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The Meanest Girl in Town

3.5 / 5

Words & Music: Joy Byers

She'll tell you that she loves you, make you feel just like a kid
She'll cry to you and lie to you, she'll do 'most anything
She'll get right up next to you and the first thing that you know
You'll be telling her you're sorry because she hurt you so
I said she's evil the most evil girl I've found
There ain't no doubt about it, she's the meanest girl in town

She'll invite you over to her house at half past nine
You'll wear a suit, you'll wear a tie and you'll give your shoes a shine
You'll take a real deep breath and knock on her front door
Her little sister will tell you "She don't live here anymore"
I said she's evil the most evil girl I've found
There ain't no doubt about it, she's the meanest girl in town

And there ain't no doubt about it, she's the meanest girl in town

She'll put her arms around you and squeeze with all her might
She'll breathe a sigh and pucker her lips and pull your arms real tight
Your heart will pound like thunder, you'll melt in her embrace
But when you go to kiss her well she'll laugh right in your face
Because she's evil the most evil girl I've found
There ain't no doubt about it, she's the meanest girl in town

Recordingdate: 1964/06/10, first released on: Girl Happy (album)


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MJB63 wrote on November 18, 2009
An verag 60's movie tune.Shelley Fabares makes it worth watching...there ain't no doubt about it!
Deano1 wrote on February 20, 2010
An above average movie rocker from the movie and soundtrack LP "Girl Happy". Well written lyrics and Elvis is really into it. The sequence in the movie where this song is used is a good one as Shelly Fabares dances around Elvis and acts out parts of the songs while he sings. Another song that would have been a better choice for the single from the movie (the other one being the title tune) as opposed to "Do The Clam".
NONE000000 wrote on February 21, 2010
From the same songwriter as "She's a Machine" and it shows. I know it is not a great song, but Elvis was pretty great at being able to dig into any song that had a little edge to it, and this one does. If Elvis is singing about a mean girl or person(You're a Heartbreaker, Mean Woman Blues, She's a Machine, Big Boss Man) or even being mean himself (Trouble.... drawing a blank on others at the moment) he seems to give it that extra edge in his voice, as if he could find a little more to grab onto than the usual rockers about racecars and chasing women. Make no mistake--this is nto a great song, but Elvis elevates it a little more than usual.
dgirl wrote on May 19, 2011
I just played this soundtrack recently and this song is so fast it sounds like they were playing to get it over with as soon as possible. Poorly produced also as is the whole album. I didnt care for this at all. Not even a good pretend rocker.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on May 19, 2011
Fun movie scene. Song is average. Elvis does the best, he can do with it. Sound production should have been recorded much bettter.
Steve V wrote on May 19, 2011
Fun in the movie, but really not a good song.
JerryNodak wrote on May 19, 2011
Fun song. Enjoyable soundtrack. Back in the day my daughters and I really enjoyed the movie. Still do. Of course, the VHS has now been replaced by DVD.
sugartummy wrote on May 20, 2013
Elvis really sounds into it. A great sax solo by Boots Randolph. I love this song. Pure exciting enjoyment.
shoesuedeblues wrote on May 07, 2015
The intro is similar to Long Lonely Highway, sadly it gets involved in a collision immediately after.Elvis tries his best to race through this poorly arranged and badly produced song to get to the end and who can blame him? Pure garbage from a very bad soundtrack and awful movie. Elvis was on the slide material wise and it would get worse before it got better. No stars, just black clouds
ElvisSacramento wrote on May 08, 2015
I've always thought of this movie song as fun, unique and underappreciated. Elvis' rendition of it was stellar and Boots Randolph's saxophone solo was splendid too. I've never skipped it.
ElvisSacramento wrote on February 12, 2016
I've always really liked this movie song and it's always been so very much fun to listen to. The correct lyrics for the first line of this song is "She'll Tell You That She Loves You, Make You Feel Just Like A King". The other fifteen songs that Elvis recorded that were written or co-written by Joy Byers were "Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love", "C'mon Everybody", "Goin' Home", "Hard Knocks", "Hey, Hey, Hey", "Hey Little Girl", "It Hurts Me", "I've Got To Find My Baby", "Let Yourself Go", "Please Don't Stop Loving Me", "She's A Machine", "So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise)", "Stop, Look And Listen", "There Ain't Nothing Like A Song" and "There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon".
shoesuedeblues wrote on July 19, 2016
Not heard this one for some time.Elvis' vocals weren't bad at all but he tries to get through it at a frightening pace obviously with an attempt to get it over with. The production is lousy, there's far too much going on in the back there too busy by far. With one or two exceptions my heart sinks when I see the name Joy Byers on the songwriting credit, similarly Randy Starr, whom I believe was connected?
Cruiser621 wrote on July 19, 2016
Talk about a forced song; this is it. One of the worst songs I've ever heard on one of the worst soundtrack albums "Girl Happy" he ever put out. Talk about fast tracking it for the money and the money only? This is it. This was the start of my not buying Elvis records anymore. Horrible stuff the man recorded starting here as far as I'm concerned.
Lp fan only wrote on December 15, 2021
The song works well in the movie, but it's not really the song to listen to. Despite that I do like the saxophone solo. 3 stars for the song and 3 stars for the album
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