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June 14, 2006 | Other
Last week we asked you if you thought that the final cover for "I Found My Thrill" is better than the preliminary one. Your opinion is clear, from the 116 votes 81 percent thought the blue version beats the red version.

This week we want to know if you think the upcoming "presidential" visit will be a great promotion for Elvis.

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curtis simpkins wrote on June 14, 2006
For the upcoming "presidential" visit will be a great promotion for Elvis, I dont think it well because Mr.Bush isn't an Elvis Fan at all.
oldie56~2 wrote on June 15, 2006
Anything George Bush would do to be linked with visiting Graceland or have any enduring words to be said would help him or his party--maybe in the upcoming History Books! To see George Bush's name linked with Elvis just will never work! Now George..."You are really working overtime to "have a plan"!!!
Mathias wrote on June 15, 2006
Very, very bad news, indeed! Now one of the worst Warlords is coming to Graceland! After that, they should rename it into Disgraceland!
vinny wrote on June 15, 2006
dear o dear...the war on terror not going to well so is mr president going for some popularity vote. get seen somewhere people can relate to enjoying himself and looking quite normal,i wonder if he takes our mr blair with him.i think he is under estimating peoples inteligence............. or is he a fan?
Helbrown wrote on June 16, 2006
I'm thrilled, and I think Elvis would be too.
RonBaker wrote on June 17, 2006
I agree with June. Bill Clinton, yes because Bill Clinton is an Elvis fan. How could anyone be proud that someone as infamous as GW would visit Graceland?
untamedhawk wrote on June 19, 2006
The man is always on vacation!!!! So what if he's going someplace we all want to go or have been to. It just tells me that even he is in awe of Elvis Presley. As well he should be, I know my thumbs are clean................ not that they've never been there.