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I'll Take You Home again Kathleen

3.7 / 5

Words & Music: Arranged by Elvis Presley

I'll take you home again Kathleen
Across the ocean wild and wide
To where your heart has ever been
Since first you were my bonny bride
The roses all have left your cheek
I watch them fade away and die
Your voice is soft when ere you speak
And tears bedim your lovely eyes
Oh, I will take you home Kathleen
To where your heart shall feel no pain
And when the fields are soft and green
I will take you to your home Kathleen

Recordingdate: 1971/05/19, first released on: Elvis (Fool) (album)


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Deano1 wrote on October 27, 2010
I am listening to this song as I type this opinion and I have to say it is a very nice vocal performance by Elvis...I like "Danny Boy" better from the Boulevard LP; but this is still a nice version of an Irish folk song.
Steve Morse wrote on August 29, 2011
I have loved this song since I was a child, and it is apparently of American origin though it has become very much associated with Ireland. Elvis recorded this alone, sitting at the piano, with the violins overdubbed later. He sounds so desolate and there is an edge to his voice that I love. I doubt that anyone has ever sung this with such empathy for the story that lies behind the lyrics.
TCB1974 wrote on August 29, 2011
This is a beautiful performance from Elvis that I have started to appreciate more and more overtime. The studio recordings from 1971 are not recognized enough in my opinion, but this may have to do with no hits coming from these sessions like Suspicious minds before or Burning love after, neither inclusion in a fantastic movie like That's the way it is. Nevertheless, I love the 1971 studio recordings including this one. Four stars from me.
Gorse wrote on November 14, 2012
The name is of personal significance to me and I find emotional in any context. This rendition from Elvis on piano is done with soul and feeling, and a sense of despair.
sugartummy wrote on March 24, 2013
He already recorded this at home in the sixties, but not as beautiful as he did in 1971. This would have been perfect for a live show.
Lpool kid wrote on August 28, 2014
nice vocal performance, but this is elvis presley were talking about and as such he should not have recorded it was almost a hundred years old at the time, he needed to be more relevant to the times he was in.just my opinion of course.
ElvisSacramento wrote on August 29, 2014
This is such a marvelous Irish song and Elvis sang it with so much heart, emotion, sincerity, warmth and care. Elvis' arrangement and rendition of this Irish gem is a masterpiece. I've never skipped it. This Irish folk song would have been perfect for live shows too.
atomic powered poste wrote on November 12, 2018
A good song, but not a good performance. Elvis sounds strained, his piano playing is awful, but at least, the whole lp was so terrible, this performance couldn't do it no harm. 1 star.
JerryNodak wrote on November 12, 2018
Back when the Elvis(Fool) LP was originally released I wasn't into the piano songs. But over the years they've grown on me. This is my favorite. Although I do prefer the undubbed version which I believe I first heard on the '70's box set. 4 stars.
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