn pity for an artist like Elvis who is now just a compilation artist to the record buying public.
JLpResLey wrote on August 27, 2008
You are so right Steve, that is a shame. Not so much for true fans, because most of us will get albums we find interesting no matter if it´s from FTD or Sony BMG. But it´s a shame for music fans in general. I bet that these music fans don´t know FTD at all. All these records are really interesting, not just for Elvis fans. But all they got is Hound Dog and Love Me Tender. Ok, a little more than that, but imagine what a seller Elvis Country (FTD), would have been for country fans. I think it could have been a major seller.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 28, 2008
Anyone know why they never advertise Ftds in any cd's they sell in stores?
Natha wrote on August 28, 2008
It is indeed a shame that those great albums are not widely available. When we talk about reaching new fans THAT is the way. Not over and over the same or (to my opinion) remixes. However Steve V these FTD's are also not suitable. For us it is interesting to hear how great songs developed or to get some slightly different version too. For those who are not fans it is hardly interesting to listen to so many takes of the same song. They might loose interest altogether. Maybe that is why FTD is not sold through public channels.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on August 28, 2008
When will we get the track-lists? I can't wait!
benny scott wrote on August 28, 2008
Natha, I wouldn't say it's a shame these albums are not widely available. The reason why they are not available in general music stores was given in your own statement ( and you are quiet right by the way) : not all the fans are interested in how a song developed in numerous takes, false starts, studiobanter, etc, etc... Being a diehard fan myself I'm all too glad those releases by FTD see the light of day. As for the FTD releases should be available in general music stores: here in my country I see one music store after another closing their doors, the main reasons : downloading from internet and/or burning copies of CDs and DVDs.( and that goes not only for Elvis-material ).Steve V: as for the prices : I checked the price of some new single !!! -CDs (in some cases only 16 tracks !!!) by some LOCAL singers. Well , in many cases they were as expensive as a DOUBLE-CD from FTD ! I know that recording new material is not cheap recordingstudio-wise, musicians have to be paid, mixing has to be done, etc.. etc.. But even in the case of RCA (FTD) possessing the original tapes and not having to pay for new recordings, there is still a lot of work to do ( and for that work there is to be payed) ( for instance remastering ) before the finished product is available. So personally I'm not complaining and I'm glad to have the chance to obtain our man's musical heritage in any form, sometimes in brillant audio-quality, sometimes in a lesser quality . I take the good with the bad. Always El.
Steve V wrote on August 28, 2008
Im not saying the FTD releases should be in the mainstream, in stores or whatever. I realize non-fans are not interested in how a song develops. What I meant was the original albums should be available to the mainstream, at a budget price, sans the outtakes. This is the way things were going in the 90's and the way things are for many artists. I have the Elvis Country CD from the 90's and it is fantastic. The original purpose of FTD, a collectors label , was for outtakes, live shows, etc. Thats the way the label started out. Now it seems they are just reissuing Elvis' albums and throwing in outtakes from the sessions. I think the outtakes should remain on FTD releases for those that care about such things (as they were doing initially) but leave the albums as original for the public to buy. I'll probably skip this release for I have many outtakes from 1970 and dont care or need to have them all. In fact FTD is even starting to re-release outtakes from their prior releases. Too much for me.
circleG wrote on August 28, 2008
Very good points SteveV. I liked the 'upgrades' of the late 90's. Why was that project stopped? so many albums failed to get the 'upgrade' treatment. I have no problem with these FTD releases and I can't wait to see what is done with 'In Person' - hopefully original album in ORIGINAL mix on one disc and an unreleased show from '69 on a second disc with press interviews.
japio wrote on August 28, 2008
This great superb release deserves more attention. But if the record company not invest some money for promotion it will never get the attention .Ok,FTD are for the fans. But they could also release a limited edtion for the general .
JLpResLey wrote on August 28, 2008
Yes, probably it´s just the true fans that are interested in the outtakes or an unreleased live number. BUT, we don´t have to make that decision. If it was released to a larger audience, they could make up their own minds if they are interested in the record or not. I would like that to happen, that people just have the possibility. But I also realize it´s a question about money. I think that a live show from 1976 would not have done well, if it was available for everyone. But I know that most (not all) fans, love that kind of shows
RonBaker wrote on August 28, 2008
The current mainstream release "68 Comeback" set isn't selling very well...it hasn't even made the top 100 in Billboard. Possibly because Wal-Mart isn't stocking it. If fans aren't buying these releases retail, then what hope is there that others will be released?
