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Hide Thou Me

4.1 / 5

Words & Music: Robert Lowry Fanny Crosby

Oh, Rock Of Ages
Hide Thou me..
There is no other refuse can save the thief

To this old world I wonder ohh, so far, far from thee
Then I cry to the Rock Of Ages
Hide Thou me.. hide Thou me

Recordingdate: 1966, first released on: In A Private Moment (album)


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sugartummy wrote on March 11, 2013
Elvis accompaning himself on piano. There is a second voice. Elvis really throws himself into the song.
trudygillenwater wrote on April 17, 2015
Beautiful gospel song sung and played on the piano as only The King can. I believe the second voice is Charlie Hodge. Another great talent.
ElvisSacramento wrote on April 18, 2015
The only Elvis recording of this song that I care about is the 5:01 version from the "Today, Tomorrow and Forever" RCA/BMG 4-CD Box Set from 2002. It's by far the best Elvis recording of this beautiful gospel song and it does include additional lyrics that the much shorter Elvis recording of this song doesn't have. The 5:01 Elvis home recording of this song was such a truly great find and it's such a masterpiece of a home recording for sure. 5 Stars.
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