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Listen To Spankox Remix Album

May 21, 2008 | Music

Here is an audio-preview of all te remixes from the upcoming DJ Spankox "Re Versions" remix album. The album is due for release this week. 

Track Listing:

  1. Baby Let's Play House (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit) (2:52)
  2. Don't Be Cruel (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit) (2:12)
  3. Teddy Bear (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (1:53)
  4. Jailhouse Rock (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit) (2:30)
  5. All Shook Up (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (1:58)
  6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (2:49)
  7. Heartbreak Hotel (Spankox Re:Version - Ago Radio Edit) (2:04)
  8. Too Much (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Album Cut) (2:34)
  9. Just Because (Spankox Re:Version - Eyes Cream 3AM Short Mix) (2:38)
  10. You're A Heartbreaker (Spankox Re:Version - Highpass Radio Edit) (2:14)
  11. That's All Right (Spankox Re:Version - X-Treme Edit) (2:10)

Reaction from DJ Spankox:


I have to warn you: it's impossible to judge an album like this just by hearing very short fragments that for obvious reasons need to be highly compressed mp3s. This album includes two years of work and study and maximum respect for Elvis. An album like this needs an open mind, careful listening, attention, a little bit of effort and some emotion to be understood and appreciated. Then, in case you still don't like it ...

PS: thankyou for the support to all the Elvis fans in Sweden who this weeks pushed Baby to n. 23 in the official Top 100 sales chart.