Steve V wrote on August 28, 2008
Ron - the 68 Comeback isnt a cheap priced CD set for the mainstream. Thats one reason it isnt selling well. Other reasons are the material has been released to death already on so many previous releases not to mention several DVD packages. Why would the casual fan be interested in this new one especially with bad sounding rehearsals? Im not even interested in it! I can understand why it isnt selling but I cant understand why the normal albums at a competitive price are not available for all music fans. The 68 Comeback release makes no sense to me at all, not even as an FTD package, but not having Elvis Is Back, TTWII, Elvis Country , etc. available in their original form is criminal to Elvis and his legacy. The releases of the late 90's made a lot more sense than what is going on today.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 29, 2008
My point is you dont have the original albums in stores and you dont advertise the Ftd label so how would any non fan know what to choose from,they just see compilation after compilationalbums like Elvis country ,elvis is Back should be in stores!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 29, 2008
Steve just now notisded your message,i agree 100% the label has become a reissue label,i agrre it should be about unreleased shows and outtakes!
John4126 wrote on August 29, 2008
Although the FTD releases are welcome, i do quite often feel a little let down by them. When you actually look at the issues there is in reality very few 'new unreleased' tracks. How many are takes that are no more than a few seconds or as Steve pointed out re-releases of those previously released on other FTD CD's. I appreciate that the cupboard is running a little bear. Rather than a re-issue of the original album and then a disc of outtakes etc.. i would like to see the disc dedicated to that particular recording sesion. We all have the original tracks umpteen times already. These releases are aimed at the serious fan so why not have the unreleased Nashville 1970 stuff on two cd's rather than the 3 double cd's we are going to have to shell out for.
John4126 wrote on August 29, 2008
As for 'In Person', this doesnt make much sense to me either. It's a compilation of live tracks - why not release all the shows recorded during those seasons over a period of time. We've already had 4 of the '69 shows that leaves 8 to be released. I would rather have the complete shows than a compilation chosen by the producers. Im sure in time we will get all the shows which would probably negate the need to buy 'In Person' this fall.
JerryNodak wrote on August 29, 2008
Personally, I don't need another complete '69 concert. I have the other 4, and there is a sameness to them just as there was in the mid/latter '70s concerts. I'd rather have concert highlights on disc 2. However, if they put a complete concert on disc 2 of "In Person" I'll still buy it. I just won't listen to disc 2 that often. It's disc one along with the booklet and packaging I want.
secondrichard wrote on August 29, 2008
When BMG announced the FTD project it was clearly stated that all releases were intended for fans who could buy them through fanclubs and selected dealers. It was never meant to be available for the general audience. And some takes and language on the CD's aren't allowed to be released for the general public either. So I assume most of you know the intention BMG has with these releases ? What I've read in previous entries I think many have missed that information to start with...... Promoting items pressed in limited edition ? What's the sence of that ??? Some people never understand......
genedin wrote on August 29, 2008
once again i state,if you dont like it dont buy it. not every item is meant for everyone so choose what you people want and stop complaining befroe ftd gets full of all the negatives ans stops altogether
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 29, 2008
How about instead of if you dont like it dont buy ,we say lets make things better and also understand everyone doesnt like the same things,that phrase if you dont like it dont buy it and we better stop complaining or Ftd will stop are 2 most annoying comments,what are we children?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 29, 2008
John i agree,Cd's like essential Elvis vol4 are so cool because there all outtakes and theres a flow to it,and also the originals such as Elvis country and Elvis is Back should be in stores,not just hidden on a collectors label that many have no idea excist!
Natha wrote on August 29, 2008
Dear BennyScott. What I meant to say is that a promotion of the original great albums would be great. I don't see them in the shops. And not that the FTDs are great albums to be release widely. So I do agree with you all the way and being a die-hard fan like you (listening around 2 hours a day to Elvis) I am also a fan of FTD.
japio wrote on September 02, 2008
second richard. i think you don't understand. A lot of labels and moveie companys adverties with for a limited time only ( like disney always do) But all their titels are still available..And probaly helps it to sell more units.That was the idea ,o some people don't understand that his great songs never gets the attentions so stay blind if yoiu want to and buy always the hits on compilation 10.0000