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Never Again

4.0 / 5

Words & Music: Billy Edd Wheeler Jerry Chesnut

I hope I never ever love anyone this much again
I can't take it anymore, I’ve been hurt before
Never ever quite like this time

What will become of me when you're no longer here
If I can't stop loving you, what am I to do
You'll be free but where will I be

Now that I’m used to love, how can I stand alone
Now that love has come and gone, like the ending of a song
A song my lonely heart keeps singing

Where do I go from here, will I get over you
If so, next time I’ll be smart, I’ll know before I start
A heart that don't care, don't get broken

I hope I never ever love anyone this much again
Never ever, never again
Never again

Recordingdate: 1976/02/06, first released on: From Elvis Presley Boulevard (album)


Musicians who contributed to the first recording of Never Again:

(electric piano)


(french horn)
(french horn)

*Orchestra, overdubs


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old shep wrote on April 08, 2008
Another lovely Elvis ballad written by two great country song writers.Could have easily been a single release option.Again one of the many Elvis songs that only fans are aware of, too good to overlook, a very powerful ballad full of emotion wonderful performance and classy song
Lex wrote on April 08, 2008
If you're not depressed before, you will be after listening this. I'm still not sure if it is Elvis' performance or the mood of the song. Still I think it is one of the better songs from the Jungleroom sessions. That says a lot about the remaining recordings.
JLpResLey wrote on October 07, 2008
Wonderful performance by Elvis from a great album. Only Elvis could put this kind of emotions into the song. I love it but I don´t listen to it a lot, because you will get depressed
Ton Bruins wrote on October 07, 2008
Yes a typical song from the Jungle Room Sessions. All songs "breath" out a kind of depression to me also and I like that !! Never Again is a song that fitted Elvis' mood in the Jungle Room those recordings perfectly. Great song, great lyrics.
FLASHBOY wrote on October 07, 2008
I feel sorry for those people who always put this awsome album down every songs on this album is done perfecly! Elvis was having some hard times during this session and because of that he put a lot of real emotions into each and every performances. Presley was a sincere person and when he sings those ballads you can feel that he means every words!
Natha wrote on October 07, 2008
A true artist is supposed to express the meaning behind the words of a song. Elvis was a master in this. For one because he was a outstanding performer. The young Elvis could express emotions of the young. The matured Elvis had so many life experiences that he could 'live' the song. In this recording he transmits the deep sadness so well that one cannot help but vibrate emphatically with it. Very touching indeed. Great performance.
NONE000000 wrote on October 07, 2008
I really love this one. Sure it is depressing as hell; it's a sad song. And Elvis, a master vocalist, conveys exactly what the song's meaning is perfectly. It's one of many many things that made Elvis such a phenominal singer--he expressed emotion better than any other singer ever has or ever will. People might argue about Sinatra's phrasing or Torme's perfect pitch, etc, but no one could convey the heart and soul of a piece of music and lyrics as well as Elvis! This one, I believe was a hot for Tom Jones in the 70s, but no one has the soul Elvis had
Rob Wanders wrote on October 07, 2008
yes its a real sad song. I like it. Elvis singing it with a voice with too much uncontrolled vibrato but still...beautiful.
ger wrote on November 04, 2008
should forget this crap and remember how good Elvis was when he was top of his game
Pedro Nuno wrote on November 04, 2008
I've eard it a couple of times, but Never Again!...
JerryNodak wrote on November 04, 2008
No other Elvis album "speaks" to me like this one. Elvis sings his guts out. He bares his soul. It was his cry for help. Sure he doesn't sing all the songs perfectly, but man he SINGS the heck out of them.
bastiaanvinke wrote on November 04, 2008
As others have said a bit depressing but I love it!
Steve V wrote on November 04, 2008
Yeah this Elvis album speaks to me as well. It says Elvis was basically done as a hit recording artist at the time. Depressing as hell for a variety of reasons.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on November 04, 2008
I like For the heart and blue eyes from the album this song and the rest are just way too depressing!
EPFO wrote on November 04, 2008
Please a gun, quick... Irrecevable for me like most of the songs from the jungle room sessions, except a few... Where is the real Elvis ?
KH wrote on November 04, 2008
A very "clean" song with the typical rich Elvis ending. I see beauty in the melancholy.
Ruthie wrote on November 05, 2008
Yes, this song is sad & on the depressing side but, listening to him pour his heart out makes me realize over & over what an emotional person & singer he was. From the time he started out until the day he sang his last note, a song didn't have to be perfect, it just had to feel right. This is why to this day he is still considered the most passionate singer of our time. If you don't want to deal with emotion, sadness or whatever, don't listen. Every great artist has to grow & he is no exception. He also took chances when he exposed himself & his feelings in his music. If you can't move beyond the 50's (my favorite Elvis era) then this music isn't for you.
shoesuedeblues wrote on January 17, 2010
A song of desperation and regret. Very powerful, very sad. I suppose you would have to have loved and lost to really understand. Many of us have.
Deano1 wrote on February 27, 2010
A very sad, but lovely track from the 1976 LP "From Elvis Presley Boulevard...". Elvis like any great song stylist is much more concentrated in the emotion of the song as opposed to the crispness of his vocals. That said, his vocals are still very good and this album ranks as one of Elvis' best in his career. The end of his time as a hit recording artist??? This LP spent four weeks on top of the country LP chart and was his best selling studio LP since "Elvis Country". The three singles from the two Graceland recording sessions, all hit the pop top 40, two of them were #1 country singles (the other hit #6) and two of the them hit the adult contemporary top 10 (the other #14).
Polk Salad Robert wrote on February 26, 2011
Nobody could or ever can sing a song like this with such an emotional feeling making you want to cry ...
Gorse wrote on January 18, 2013
I am not sure what 'give me the real Elvis' means, as there were many Elvis images throughout his career, and this just happened to be the last one. Not quite as good as Love Coming Down of the same ilk, it is still a mind blowinng experience of heart on the sleeve emotion. reflecting his supposedly inner turmoil at the time.
sugartummy wrote on April 17, 2013
There is no real Elvis and only really stupid people like John Lennon claim that the real Elvis died in the army . Idiots. This is a real Elvis, like the one inventing rock 'n' roll, the one singing Old MacDonald or the one falling off his toilet seat. The real highs and the real lows all make up the real Elvis from his birth to his death. No one could express emotion in a song like Elvis as he does on Never ending and countless other songs from My happiness to He'll have to go. Amen.
Cruiser621 wrote on February 12, 2014
Not one of his more memorable ballads.
ElvisSacramento wrote on February 13, 2014
I've always loved this brilliant, underrated, overlooked and emotional ballad and Elvis' rendition of it is a masterpiece. I've never skipped it. I love the entire "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" album.
trudygillenwater wrote on April 10, 2015
Elvis was/is truly a genius at putting his emotions into his singing and this song is no exception. Classic Elvis!
atomic powered poste wrote on February 23, 2018
Elvis isn't in his best voice, he didn't have the full control over his voice. Tne song is ok but not a very memorable one. Overall a acceptable lp filler. Nothing less, nothing more. 3 stars.
Miknik7077 wrote on November 03, 2020
Absolutely love this song. You can feel the hurt and emotion in his voice. Sad but brilliant.
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