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Blue Christmas Reissued

October 25, 2006 | Music
The 1992 8 track "Blue Christmas" CD has been quietly been re-released with a new cover and remastered sound by the Sony/BMG Custom Marketing Group in the USA. This edition contains the "Silent Night" with the piano intro.
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
FJE wrote on October 25, 2006
Thank God for that! I was worried I'd be without any Elvis Christmas songs to play this coming Christmas!!
byebye wrote on October 25, 2006
Yeah, but it´s a nice and appealing cover, with a great title though! :)
jcorley wrote on October 25, 2006
Now onto my second comment of the day.... Well, what is there to say? A highly anticipated release just in time for Halloween, oh I mean, Christmas, yeah. Here goes another $10-15 for a 20 minute cd compilation. The only plus to this release is the Silent Night version, as no doubt they remastered all the other tracks the same as for their 'non-quiet' release "Elvis Christmas". And, I agree with Jesper, nice cover photo and title. But, eventually they will run out of names for their re-hashed Christmas compilations, as there are only 24 total tracks to choose a name from (am I correct by saying only 24???). Next year it could come out a few weeks earlier titled "Happy Halloween" to make sure sales are good throughout the holiday season.
JerryNodak wrote on October 25, 2006
I probably won't buy this, but I don't hava problem with it being re-released. Hell, you'll be able to buy it for 6 bucks or less at Wal-Mart. If you want/need it fine. If not, skip it. It's a nice, cheap buy for a casual fan who wants SOME Christmas songs. BTW: I love the Camden releases/re-releases. What memories. Great prices too!!
MarkE wrote on October 25, 2006
waste of time and money, we have all these songs already, why are they bothering at all!the only Elvis christmas albums i will buy again will be the FTD Classic Album remasters with alternate takes! cant wait!
PTCJones wrote on October 26, 2006
Someone posted a while ago regarding a different article that BMG had this policy to restrict releases to stop confusion and to have so many titles released at any one time. Things have definitely gone 180 with this though. I have to say it's a cracking cover, but it's really baffling as to why they feel the need to put it out there. It's not that it's difficult to pick up Christmas Peace, Elvis Christmas, If Every Day Was Like Christmas and White Christmas from the local FYE or Sam Goody store. To me, it's just fogging up the catalogue.
RonBaker wrote on October 26, 2006
Fabulous cover! Why didn't they do this the first time? I have 'If Every Day Was Like Christmas" and the original albums, 45s and ep (not both of them though, unfortunately). I think I will buy this one because of the reviews here...good sound matters to me!
JerryNodak wrote on October 26, 2006
PJones: The only "need" as always is money. It's also listed on elvis com as having been certified Gold by RIAA. If Sony could sell X amount of copies over say the next handful of Christmases they'd make X amount of money and the Estate would probably be presented an award for a Platinum certifcation on Elvis' behalf by RIAA. Everybody would be happy.
MauriceColgan wrote on October 26, 2006
Many original Elvis fans will remember the days in the 50s when we bought our Elvis Albums knowing nothing about them...just that they would be excellent. Now we get them in countless varieties, along with the usual regurgitated reviews. Hic-cup! No doubt the cover will catch the eye of a damsel or two:-)
bajo wrote on October 26, 2006
If i'm not mistaken, the original Blue Christmas album of this, held remixes of the 71 recordings. Can anyone comfirm if this is true?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 27, 2006
If it had remixes i never notised it,as for rereleasing cd's how about putting box sets like elvis aron prelsey back in print,if only in limited way,i mean at least it has stuff only on that set as with a golden celebration,people are having to pay way too much for these sets! ernst ernst ernst
PTCJones wrote on October 27, 2006
With the way SonyBMG screw around with the tracklistings on other CD's, I doubt if the remixes are there bajo.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on October 28, 2006
Bajo's memory is almost right! The original 4 tracks from the '57 session were restored using the Ampex fulltrack mono machine they were originally recorded on, whilst the Felton Jarvis tracks from 1971 were restored using the 16 track Ampex machine they were recorded on. That's about as good as it can get! Don't know about this re-issue – hopefully it's the same source. Who knows? Incidentally, the new "Elvis Christmas" is not the first CD to contain the 2 original Christmas Albums on one CD – that was done by "I Wish You a Merry Christmas"! (Although that issue did muddle up up the tracks for some reason) Lastly, where can you get that German Christmas CD recently reviewed? It loks from the front artwork as if it might contain the same track listing as "Christmas Wishes", but Amazon Germany does not have it on it's site.
Mystery Rider wrote on October 30, 2006
Boy this reminds me of when i would go fishing, i'd put a worm on my hook and the fish would bite, BMG puts Used Junk on the Hook and the suckers bite.....Give me something new.....
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 01, 2006
Silent night with the piano intro should be on all of the Christmas cd',instead they want it to be a selling tool!
JerryNodak wrote on November 02, 2006
Of course it's a selling tool. They want to generate new sales. In so doing they will increase profits, and in the process hopefully push the "Blue Christmas" CD from Gold to a Platinum certification from RIAA. Sony/BMG will be happy. The Estate will be too. Nothing wrong with any of this. It's business.
Greg Nolan wrote on November 03, 2006
Why let them off the hook so easily? Even the average casual buyer now knows there are something like ten or 15 cds (or so it seems) of Elvis Christmas CDs. It's really cheapening the catalogue. They sold the same best-selling Bing Crosby Christmas album for years and it even into the CD-era , it sported the same classic cover. It's getting really ridiculous with Elvis and the phony "new" Xmas collections!