Source:Elvis World Japan

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japio wrote on May 21, 2008
What a crap is this (it's my opinion). I buy rather a re-release than this sh... Tip: you' only need a computer and cheap software.I can't understand why EPE give lincese to release this (i can't find the words for it)
adiels wrote on May 21, 2008
I fully agree, this is not what I'd like to hear. These "remixes" sound like the poor overdubs made on some of the cheap Hayride CDs made available over the last decades. I'm generally very positive in making new versions of Elvis' songs, I really liked ALLC and the FTD release "Too Much Monkey Business", but the Spankox CD wasn't what I needed.
Palle wrote on May 21, 2008
Absolutely agree with the two below - this is not worthy of the money in my wallet
mickile wrote on May 21, 2008
My reaction is...NOOOOOO!! IF anyone dare touch any of EP's classics to do remixes, at least do so with the utmost professional manner with top-of-the-line technique that it deserves. I don't know what else to say other than I wish they'd stop messing with it.
Mofoca22 wrote on May 21, 2008
this is garbage what the beep are they thinking when they tamper with his music in this way i like remixes but this is trash in the worstr possible way. rubberneckin and little less conversation, burning love, and suspicious minds were great cuz they were by pros this is a sham
Steve V wrote on May 21, 2008
I must say - this is pretty bad.
Cher wrote on May 21, 2008
I won a copy of the Baby Let's Play House remix here at ElvisNews and listened to it for about oh..maybe 20 seconds before I hurried to turn it off. Simply awful. You can barely even hear Elvis behind what sounds like just a bunch of banging pots and pans and other homemade noisemakers. Horrible. Don't waste your money. I won the disc but it's only good as novelty item, certainly wouldn't inflict it on anybody to actually listen to.
JimmyCool wrote on May 21, 2008
cjkj, can I have your CD then? xD
Spankox wrote on May 21, 2008
Hi! I have to warn you: it's impossible to judge an album like this just by hearing very short fragments that for obvious reasons need to be highly compressed mp3s. This album includes two years of work and study and maximum respect for Elvis. An album like this needs an open mind, careful listening, attention, a little bit of effort and some emotion to be understood and appreciated. Then, in case you still don't like it... PS: thankyou for the support to all the Elvis fans in Sweden who this weeks pushed Baby to n. 23 in the official Top 100 sales chart.
elvislives72 wrote on May 22, 2008
I can now see why this album wasn't released here in the states. I think Elvis In Concert DVD would go over better with the general public than this. Although a few tracks were interesting. I didn't hate what i heard but I didn't love it either. Spankox you should have stopped with Baby let's Play house. That was a well done remix. The others didn't fit the times.
epboulevard69 wrote on May 22, 2008
well a few of the tracks are ok but in general it does not work its taking classics and making them into rambling noise it would be ok if you had a few too many drinks and wanted to dance in your kitchen but as pieces of music to last for years to come like the original elvis classics this would not last and would not be remembered i just dont think this is the kind of thing people want elvis to be turned into blue moon of kentucky was too bad to even describe as was the song just because i thought too much and baby lets play house were ok and done well and to a high standard
RonBaker wrote on May 22, 2008
Jerome wrote on May 22, 2008
Dear Spankox, after listening to the samples of your album, I'd like to recommend you to change the song titles in order to become more suitable: 1. Baby, Let's Make Noise 2. Don't Be Cruel To My Ears 3. Teddy Swear 4. Barnhouse Rock 5. All Messed Up 6. Blue Moon of Ken*ucky 7. Heartattack Hotel 8. Too Much (very appropriate) 9. Just Because I Can Press A Button 10. You're An Earbreaker 11. That's Not Allright
Lawman wrote on May 22, 2008
Sheesh, once again Elvis-fans show how open-minded they are. Taste is a very subjective thing, but there's no need to hammer Spankox into the ground. As to the samples I've heard, I have to say that I don't see how the songs selected could work in a "dance"-environment. For example, "Baby, let's play house" has a pretty good beat I can imagine people dancing to, but the "stop-start" in the original lyrics leaves a gap in the flow of the recording. But then again, I'm too old for this stuff and neither am I in touch with dance-music. Spankox, I think it takes a lot of courage to try and do this with this material and then present it to hardcore "fans". I wish you success, but I won't be buying this because it's not my style of music. Like I said "Tastes differ".
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 22, 2008
Congratulations, Spinkox, you've just killed Elvis again. Absolute shoite! What did he ever do to you to to deserve this? And they tell me some 'real' fans like this sort of thing. May the Lord be with them, for they know not what they do. Does it come free with a rubber duck?
Brian Quinn wrote on May 22, 2008
Great stuff. This is the type of release that today's music lovers want. Great for clubbing and the sound is awesome. Well done Spankox.
japio wrote on May 22, 2008
what a joke. Two years of work and study. and this is what you can make. O yes. It's because the compression. You're a funny guy Spancox. And if Elvis fans are not open minded ,why was ALLC and Rubberneckin's great world hits. These mixes are great. ( i prefer the originals ) but i understand: fast mixing(read awful) is make fast money. It's like the bad import cd's make a quick buck with the worst albums
sitdown68 wrote on May 22, 2008
this is an example of a failed project. funky and modern intros and then its turning into a hybrid of original sound and 21th century djsound. forget it. these songs haven't been intented to sound like this. one must not take them out of their musical context which are the 50's. You would need Elvis himself to reinterprete and reshape them, but I have my doubts he would have agreed with this. what did he say about those sun recordings back in houston, before taking the stage of the astrodome, or was it MSG?: The got a lot of echo...and then he giggled...
nessim wrote on May 22, 2008
Hang loose everyone !!!! I'm 20 and I would like say one thing : Today Elvis is a "has been" in my generation, his music was totally different (but better) from the one we listen now... Spankox has made a great job in remixing those songs and even if it's not perfect it's a step in modernize Elvis'songs to bring him again on the charts, I am an ELvis fan since I was born because of my father, but I can tell, nobody will sing like him never... Spankox thank you very much for this album, please continue and improve your remixes to reach the top.... You have made a a very nice job !!!
Elvisnites wrote on May 23, 2008
I don't care what anyone says, if you don't like it don't buy it, because there are alot of people who will. I love Baby Lets Play House re:verision. I was one of the lucky ones who won a signed copy. I won't even play it. I went out an bought another one. Its not fair to judge the songs on a little snipit. These songs will be played in clubs and need to be over agressive. I can still hear Elvis. When it becomes available in the States, I will buy it and enjoy it. I still have my origionals and will continue to listen to them along with something new. People need to stop acting like geratric old bitties and be thankfull someone is making the effort to see Elvis on the charts again. Thank you Agostino. (Spankox)
Rick-PQ wrote on May 23, 2008
I have just about every Elvis song and outtake - with duplicates, more than 11,000 on my i-POD. I have been an Elvis fan for 47 years. I think Spankox has done a GREAT job, and has put BMG to shame. We have Elvis' music, bang up-to-date. Well done Agostino! You have given us a choice - if we want the pure Elvis, we can listen to what we already have. If we like remixes, we can listen to those. And if we like both, we now have 11 "new" songs to listen to. I highly recommend this album - and hope that Agostino and others will keep the remixes coming. BTW, wants happened to the Judy Clark remix of "Thats All Right"?
Pedro Nuno wrote on May 24, 2008
As far as i've listened to the previews, there are some i like others i don't. The concept is not bad, at least it gives the public the chance to chose from one or other version. What realy concerns me is not this project. What concerns me is the fact that here in europe Elvis catalog is falling into public domain and remixies like this (better or worst) will grow like mushroms. If that happens i realy fear fro the Future of Elvis Catalog. Hope this is not a starting point without turn back...
vegaselvisfan wrote on May 26, 2008
welllll, i liked it! i'm a elvis fan since 1964, and former disco queen. :) 2 favorite sounds together--elvis and dance. really loved the heavy back beat. this will sound great , speakers up loud, driving down las vegas blvd! or on the freeway. i think it helps the current generation to open the door to elvis presley, too.
emjel wrote on May 27, 2008
I am curious to listen to these, but the website is not working. Does anyone know where else I can sample these versions.
Emiel Maier wrote on May 31, 2008
(Emjel sent me an e-mail and I will provide you a link where you can listen to sampels of the songs). I have just bought the re-mix CD and it is just great! It is just unbelievable what spankox could do with songs that were recorded more than 50 years ago. Now they sound up to date and given. He gave more punch and beat to songs and it is so enjoyable. I wondered what he could do with Blue Moon Of Kentucky, but it worked!! It is great for country-line dancing. The only song that just doesn't do it for me is That's Allright Mama. But songs that outstand are All Shook Up and Too Much. Having said that: most time and effort has gone into Baby Let's Play House. And the good news is: there is absolutely no fooling around with Elvis's voice! (Spankox: you have just showed to me you are truely a big Elvis fan!)
JerryNodak wrote on June 02, 2008
One Spankox is one too many.